Besigye has played the Police Silly but he Should not overexpose himself as they will kill him

General Saleh:

I write directly to you because you can reach the president any time you want to please deliver the following message.

a) The death of ASP Ariong (RIO) is regrettable. But responsibility for his death should be placed on the shoulders of IGP General Kayihura or whoever he deployed to confront the group of politicians.

b) General Kayihura has failed the country with his poor tactics including issuing illegal orders to the police. For example, he has told police to drive their cars into politicians s it happened when Hon Nabila was injured. The IGP has continued to deployed heavily armed policemen who end shooting ‘stray bullet’ that kill and/or maim Ugandans.

c) Let the president declare that from this point on, police would not be deployed to police or confront peaceful marchers. Indeed police should stay away from such activities completely and let those responsible for them take care of security. I know that the politicians in questions can appeal to their mobs to police themselves and keep out unruly gangs. If this is implemented, the unnecessary death of Ugandans or police at the hands of police during duty will be minimized.

d) If there is need for police at such events, those police officers deployed must not carry any guns. The video in which ASP Ariong was killed shows total chaos with police in different kinds of uniforms. It is very likely that such police units hardly know each and could have fired the bullet or the ‘stray item’ that killed the inspector. I repeat there is no need for live bullets at such events.

e) You should tell president Museveni to retire IGP Kayihura and his sidekick Turyagumanawe in public interest. General Kayihura has become a disgrace to the country and should be removed immediately.

f) So the bottom line is this: let Dr Besigye, Lord Mayor Lukwago and their sidekicks walk, inspect projects, or greet the people without any intervention from police. Police should stay away completely from such events to avoid the death of more Ugandans. Because of General Kayihura’s stupidity, he has not allowed the opposition politicians to demonstrate that they are capable of walking or protesting and do so without destroying or looting people’s property. It is time to test the opposition to see if they can keep law and order. But this cannot happen when the IGP provokes them all the time

g) If you meet General Kayihura tell him that there is life outside police or army. On a serious note General Kaiyihura’s stupidity is hurting your ability to sell your Akiba bonds. As long as he is the IGP, the risk and thus demand for your bonds will continued to be at a discount. So tell him to go and do other things. He can go and rear “embatta”/ducks or whatever.

Dr Besigye has played the police silly. They look total fools some of them are. I saw when they stopped Hon Nabilah from walking from her house! But Dr Besigye should be careful-he is exposing himself too much- now that the Deputy IGP and Deputy Police spokesperson have vowed to avenge the death of the late Ariong (RIP). My sense is that IGP Kayihura and his police will plunge Uganda into a calamity.

Judith Nabakooba was caught on the video promising to revenge both in English and Luganda. Like I told General Saleh, IGP Kaiyihura is the most dangerous man in uniform. Him and his sidekicks are out to do damage. Well, you have it now.

And they are not done. But they better be careful because YKM will pounce and fire them. Deputy IGP Ochola is playing with fire. And so is Judith Nabakooba.

Now let those tycoons sue the police. Take them to court. For too long Ugandans have slept on their rights. That must end. Go and sue for damages.

I think the ‘’panda gari’’ was planned by IGP Kayihura, Deputy IGP OChola and legitimized by the police deputy spokesperson who is caught on tape telling the press that police would revenge. If I may ask, what is the police motto in Uganda? It surely cannot be near something like to serve and protect.

But she should never again be seen using ‘’boda boda’’ as we saw in Redpepper. If she is stupid enough to use a boda boda she will pay a heavy price.

Can MPs or whatever committe is in charge of police summon the police to explain their actions. In the meantime those tortured should sue the state/police. Ugandans must stop sleeping on their rights and giving the Nabakoobas, Ocholas and Kayyohuras comfort.

Granted the courts may be in the hands of NRM cadres but there still are a few brave souls on the bench.

The people missing are Ugandan lawyers? Who are the equivalents of Kenya’s Paul Muite, Gibson Kamau Kuria, James Orengo, Kiraitu Murungi, Dr John Khaminwa, Martha Karua, GBM Kariuki etc among Ugandan lawyers?

