During their seating on Tuesday 20 March 2012, the Uganda Federal Alliance National Executive Committee (NEC) considered the following:

1.       After NEC’s previous Resolution to evoke Article 74 of the Constitution of Uganda to cause a change of Uganda’s political system from Unitarism to federalism through a National referendum, a delegation of UFA officials met the EC for technical guidance on the necessary modalities, which lead to the following observations:


  • Federalism as an optional system or form of governance is not provided for anywhere in the Constitution of Uganda, although it has been the most contentious issue in Uganda’s politics since the 1966 crisis that kicked off Uganda’s instability and turmoil.


  • The Constitutional process that would get federalism recognized as an option in Uganda’s governance systems is long, winding and unfriendly, passing via Article 69 of the Constitution, The Other Political System’s Act 2000, Parliament (where UFA does not have representation) and through the Referendum Act.


  • Presidential Term Limits is an equally contentious issue.  We must take advantage of the impending referendum on federalism to vote on re-instatement presidential term limits, on the same day, as provided for under the Referendum and Other Provisions Act.  However,  this dual referendum cannot work under Article 74 because it provides for only “Change of Political Systems” yet, it can work under Article 255 of the Constitution because this provides for “General Referenda” and can cover multiple issues.


  • Moreover, Article 74 has more work to do, requiring 10% registered voters from 2/3 of all constituencies (i.e. 183 constituencies) to petition the EC to hold a referendum. On the other hand, Article 255 requires much less work, requiring 10% of registered voters from 1/3 of districts (i.e. 39 districts) to petition the EC to hold a referendum. In Uganda, there are more than 39 single constituency districts. Compared to Article 74, Article 255 reduces the work of collecting petitioners’ signatures by four!

Based on these and other consideration, UFA NEC resolved to use Article 255 which provides for “General Referenda on any issue” to petition the EC to organize referenda on FEDERALISM & RE-INSTATEMENT OF PRESIDENTIAL TERM LIMITS on the same day.


2.       Secondly, UFA demanded that the EC organizes for the Ugandan Diaspora to vote during the forthcoming referenda and thereafter during all elections, as provided for under Article 59 &61 of the Constitution. The EC responded in writing that the Diaspora issue was “a Policy matter, not established by the
Commission, and a mechanism backed by law needs to be put in place to facilitate their (Diaspora) participation, including amendments to some electoral laws..”. In short, the EC will not arrange for the Diaspora to vote because, according to the EC,  it is Govt Policy is not to allow them to vote….hence, there are no adequate laws to facilitate that!


In our view, the right of the Ugandan Diaspora to vote is not a “Policy matter” as the EC says, but a Constitutional matter. Article 59 provides for the right of citizens aged eighteen and above to vote and Article 62 provided for the independence of the EC during the discharge of their functions. If the EC have subjected their independence to the Executive and denied citizens living abroad their right to vote, they must face the law. UFA Resolved to arraign them before the Courts of law on account of violating the citizen’s rights to vote, neglect of duty and violating Article 62 that provides for the independence of the EC.

Keep watching this space.



Beti Olive Kamya


Uganda Federal Alliance


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  1. Madam President Betty,wish you good luck!but you guys seem not to be doing anything to empower your citizens in the countryside to better off their lives.What development strategies do you have that are aimed at improving peoples household income as a means of addressing poverty,as a party,other than politicking and discouraging people from participating in Government programs and sitting down to monitor’ ”Museveni’s Constitutional Mistakes ” and report him to the courts of Law.Thank God for the Man whom many of the Opposition leaders call ”a dictator” who facilitated the return of Uganda to the Rule of Law.

    Madam President, come and tell us how the population can strategically position itself so as to benefit from development programs,move in the areas of Teso and advocate against early marriages,encourage them to change their attitude towards girl child who,up to today continues to to suffer as a result of being forced to marry after P.7,or being forced out of mid -secondary ,It would be more sensible for you to challenge government on issues that directly affect them,like education,poor Health,Health and Nutrition etcetra.I would join in you in that because I know it’s the future Kamya;s who are being denied chance to study!It’s my grandmother in the Village who cant acces quality healthcare.Betty,fight to leave a legacy not cheap popularity for populists will always be forgoten but legacy will last forever

    Finally, you quest for federo in Uganda in the present day and in the current status of Uganda is un achieveable because its not the major solution to the problems of Uganda,I think Nigeria is a federal state,(corect me if am wrong),is it any better?Tel the people of Uganda how to work hard to make their lives better using their own capital(Land)

    Sam Erwau

  2. Omongo Ndugu,

    This is what Those who have Uganda at heart should really do.This is because it is a fact that merely changing regimes has never solved Ugandas problems since the corruption,nepotism,lack of respect for the rule of law has always dorminated Ugandas and Africas politics because of absolute power,i request that we collectively support Uganda Federal Alliance to dismantle the only problem to Uganda-Unitarism,with consequences like corruption,nepotism,unfair distribution of resources which we are fighting now forgetting they are the very things we have been fighting for the past 49years.

  3. Lukonge yusuf,

    Lukonge Yusuf, comrade erwawu point of correction its not that Ugadans lack wat to do,their biggest problem is the system which is being used to govern the country maned by several un-cultured,ant -national, corrupt leaders of the central government who ever lay plans on how to exploit the citezens rather than helping them progress .But if Federal is adopted am very sure Ugandans will be freed and hence enjoy the fruits from the available nature resources being controlled at the regional level and not the central government. About Nigeria’s Federal system i would say its a plastic kind of federal which needs to be made real by the central government.Lets all support Federal morally $ financially. MY REGION MY COUNTRY ,

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