Kony is Museveni’s ”business” deal with the international community

The fight against Kony, or the struggle to uproot him from wherever his hideout is, should not be a US lead intervention. The cry for Museveni, to have Obama, involved in Museveni’s master plan is one of Kaguta’s antiques of making himself more popular as the regions “saviour”.

If and only iF Museveni, was not equally responsible for the Northern Uganda, atrocities, and If Museveni, had nothing to hide from the twenty six year old evils in the Kony camp, he [Museveni] would have smoked his fellow partner in crime a long time ago. He knows how and he has the capacity to do so without the intervention of the US.

Think about it Mr. Kaguta, it took Only eight years for Museveni, with his FRONANSA, and other Ugandan lead guerilla groups, lead by the Obote front line forces, alongside the TPDF forces, to smoke out Idi Amin, in the struggle of “liberating” Uganda.

It took Museveni, about Five years to oust Obote and the Lutwa, junta, with practically no foreign forces involved apart from some financial and military supplies from one or two countries.

It took Museveni, about the same time as that used to remove the Obote/Lutwa junta, to uproot and completely silence the predominantly Hutu regime lead by Habyalimana.

It took Museveni, less than Five years to logistically and militarily back the Laurent Kabila, forces, in the struggle to oust and uproot the Mobutu, thirty two year old tyranny.

We are talking about the man Kaguta, whose military might and threat once lead him across the borders of the Sudan, in an effort to “hunt” for Kony, with little regard of what his other partner in crime Bashir, would do in return. We are talking about Uganda’s dictator, Y.K.Musevei, who had the audacity of sending Ugandan troops across the borders of the DRC, allegedly, in an effort to “hunt” down “Kony” but instead, ended up killing, maiming, raping, looting and plundering the DRC of her minerals. As a result, to date, Uganda, stands accused and convicted in the International Court, the Hague, for atrocities against humanity committed in the DRC.

After twenty six solid years, we are talking about an individual, whose popularity is now growing by the day, because of what Museveni, chose to make him to be. We are talking about a monster, in the names of Kony, which does not have major foreign sponsors, with no experienced military forces on the ground, with no sophisticated military gear, and one which has been seen or heard of bouncing and leaping from one border to another with FREE access and clearance. From the Sudan, to the DRC and now allegedly in Central Africa!

The last time i checked, before the late Idi Amin, passed away, in Saudi Arabia, he tried to make it back to Uganda, through the DRC via Northern Uganda. Once detected, identified and arrested, Museveni, was quick to ask for his repatriation to Uganda to stand trial for his eight year old murder charges. But the late Mobutu, declined sighting that the former Zaire, now DRC, did not have an Extradition Treaty with Uganda. Amin, was consequently released back to the Saudi’s.

Yes, Africa, has done a lot for itself in the recent years, without the help or intervention of the West. Uprooting Kony, from his trenches, does not need the intervention of the West or the US. I repeat, Museveni, knows how and he has all the neccessary capacity to smoke his fellow partner in crime out of the trenches, which am sure Museveni, also knows the whereabouts.

Secondly, It seems like some people are beginning to wake up from their fantasy dreams about a man they only know about but they need to actually know about Milton Obote(AMO) in comparison with their hero, Museveni, in order to know the truth about some historical facts about the past in order to put the present in perspective.

If AMO chose not to kill his would be assassins, which he could have done so right on spot at the Lugogo grounds, why did he decide to detain them in Luzira? That is an honest question am asking them. But let us also look at the Luzira, we are talking about, for i happened to be in the same area where some Ministers were detained under Obote. My presence there will be a story for another day.

Luzira, by then was composed of about four sections, the Remand section[criminal suspects in the upper prison]and the criminal convicted section, then Murchison Bay, which was also another remand section but also served as host for the convicts with less serving time. Then there was the Upper Prison [Political detainees section] The later section of the prison, was more or less like a “vacation” place compared to the rest of the prison wing. For instance, in the “Political wing” you would find there, real beds, furnished with mattress, blankets ans bed sheets. The suspects would be served three meals a day. [Far much better food compared to the rest of the prisoners] the suspects had their own fenced section with only one main gate locked all the time otherwise the individual cells were never locked except on some rare occasions, hence some loitering “freedom” within jail, with more exercise time. The suspects were allowed to wear their own cloths unless if they chose to wear prison uniform. The suspects were allowed visitation previledges more than the regular suspects and convicts.

