It sounds preposterous but the world must move on from the small battles about human rights’ abuse, police brutality, electoral malpractices and corruption, because those are automatic consequences of autocratic rule. Show me dictatorship, from time immemorial, and I will show you those vices. Uganda has suffered oppression, brutality and lack of accountability for over 130 years, yet, save for temporary relief that comes with the occasional change of regime, our suffering has continued. Surely, do we so lack imagination that we cannot work out that the solution to Uganda’s problem must be more complex than mere regime change? Museveni will go at some point, as did colonialism, Mutesa, Obote 1, Amin, Lule, Muwanga, Obote 2 and Lutwa, but if conditions that turned those once idealistic revolutionaries into dictators continue to exist, his successor, be it Beti Kamya, will become a dictator and will visit on us the vices for which all past leaders are hated, because they (the vices) are automatic products of dictatorship! We must move onto the big war and fight conditions that create dictators, instead of fighting offshoots of dictatorship.

“All power belongs to the People…..who shall express their will and consent on.…who shall govern them through elections….” says Article 1 of the Constitution of Uganda. “There shall be a President of Uganda…” says Article 98. “All executive authority of Uganda is vested in the President…” says Article 99. Hence, Article 1 gives power to the people, but Article 99 takes it away from them and gives it to the President.

In exercise of the executive authority given to him / her by the constitution, the President decides how the national resources are used, appoints the Vice President, Prime Minister, Ministers, Chief Justice, Judges, Ambassadors, Heads of Govt Depts and their deputies, Permanent Secretaries, Resident District Commissioners, District and Regional (in the case of the “Regional Tier”) accounting officers. The President appoints Commanders of the armed forces and promotions are his prerogative. Uganda’s constitution makes the President the sole employer, provider and benefactor. Give Angel Gabriel this kind of power and Heaven will have a problem, because too much power is the main ingredient that makes dictators. Police brutality, human rights’ abuse, electoral malpractices and corruption are logical consequences NOT the cause of dictatorship.

Uganda’s sustainable peace lies in re-designing the governance system that gives State House too much power, having been so deliberately designed by its pioneer occupants, to exploit a colony without being accountable. It was of necessity undemocratic, dictatorial, oppressive and exploitative. This is the system we inherited at independence but have not dismantled, so it remains oppressive and exploitative, as it was designed. Mind you, this is not the system the British use back home, where the objective is to serve, not exploit!

UFA is advocating that Ugandans, without firing a bullet or throwing a stone, evoke Article 255, through which they can recall their power for one day, and through a referendum, dismantle the autocratic system, devolve power to the regions and re-instate presidential terms limit, because, surely we have learnt that mere change of regime will be another change of guards, as has happened eight times, since independence.

Heads of functioning democracies such as the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, and the Nordic States do not have such power as the President of Uganda. Kenya woke up to this fact and have redesigned their constitution, significantly reducing the powers of the president. In Malawi, if the late President Mutharika had powers to fire the Vice President, Joyce Banda, having disagreed with him, would not be President today. In South Africa, the ANC was able to force President Thabo Mbeki to step down! Uganda must to wake up and move with the new democratic order and Article 255 provides the cheapest route!

Beti Olive Kamya-Turwomwe


Uganda Federal Alliance



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  1. Hon Betty,Will federo be the solution to uganda’s problems?You have pointed a few countries under federal arrangement and incidentally you have mixed up yourself, and I am failing to understand your point, should we adopt federal system of governance or our constitution should be re-designed like the way the Kenyans did,so as to strip away some powers from the presidency?If we are to follow the latter,then we should demand for constitutional reforms,which you would have innitiated and probably championed as a Member of Parliament for Rubaga,which you opted out from.

    As MP then,you had the platform to raise and evoke the changes in constitutional provisions that you have pointed and continue to raise in most of your posts to this Forum.You are alsov telling us of how Nigeria has remiained one of the most corrupt Nations in Africa with a majority of its people living under less than a dollar a day,with religius clashes rocking the whole country and a growimg descent and loss of confidence in government by the citizens.

    So,the falacy that federo will bring an end to the problems of Uganda is mere political rhetoric aimed at achieving political mileage by few and selfish leaders.I think we need to address the issue of morals in our society,our society has lost values to the extent that one can now deficate near the road without caring who is passing by and watching.Even with the federo in place you are having the rotten society,no miracles shall be performed.

    We do not have leaders even in the ‘so called ‘ opposition who have demostrated that they can be better than Museveni,all we have is a group of angry LIONS waiting to grab the opportunity for what can take them to the next level in their lives but nothing to do with Uganda and its people.
    Please Madam President of UFA,tell me that Uganda’s problems wil end the day federo arrives and I will tell the disaster of having democracy without democrats

    For God and my Country Uganda.

  2. Odongo Joseph,

    Our past leaders were intelligent people too. Mutesa, Obote, Amin, Lule, Mwanga, Binaisa. Federo failed in 1962 b’se it was going to complicate matters of the lost counties and etc (even upto now!). Even Amin knew it. Kamya shd think twice on this otherwise her campaign will be imaginary rather than real. Also Kamya forgot to entail the environment which the good constitution shd exist but I applaud her for noting the holes in the constitution.’The past must be studied and analysed, not to compare with the

  3. Mukasa,

    Odongo and Ewauru please dont mix Kabaka muteesa with your view of accepting the current system of governance. Kabaka muteesa all along up to his death was opposing the colonialist and obote for not wanting to accept a federo system of governance.Until in 1961 london constitution conference when the British had accepted buganda to have a full federo system and the 3 western kingdoms were to have a semi federo status. Obote was the first thief who grabbed from kabaka muteesa the federo system .all the other coming leaders have been doing the same and the systems of governance employed have all failed.
    I know u come from north and may be east. Why dont you want to have federo from your respective regions? dont you think you are the current thieves who are stealing bugandas resources and know you are fearing to go back to your home areas which are under developed? who is to blame for your under development? The baganda who have worked tirelessly for the development of their state? or your northern collegues who want to harvest where they dint sow?
    Please, we are watching all the games u are playing. Go back to your villages and start developing them instead of wanting to steal other peoples fruits from their ancestors.
    I also wonder , Obote failed to develop his region plus Idi Amin even museveni. They are all thinking of getting riches in buganda but your riches are not sustainable. You can full people for a certain time but not all the time.

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