Banyarwanda Uganda Citizenship and UPDF promotions is a big problem for Uganda


YKM has no shame. All but one are from the same ethnicity. The exception is Otema Awany who is musangi to Minister Okello Oryem amd besieged minister of Internal affairs Eng Onek, they are married to sistterss. The other high flying sisters married to big men are Ms Mary Mugyenyi whose sisters are married to Eng Nassasira and Mr Enos Tumusiime former Railways MD now turned high powered lawyer representing Hon Bukenya.There is no order in those military promotions in Uganda. It is all done by YKM. well where are the minutes to prove otherwise?

One name caught my attention and reminded me of a funny chap-resident of Lumumba to be exact-who cuckolded a cabinet minister in Obote 2. According to the press, Johnson Namanya of Special Forces has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and appointed administration officer in charge of Luwero Industries”. Is it possible this is the same Johnson Namanya Mupenzi, a veteinray doctor then of Lumumba hall? If so why the slow promotion.

Now on the question of citizenship, I think it is up to those Rwandese born in Uganda-what is the cut off year in the constitution-to choose between Uganda and Rwanda. For example, I know that Dr Mbonye, former PS chose Uganda over Rwanda and has not flip flopped since. He is a Ugandan as far he is concerned. He took a stand and picked Uganda and stayed with his choice. The real problems are the silent ones who choose Uganda when it suits them and Rwanda when it also suits them.

The big question is this: should those Rwandese born in Ugandan after 1994 still be eligible for Ugandan status? Why 1994? It is the year their parents went home to Rwanda. The funny thing is that Ugandans through and through -like many of you and me-can lose their citizenship, but not these folks!!!!

Now the other big question: should Uganda emulate Germany and Netherlands where it is almost impossible for foreigners to get citizenship? That is should the bar be raised somewhat?

Another question, what is the population of the people from Kisoro who are of Rwandese origin but born in Uganda? I mean bafumbiira? Furthermore are bafumbiira closest to which group in Rwanda? Tutsi or Hutu? This is not just an academic question-I understand they are closets to hutu-because it has political implications.

But we should try to figure out the cut off year. Majority of Rwandese at least those in power and eating, arrived after 1959. What about those who arrived before and after that date? The burden should be on those seeking Ugandan citizenship to prove that they met their criteria as per the cut off year.

Yes Germany’s law is racist and targets the Turks. But Netherlands too has very tough measures before one can become a citizen. The ordinary folks are Ugandans as far as they know. They are settled in Uganda and are struggling like the rest of the folks.

It is the elite who are exploiting the situation. The other thing would be to publicly withdraw Ugandan citizenship from known operatives in Rwanda and start to treat their children in Ugandan schools as international students and subject to restriction and or higher fees. Their name should be gazetted that under section so and so they are no longer deemed Ugandan citizens. But that cannot happen under YKM.

BTW, even among the Bahiima these issues are hot. They are the Rwandese group and the Ugandan group pure which includes the likes of that former Nyakasura chap Tinye. The pure Ugandan group is pro-bugabae and is not afraid to speak out.

Ugandans slept on their rights and have no recourse. Think about it. YKM went to Ntare. From there he went to Dar and was recruited in intelligence services in the late 60s. He came back under UNLF as a minister and vice Chairman of the military commission. He was cleared to contest for the presidency under UPM in 1980 when UAH’s George Okello was Hall chairman and law student. I wish Mr George Okello would not write about personal stuff because that cheapens him but he likes to do for some reason.

The discussion should also consider Sudanese, Kenyans and Congolese. I do not think Uganda has problems with TZ unless the off springs of wakombozi of 1979. But let us be honest, the biggest challenge involves Rwandese whom many Ugandans wrongly or otherwise feel are loading on them.



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  1. Karisa victor franc,

    Thanks for your ideologies of political understings .bafumbira belongs to rwandese surging from the hutu back surfaced as aresult of uganda’s foreign policy which anexed kiro t0 uganda

  2. Rwandanis people must go back

  3. gatete steven,

    NO NO NO NO b’se we born in uanda so no need of going in Rwanda our parents born in uganda so we are uagandans that’s why we vote b’se we are ugandans

  4. Monday,

    Why shd u talk of thing u dont know

  5. Kahahaya Dan,

    If you properly research u will find out that even u are also a foreigner. The researcher shows that Banyarwanda are not only found in uganda but in every part of the world whowever fights them never wins remember not all Banyarwanda are Rwandese.

  6. Jackson Mugabo,

    Rwandophone or not, tutsi or hutu, these people in Kisoro (Bafumbira) have lived and survived on their land for thousands of years… The artificial borders are a result of the colonial tactic of divife and rule. That is why we still have the DRC government breathlessly calling the banyamulenge Rwandans yet they are, same with sections of Tanzania, Burundi etc..

    If anyone insists that they are Rwandan and not citizens of the neighbor countries, he or she should (Stupidly) advocate for their expuslion together with their land. I am sure many of the banyamulenge, bafumbira would jump at any chance to be annexed and rejoin Rwanda. You all know the reasons… but let them come with their land, and Rwanda will instantly be a regional super power.

    We in Rwanda are ready to receive them with their land, the question is; Are Uganda, TZ and DRC ready to allow them to “Come Home??

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