The police is getting away with murder because the lawyers are not taking them on. They need to sue and sue the police and tie them in litigation. One of these days, they will find a competent judge who will send a message to the police.

Once again Ugandans must stop sleeping on their rights. That is the problem with Ugandans. They get screwed over and over and take no action. Helll wake the people up.

Initially I thought those bazungu were perhaps diplomats kumbe.



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  1. Kanyesigye Yosam,

    That is a rational way of fronting the gists of the issues at stake.But I would wish to tell you my friend, Kyijomanyi that General Kayihura and the Police are executing the orders of their man, Museveni.Kayihura or any other security personnel are not the ones killing the people of Uganda. Yes, as you said, there is life outside the Police or Army or even museveni’s Govt, Kayihura, Turyagumanawe, Ochola etc..are Educated Ugandan who should not sell their consciences and be used to cause such meyhem in the Country as they can find a better life outside this Police outfit and live in harmony with their fellow citizens. The problem is centered on one man and family…Museveni who is not ready to leave power by hook or crook and we Ugandans shall have to accept the staus quo of getting killed by our own fellow citizens who are also very selfish.

  2. Sam Erwau,

    My friend Kyijomanyi,your comment clearly describes who you are.I am quite disturbed by the approach,language and the faith in which you are writing to Gen Salim Saleh on rather an important issue especially regarding the right to life,demostrate and do other things as stipulated in the constitution.There are so many issues that you raise here that should not go uncorrected.
    You make an interesting allegation in paragraph 1 that Kayihura’s intention of deployment in the city is to shoot at and maim the rioters!can you substantiate that,with full evidence that people have been shot at and maimed,unless the word ‘maiming’ to you has changed meaning,can you give 1 or two names of persons who have been short or maimed in that particular incident you are referring to or you are simply loosing control of your emotions.

    Again you are so quick to point that Gen. Kayihura has failed this country,which country are you talking of?America or Uganda?Let me tell you just in case you did not know,Gen.Kale was appointed by H.E Museveni,who was voted by over 60% of the people of Uganda on 11th Feb, but vetted and approved by the appointments committee of M.PS that is constituted by both Opposition and parliament.His contract renewal went through the same process,nobody raised or protested the president’s choice of Kale,not even you!

    You seem to be driven by misguided feelings,lack of critical analysis of circumstances which have lead to a few mistakes that the Police and the Wanainchi have found themselves in,besides,for you,who lives in New York,to suggest directives to the President of a country thousands of miles away,to declare not to deploy Police,is simply expressing your ignorance of the intention and role of opposition in any country, and how sitting governments should read and respond to such intentions.May I remind you that the famous Mabira demonstration was left to the Organisers!There was loss of life and lots of property burnt.
    May I also remind you that Inspector Ariong was hit not by a stray bullet as you insinuate but by a blatant object,according to the postmortem report released by trained doctors,so don’t deliberately be ignorant or mislead yourself by choice.(Also be informed that he was not armed )

    Ssebo,it’s not the President who retires public servants but our constitution clearly stipulates the age of retirement of any public servant but may be you meant that Turya and Kale should be redeployed.

    Finally, you have left me wondering whether it is you,Kale,or President Museveni, who is Mad! Because you seem to be attempting to abuse the people of Uganda who voted for President Museveni,whom,by Law is empowered to appoint the IGP ,you also seem to be abusing the members of the appointments committee of parliament which consists of both the opposition and the ruling party Mps,who are all peoples’s representatives,

    But worse of all your utmost ignorance and lack of respect for leaders in positions of authority regardless of whether you agree with them or not deescribes your level of tolerance and am afraid your stay in New York is not helping you to learn something from the leaders and those aspiring to be leaders in that country.The word STUPIDITY to be applied on the person of Kale should only come from a stupid mind who never appreciates,doesn’t deliberately see,not analytical, one sided and myopic .Not an intellectual,sound minded person.Traditionally,you are not allowed to use any abusive language on anybody unless you were brought up that way.

