Guweddeko Fred Exposes Lukyamuzi and the rot in CP

The trigger is that Hon. Lukyamuzi solicited for a bribe from a Consultant called Dr. Fabius Okumu who was selected by Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy to help Conservative Party consider drawing a core mission based on Monrachical, Cultural and traditional leadership and authorities in the liberal democracy and privatization of the public shephere context. The funds to advance to the Consultant were sent to the CP Bank Account and Hon Lukyamuzi, whereas not being part of the Consultancy Workplan nor part of the signatories to the payment demanded to meet the Consultant before he was paid. At the private one-to-one meeting at Makerere University Guest House in the early morning of a working day, as Hon. Lukyamuzi or CP had no Office, a bribe was solicited in direct and indirect terms. The Consultant required to know if the private payments Hon. Lukyamuzi was demanding before releasing the advance payment were part of the consultancy contract, but somehow Hon. Lukyamuzi moved away without closing the informal meeting. Next, Hon. Lukyamuzi called a meeting of his CP ‘semiliterate’ cohorts and made them issue a statement rejecting the Consultant because he was imposed and because he was a Northerner and a UPC.

The Consultant informed the donors about the bribe demand. The donors called Hon. Lukyamuzi and required that he does not interfere in the work of the Consultant. He replied that it was his ‘illiterate’ members causing the problems and that he was intervenning to resolve the issue. The donors blocked already approved technical support funding to CP and all other recurrent support which was sustaining the office and other political activities like the FM Radio Talk Shows. After the few upright members of CP discussing the issue, we decided to take action on Hon. Lukyamuzi rather than allow him to destroy the party.

As Policy Advisor, and the Executive in charge of the work of the consultant, I submitted the petition, a copy of which was attached. The subsquent CP NEC Meeting suspended Lukyamuzi to facilitate the Disciplinary Committee to handle the matter. Hon. Lukyamuzi attended the NEC Meeting through mobile phone.

After his suspension, Hon. Lukyamuzi went to the public and accused NRM of plotting to throw him out because he was to float a Motion of No-confidence Motion in President Museveni. Privately within CP, Hon. Lukyamuzi organized a NEC Meeting of his cohorts mobilizing on Tribal Grounds that non-Baganda were plotting to steal CP from the Baganda.

The second problem I have with Hon. Lukyamuzi is that I reported to the Police in March 2011 the CP Secretary General, the Deputy Treasurer and the Vice President for Buganda a case of embezzling funds. When the Police were investigating, it turned out, according to the CID officer, that Hon. Lukyamuzi was part of the thieving clique. Hon. Lukyamuzi then prevailed upon the Treasurer Mr. Miiro not to present the documents that the CID officer, Mr. Okwi of Old Kampala Police Station required. Hon. Lukyamuzi proceeded into other activities that frustrated the investigation.

The third problem that I presented in the petition is that Hon. Lukyamuzi is opposed to the institutional and Organizational development of the CP. There are various examples to back this. Among these is his struggle to close the office of CP and to mantain it as a Party without an office. I am the member who opened, furnished and is paying rent for the CP Office but my main enemy in this cause is Hon. Lukyamuzi.

My other problem with the Hon. Lukyamuzi is very low level of personal integrity. Hon. Lukyamuzi wants to share each and every shilling that comes to the party. I can writte and prove if necessary that through his thieving he was taking the difference between 1000 Euros and 1000 USD per month of the funds donors were paying to the
Policy Analyst.

The other problem that I am fed up with is the high rate of lying that is practiced by Hon. Lukyamuzi. This gentleman can lie even when it is unnecessary. He should not lie in internal matters of the party. His lies include childish village level politics of causing conflict in the party. I am so disgusted that I cannot give examples. He tells members that because I am a Phd Candidate [and maybe because he is a first year with those from Senior Six], some nosense that I cannot even wriite because they are so cheap and disgusting.


Guweddeko Fred
Policy Advisor,
Conservative Party


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  1. Peter Okello Maber,

    So, is Hon. Lukyamuzi leading the “impeachment” of President Museveni as a way perhaps to deflect attention from ongoing efforts to impeach him in CP over corruption and theft? And if he is himself corrupt as indicated by Guweddeko, whom I can not doubt, how possible is it that he can lead forces that are arraigned agianst corruption? Isn’t the war lost even before it starts?

    I fear, even with the current opposition in government, the cancern of corruption seems to have buried itself deep into the fabric of Ugandan society that it may never be controlled.

    Now, if Hon. Lukyamuzi is a guard against corruption and he is facing similar charges, then big question is: Who will guard the guard???

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