Now, that was the kind of treatment Obote, gave his would be assassins until Amin, gave them the freedom to celebrate their failed assassination plot. Tell me, how many Museveni advasaries have you heard having such treatment in Museveni’s Uganda?

How many so called “safe houses” exist in Kampala today? Why have we had many dying mysteriously in those so called “safe houses” Where is the Late Lutakome Kayiira(RIP) and where is the official report about his death?

Why has Dr. KB been the most antagonized and brutally tortured politician in the history of Uganda under Museveni? Why is there no political leverage under your so called “democratic rule”

Reveland Kamugisha Joseph
UAH forumist in USA


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    This is the best Utube on this Northern Uganda crisis. The Acholis have
    narrowed it down to money and money so it should and must be. Do you see
    how these punks look? They are not based in Dokolo but in Kamwokya. And
    they have grown up in Kamwookya as well. And he is right the crisis was
    there in 1995 but this is 2012, so do not use the past pictures to sell me
    the new crisis and that is all I am stating. These are kids that will
    murder a prominent person in Northern Uganda to get the confusion going
    for with it going money goes in. I talked to a kid that was a soldier in
    UPDF but living in Denmark and he told me face to face that he abandoned
    UPDF for he was told to go and stage a car attack near Gulu. So you get
    good people and blow them up so that the hunt of Konny continues. These
    kids can actually kill you for the money to go in. Now you know why Mao
    will respond at to when Konny was in the North last, best answer, Northern
    Uganda issues are way complicated.

  2. kyijomanyi,


    Well, it is funny hearing words like fraud. Who are the biggest fraud? Ugandans of course. You went begging university students in America to get on the Kony file. And they did. Now some of you are crying foul. What is going on? Is it because they have left you out?

    Let me be blunt, many never gave a damn about the suffering but wanted cheap publicity and those innocent, naive, progressive, conscious American University students did it. So who is the fraud? Put differently, who created the environment for videos like the latest one to be made? It was Ugandan frauds. The frauds who believe that Uganda’s problems will be solved by imperialism.

    I say you are the damn fraud. And these forums are full of them.

    What you see in this video is counter offensive . Granted there are forces behind it. But so is every video or petition about Kony.

    Folks, Ugandans have become frauds. You are reaping what you sowed.

    Political parties in Uganda are led by frauds. just look at the drama. State house. Frauds. KCCA fraud-1.1 million for tea girls and boys-while doctors make less. That is fruad. Makerere University. Fraud. Those who purport to be Balokole are fraud. So what do you expect?

    Whoever made the latest video knew that Uganda is a country of frauds. many have used fraudulent means to make money at the expense of those suffering. Yes. That is fraud.

    So clarify for me who is a fraud or why is the latest episode fraud.


    Another video

  4. Ambassador Richard Kabonero,


    Uganda welcomes all campaigns which seek to raise awareness and highlight the plight of people affected by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). We are grateful for renewed efforts which seek to contribute to the arrest of Joseph Kony and the elimination of the LRA from the Central African Region. The Government of Uganda however, would strongly urge that any awareness campaign fully takes into consideration the current realities of the situation.

    The Lord’s Resistance Army has been a concern of this government for since the late 80’s and have exacted a great toll on the Ugandan people and independent estimates approximate that 30,000 children were abducted and used as child soldiers over the course of the 25 year conflict.

    Misinterpretations of media content may lead some people to believe that the LRA is currently active in Uganda. It must be clarified that at present the LRA is not active in any part of Uganda. Successfully expelled by the Ugandan Peoples Defense Forces in mid-2006, the LRA has retreated to dense terrain within bordering countries in the Central African area. They are a diminished and weakened group with numbers not exceeding 300. The threat posed by the LRA in our neighboring countries is considerably reduced and we are hopeful that it will be altogether eliminated with the help of US logistical support.

    The people of Uganda, especially those in the north of the country are on a path of rebuilding, reconciliation and reintegration and are now vibrant and prospering communities. To aid this prosperity the Government implemented a 10 Year Peace, Recovery and Development Plan for Northern Uganda (PRDP).

    The Ugandan Government is encouraged by this outpouring of international support for its continuing campaign to eliminate the threat posed by the LRA to all countries and communities. We are hopeful that our neighboring countries can also become free of LRA activity and enjoy the peace and prosperity that northern Uganda has experienced in the last 6 years.

  5. testificari,

    As an American I understand your irritation that the US should come in and take care of Kony. But I have to ask then, why hasn’t someone there destroyed this group long ago? What do you propose rather than the US or EU doing this?

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