    Ge. Kale has worked under rather abnormal circumstances and unlike what the opposition would have expected,he has exercised the highest level of restraint on the demostrators,has always come out openly to apologise where execess have been exhibited,has always tried to his best to prevent the hooligans from taking advantange of the opposition rallies to destroy and rob peoples’ property.This has angered the organisers because they cant do without those goons as they are always used to directly provoke and confront the Police.

    As for you my brother,your living in your dreamland,tel me any single day where the Mayor of New York goes to address his voters in the supermarkets,Markets,Bus Parks,call all the leaders opposed to government ,withouth even the Engeneer,to go and Inspect the road under construction or opposes the polices set up by the same authority that he leads?

    Your unnecessary emotional outbursts will not affect the governance of this country. I would advice you,through your UNAA to push for constitutional electoral reforms so as to provide you the legitimacy to voice out your concerns through the Ballot.

    What I can only tell you is that Uganda of today is much more stable than the Uganda before 15 years,there is robust economic growth,citizens are contributing to their own budget up to 70%, Uganda has been voted number one Tour destination in the World,Uganda,my motherland has hosted the greatest number of guests than never before,is it by accident?,no,it is through the effort of the leadership to avert security threats and apprehend
    the would be criminals that we are considered the most stable country in sub Saharan Africa,the so called ‘stupid Kale’ has not given chance to those intending to import the Arab Spring here that’s why you call him stupid!Between you and Kale,who is acting on public interest,whose actions scare away the investments?Those who pursue their selfish political interests or the one who ensures that visitors continue to flock into this country as Tourists(find out how much Uganda earns through Tourism) though provision of Law and Order?Get serious.



  3. jennie,

    well all is said, but mr arwau, it seems your one who is possessed with this current regime. you mean there’s nothing and nothing wrong with the Uganda of to day?
    to my understanding of the view, you are younger than the m7 regime. no wonder you cant compare any gvt rule with this one coz uve seen nothing.
    our economy has dropped completely within a period of lees than a year.
    i wonder what you do for a living here in our country. you have rilly criticized yosam and praised the kale man and his men, but in what view are you doing this?
    remember many people in ug are desperate and such criticism is a mere falling debris.
    the corruption in Uganda is too high that we are ranked among the first 3 in africa and among the first 5 in the world. so arwau, plz analyze your statements.
    the uganda of to day is not of the passed. try to do some research on this from people above 50yrs of age. coz u seem to not more than 25yrs of age.
    there’s a saying which goes , wen i was young i reasoned as a child now am big.
    there’s a freedom of speech and demonstration and peaceful Dem. here i don’t rilly know why Ugandans dont see or understand . the police is to keep law and order and we all know that. but our police of the man kale is different. the police is violating our rights as Ugandans. here they just assume incidents before it happens and they react in advance. hence hurting people who are trying to express their feelings by demonstrating and as i said its a right.
    the violation is always caused by our police force. infarct the police is for the people and not for the govt. from govt to govt we shall still have many of them still in service.
    will they all resign coz its not m7 ruling? off course no and a big no.
    now tell me if its another govt, kale man, what are you gonna do when opposition comes into power and this is gonna come. time is near.
    is he going to run or stay peacefully in his country? so sad indeed for my mother land which i love with all my heart.
    god forbid.

  4. kiganda gerald,

    @ sam Erwau, you might be one of those people who don’t know their rights may you please study your rights and you answer their needs as soon as you can otherwise your in a mess, your the Ugandans letting us down please. is it that you got a bread from him or your blind?

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  6. we shud not go on generalizing wat 1 individual police does to the whole police force they r som who take action into their hands which is bad but not pointing figures.the public shud also bee responsible enough to avoid clashes with the police bse they r human beings and all in the end can make mistakes and the lord mayor and Dr.kizza shud avoid confrontations with the police to show theirr true leadership not to behave like holigans.

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