Police should do real Police work but Onek is a big disappointment!

Reading the words of the powerful Hilary Onek, comparing opposition demonstrators to Kony, reminds one of the adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely! This kind of talk is not expected of a man of his “disputed education”. How come this Onek has never seen fit to condemn civilian killings by the police or the brutal Aminic era treatment of opposition leader Besigye at the hands of the police?

Of course the aim of using a word like Kony on the opposition is the same reason why a word like cockroaches was used on the Tutsis in Rwanda – to demonise them so that people, especially the police in this case, feel no constraints in mistreating or even killing them! Address the issues of the demonstrators and they will run out of steam.

Do not use the police as an arm of the NRM but as a force that protects and guides all Ugandans equally, regardless of political leanings! We don’t want our police officers dying as NRM cadres illegally attempting to stifle the opposition. I think Onek should be held responsible if the violence on both sides escalates as result of his incitement!

A judicial inquiry should be made into the actions of the police force and demonstrators during demonstrations so that guidelines that allow for freedom of expression as well as for sensible policing are observed. The military approach that seems aimed at intimidating Ugandans into a quivering cowardly silence is obviously not working. Ugandans are becoming more aggressive and more resentful of a police force that is supposed to be their partner and friend in fighting crime and fostering order but seems to be the chief source of chaos. Gen. Kaihura needs to go back to the drawing board or he may find that he did more to foster rebellion in Uganda than any imaginary rebel groups! Remember that the real aim of a demonstration is to inconvenience the public by ‘being in their face’ so that they hear about your complaint/grievance because you feel the other channels do not afford you a better ear. Given this, how do we strike a balance.

Demonstrations can be a great pain in the proverbial you know what, but they are our protection against dictatorship, and democracies all over the world have in their foolishness left them on their statutes as a fail safe against things that Dictator that you magically cannot remove no matter how many times you beat him at the elections! The demonstration also protects the rights of one citizen against the dictatorship of the majority! We have a right to defer! The fellow yonder may be talking what I consider to be rubbish but I should be willing to die for his right to say his piece – that should be the creed of every Ugandan if we are to have the real fundamental change.

Paget Kintu



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  1. Erwau,

    Dear peace Loving Ugandans,I salute all of you.Wherever you are,a moment of silence for the death of our patriotic AIP Ariong John Bosco! Lets together condemn in the strongest terms the acts of Lawlesness,violence, brutality,and all other forms of inhuman abuse inflicted on our people by either the security forces,Government officials,opposition ,or any other person – regardles of where one comes from, yesterday it happened to an Itesot,tomorrow it might happen to a a mukiga,Munyankole,the other time it was Baganda that shade Blood during the Kayunga Riots.

    Looking at what happened yesterday,and the rest of the previous days since the beginning of Walk to Work campagn,there are a few observations that I need to put a cross.
    1. That Ugandans are being psycologically prepared for the ‘so called Revolution that we saw in the Arab Spring,

    2. There is also an assumption that by exerting pressure on President Museveni,like the Mubarack way,that he will be forced to relinguish power to the oppostion.

    3. I have also realised that the foreign forces (especially the foundation funding Walk to Walk/A4C), is mounting pressure on the architects of the program .Contrary to what they had agreed on,to bring down Museveni’s regime before the end of 2012,the funders are seeing it not forthcoming as the government forces are increasingly becoming more reactive and hence narrowing opposition chances of achieving their goal.

    The actions of the participants of walk to walk have exposed there lack of quality organisational skills and national leadership potential .What opposition has done is to help set Ugandan Population against itself which to me does not and should not be architected by those clamouring to lead Uganda.

    Finally,We have very miyopic,selfish disgrantled,Power Hangry,frustrated and to say the say the least, so called ‘politicians ‘who still think that president Museveni is the problem of this Country,I advice you to read,not just read but understand the world trend of events,in terms of economy and ,politics .You want to turn Uganda into a blood stained country when for the last 23 years, agreater part of this country has enjoyed relative peace,when the Nothern part of this country,which once was a stonghhold of the opposition,opened its eyes to see that its’ peace that we need,not power,to better our lives’,that is why they overwhelmingly voted against oppostion,includding their two two sons who were both defeated by your ‘so CALLED DICTATOR’!

    The type of Leaders Uganda that Uganda needs today are not the type of leaders who report to their god fathers in wherever they are,but give accountability of their actions to the people of Uganda,and are appologetic not egocentric, peacefull not arrogant and boastfull like what we see in the Likes of Besigye and I bet,Never,never never will the arrogant rule Uganda again and thats why the supporters of the rul;ling NRM will continue looking at Museveni as the only peace loving Uganda.Ofcourse you will bring the argument of how police has handled the A4C participants but that will also be attempting to reduce Uganda,a population of close to 33 Million to merely Besiggye and a few hooligans who throw stones at the innocent onlookers.

    Aresponsible government will not just sit and watch at afew opportunists with headen interest incite the population purpoting to be their ‘Saviors,when in actual sence disrupting the activities of other ordinery citizens who dont agree with them.
    My advice to government specifically to security agencies is that do not allow this country to get to angry LIONS otherwise,the likes of Omalla,Turyagumanawe and all the police Force including The Army should not be intimidated by the stoning of my bro AIP Ariong but rather be inspired by the blood that was shade innocently on the 21st of march 2012. to save others and this nation.The opposition need not celebrate upon achieving their Target of demoralising the Police by Killing their Commander,but rather be tread carefully .Uganda is for all of us.

    For God and My Country

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