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Day March 16, 2012

Dr.Byamugisha deserves his compesation but Kabatsi should never have been presidential legal advisor

The head of legal department, Joy Kabatsi was fired.


I think Dr Joseph Byamugisha deserves to be compensated for his services to NSSF. He has been on the case for years. Without him, NSSF would have paid a lot of money to crooks claiming to represent Alcon. I actually believe the reason he was suddenly replaced as the NSSF outside counsel is because he was stubborn and refused to settle the case out of court. Some crooks somewhere did not want him there so they terminated his services.

And who replaced him? Kasirye, Byaruhanga advocates. These are known NRM lawyers. Granted, Dr Joseph Byamugisha was and probably still is YKM’s lawyer. But he is also a former chief Legal adviser of DP during the reign of Dr Ssemwogerere. Today DP’s legal adviser, Mbidde Fred, just graduated from LDC! Imagine. DP deserves better than Mbidde.

Dr Joseph Byamugisha deserves to be paid. Whether he deserves 30 billion let the Supreme Court decide. But again if Ms JenniferMusisi is making 36 or 38 m a month, and many junior lawyers barely out of LDC where many failed and failed and failed before finally passing, and are now demanding billions, surely Dr Byamugisha deserves to be paid well a lot more.

Firms like Karugire and Kiryowa advocates are now apparently the firms of choice to handle government files. And you guys wonder why the state is losing billions of money through dubious court rulings. Many of these junior lawyers who barely made it out of LDC have no ability to defend such cases. So they COLLUDE. Yes. COLLUDE to lose cases and take their cut. At the end of the day someone somewhere did not like Dr Byamuugisha defending NSSF because they are pressuring NSSF to pay off ALCORN.

Now Mr Ssekono insists that he wants Mr. Mohamed Nyaoga the lanky kisii lawyer who is the managing partner of Mohamed Muigai advocates-Dr Muigai was appointed Kenya’s AG- to defend NSSF. Surely Mr. Nyaoga is an able lawyer and one of the best litigators in Kenya. But some within NSSF do not want him on board? Why?

Yes if the Karugire, Kiryowa advocates or Muzamil Kibedi advocates are being paid billions for essay deals, Dr Byamugisha should be paid his dues. If it is shs.30 billon should the Supreme Court rule so be it. He saved NSSF billions of money. Blame KCC’s Ms. Musisi for the wage inflation in Uganda.


The Chimreport interview Muhame Giles had with Tamale Mirundi portrays what I have been saying all along. State House is in total chaos. No one is in charge. Those who are there have no clue. The PPS herself has no clue. My bet is that the next person to be sacked will be the PPS MS Grace Akello. If General Saleh is pissed off on UAH, she must know that her days are numbered.

Tamale Mirundi accuses Ms. Kabatsi of portraying State House negatively. Well Tamale Mirundi makes it worse. He illustrates Garbage In- Garbage-Out (GIGO) perfectly.

Listen to him that the legal department is very important and should be manned by women and men of high intellect. But look at the previous holders of that office: all of them were there not because they were smart or competent. . No. they were there because of nepotism: Fox Odoi, One Kashilingi and Joyce Kabatsi. Strange choices but the trend is there: either ‘saved’ be mediocre. Of all Ms Kabatsi is the most intriguing. Granted her husband is a sharp legal mind-did YKM hire her to get two for one-but certainly not her.

The big question remains. Why is YKM afraid of bright, competent types? Only in Uganda do you have a character like Tamale Mirundi as the secretary to the President and someone like Ms. Joyc Kabatsi as Legal advisor.
Hopefully YKM will learn from the Basajabalaba shit. Once again listen to the nonsense from Tamale Mirundi that the legal officials were fired for giving the crook state house secrets. Which state house secrets?

YKM gave everything to the crook, so there are no secrets to leak. Muhame Giles did a good job interviewing Tamale Mirundi and exposing his lack of depth.


It is not funny anymore. Shit keeps hitting YKM’s state house. Someone wrote that YKM’s State House is a den of thieves who stole 300 million and more from Okello House. It is also full of mediocre and incompetent types.

Now YKM claims that the file is missing from State House. Give me a damn break. That is a deliberate act by YKM. The file is missing because YKM wants it missing. Full stop.

How gullible are some of the journalists who swallow every nonsense fed to them by state house to report without asking any serious questions. For example, when did the file go missing? When did YKM know it was missing etc? Folks, the file is missing because it mentioned minister Amelia Kyambadde, so YKM wants to protect her because like the supper crook she knows where skeletons are buried. No wonder Uganda is dysfunctional.
Actually YKM knows that the file incriminates him and his stooges at state House including Minister Amelia Kyambadde and more. So he goes to PAC to clean up his act. My worry is with PAC. Why? Because PAC will write a report and YKM will summon the NRM caucus to expunge incriminating recommendations as was the case in the Governor Mutebile saga.

YKM has now found a way with PAC, so PAC should re-rethink. Why is YKM suddenly willing to appear before PAC? He knows that it is saving him rather than pinning him.

Those copies must have been collected and taken somewhere or even destroyed. That is criminal.

What are the real issues involving Buses? Who is opposed to buses in Kampala? What are the illegalities we keep reading about -ok, no number plates?

I think the buses are a good thing for the city given a) the level of pollution which is a health hazard, b) cost of living C) NRM control of UTODA.

Is NRM opposed to the buses because they wound end UTODA abuses? Remember UTODA is NRM’s cash cow. But so are the people behind the buses. Is NRM split as who to support?

But again, why did all of a sudden did KCCA end UTODA’s monopoly? Was that a hint that the powers that be now wanted Pioneer buses? And what about Kayola train which suddenly started caring passengers this Monday?

Well, Ugandans/Kampalans should be given all the choices they can have: Kamunye/taxis, Pioneer buses, Kayola train and of course piga mugu.

Of course lack of number plates is a big issue. But that tells you that there are bigger forces at play. Ordinarily no car can carry passengers let alone be on the road without number plates.

One wonders about third party insurance. If the buses have no number plates, do they have insurance?

I tell you what; the owners of Pioneer will soon show up at state House. They may had showed up already to talk compensation!

Mark you they include NRM people like Mr Mathew Rukikaire father in law to Nina Mbabazi, daughter of PM Mbabazi. That is to say that only buses with such owners can apply roads without number plates. They are behaving like Kalenjins during Moi, who pissed on everyone. The conditions are in place for another billions scam to be visited on the people of Uganda.

Moi’s tribe dominated the army as Museveni’s in Uganda but Kibaki changed all that

Daniel arap Moi The story reported on the link below is fascinating.–Night-meeting-that-saved-Moi-presidency/211544
It was reported sometimes back in Kenya’s the Daily Nation. Mohamed and Sawe became CGS. Njoroge became Army commander under Kibaki and is now Kenya’s ambassador to Israel. The other majors do not seem to have risen higher.

Not only did Mr Moi become a dictator but also seniority in the army broke down so much so that junior Kalenjin officers could not salute senior officers from other ethnicities.

Major General Kariuki was the air force commander at the time. He was jailed but became Chairman of Kenya Communications Commission by Kibaki. There was claim that the senior army commander were then ones poised to overthrow Mr. Moi, but were beaten by their juniors, whose indiscipline cost them dearly. Many along with university students went to rape Indian women in the nearby Parklands.

Back then it was Mr. Wetangula, the current foreign Minister who was defending coup leaders and those accused of complicity.
The late Kanyotu was onto the air force coup leader but Mr. Moi could not give him permission. Rumour has it that Moi wanted to disband the air force because he did not like its composition.

The army during Mr. Moi was made up of mostly Kalenjin but the imbalance was sort of corrected when Mr. Kibaki came in. Kalenjin areas had their quota slashed while other ethnicities that had been cheated had their quota up.

That Major Njoroge became Major General and later Lt General and Army commander. Him and the immediate former CGS, general Kianga from Ukambani had to purge all known elements who could not salute their seniors on the basis of ethnicity.
The Sawe family suffered a loss when the widow died under mysterious circumstances -burnt beyond recognition.

From what I have heard ethnic parity has been restored in the Kenyan forces. With the Kamba -believed to be the most loyal-once again claiming their rightful place.

Kenya changed after that coup. I got to Nairobi in 1983 when things were still bad and Mr. Moi came up with his Mwakenya to arrest lectures, lawyers, university students and politicians.

Nyayo house had just been completed and Kenyans were being tortured there. You had to be wary of two people in old coats because they were most likely police or special branch.

I remember an incident when they confronted me and started asking me whom I had gone to visit at Ufungamano House near the University. They had followed me all the way from the university area towards Kenyatta Avenue. Many university students were informers so you had to be careful when talking to them even in their Library where I used to go and read.

Moi’s Kenya was bad. Actually that is where YKM’s Uganda is at today. The recent arrest of so called 300 rebels in uganda is similar to Mwakenya.


Opinion of the religious Leaders of Acholi on ‘Kony 2012’ Video

Dear ColleaguesGreetings of Peace and Love

Last week Invisible children released launched a compagn #Kony2012 intened to make him famous but not to glorify him. Very many poeple around the world have been calling, writing and tweeting for opinion of the religious Leaders of Acholi.

This is to release their opinion of the video. Comments are welcome, and those in support of this alternative view should say their mind to get lists of supporting organizations and individuals

Hoping to hear from you


ACAS Press Release/Statement on Kony2012 & LRA


With more than 79 million viewers, the Invisible Children’s KONY2012 video on Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army in Central Africa truly has gone viral. The national Association of Concerned Africa Scholars (ACAS – founded at MSU in 1977) feels this sudden attention to Africa and American action to help Africa needs to be considered carefully and channeled so that American action should, at least, “do no harm.”

ACAS has sought to be “positive,” suggesting what those millions of US students (reportedly 800+ at MSU) who have been captivated by the KONY2012 video can do for seriously addressing the violence issues in CAR, Congo, and S.Sudan  ACAS also is suggesting where to give to seriously address the human needs of child soldiers, rape victims, and the IDPs.  ACAS will be offering further resources in response to KONY2012 of possible actions and a leaflet for students on “What you can do.”

ACAS also is deeply concerned about:

– The serious misleading of Americans in this campaign (LRA has not been an issue in Uganda for more than six years!; there are worse militias in the Congo with more than 200,000 women raped)          – the serious racism (using ugly racial stereotypes, saying Kony is worse than Hitler and Osama bin Laden)

– The religious messianism that implies we can save Africans from their leaders and that Americans can “change history,” “change the world” in Africa with a few simple actions

– The militarism pressing for U.S. boots on the ground and for action by the Ugandan and other armies who have killed more Africans than Kony’s LRA

– The negating of peace negotiations, which Acholi church leaders in northern Uganda are seeking instead of military solutions

– The suspicious finances of the Invisible Children campaign

– The simplistic focus on this one person and movement (What would happen with this good will if Kony were caught tomorrow?)

– the failure, once again in the U.S., to back and trust the United Nations and 57-nation African Union to address the problems when we already rely on UN Peacekeepers in 16 nations

– the failure to channel resources to the UNHCR and UNICEF, the only agencies with serious and sustained help for IDPs, child soldiers, rape victims and others in all four affected countries.

Please feel free to forward this message with your own comment to any local media or colleagues. The ACAS statement is at

The press release is at: Als, up on the website at are the briefs for the three current political action task forces:


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