M7 Should give us our £700m from the Queen of England- Bunyoro

Obekitiinisa Ugandans at heart,

You are asking for evidence that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth handed Pound Sterling 700 million to President Museveni for onward delivery to Banyoro as reparations for the atrocities the Anglo-Ganda armies committed in the nine-year war, 1980-99, against Bunyoro-Kitara.

The lawyer handling this case, Ayena Odongo who is also MP for Oyam County, in Lango, is currently in Zambia on official duty of Parliament. He is the one to give you full details on this subject.

However, in the meantime read the memorandum, attached, sent to His Excellence President Museveni last year reminding him of his announcement of Her Majesty’s delivery of this money.

Indeed, the Banyoro have initiated legal proceedings against Her Majesty’s Government. If this case is not settled amicably outside of court, then we shall demand a legal settlement through a full-scale court actionin the UK, not in Uganda, but in London. Plans to go to London are already in full gear.

Now read the memorandum, which is self-explanatory, where it is stated that President Museveni personally made this announcement in 2009 to the leadership of Mubende Banyoro Committee.

He repeated the same announcement to the leadership of Bunyoro-Kitara kingdom. These passed on the information to Rukirabasaija, Agutamba the Omukama, Solomon Gafabusa Iguru.

More evidence will follow as soon as lawyer Ayena Odongo returns from Zambia.

Henry Ford Miirima

Bunyoro Kingdom Spokesperson and a member of UAH


Date: 20th April 2011

H. E, the President of the Republic of Uganda,
State House,

Your Excellency;


We take this opportunity to heartily congratulate you upon your landslide victory in the recent presidential election. The result has spoken volumes of the resurgent confidence the people of Uganda across the country have expressed in your wise leadership.

Your Excellency, as a keen student of the political history of this country, you need no reminder about the historical injustices the people of Bunyoro suffered since the advent of colonialism. Suffice it to surmise that the resolution of the problem was tactfully avoided by the colonial administration until independence. Since independence it has been conveniently glossed over by every successive administration of this country.

Unfortunately, no body, not even the cultural institution of Bunyoro Kingdom, has had the audacity to take the matter head on and challenge the people concerned in the courts of law. It was only in 2004; vide High Court Civil Suit No. 595 of 2004; that some 10 people from Kibaale, filed a representative suit on behalf of all the aggrieved indigenous people of the former lost counties (now Kibaale district) for relief against Her Majesty’s Government of Great Britain and the Baganda sub-imperialists.

Although Justice Okumu Wengi (as he then was), erroneously in our view, struck out the name of Her Majesty’s Government of Great Britain from the above suit on the ground that she can not be sued in the municipal courts of Uganda, we are considering the option of either appealing that decision and reinstating the suit against Her Majesty’s Government or filing a new suit in the court of England. We have already made final arrangements for either option.

However, on the 16th June 2009 during a meeting you held at State House with a delegation of Mubende Banyoro Committee, Your Excellency was pleased to inform us that Her Majesty’s Government had offered a settlement of 700 Million Pounds Sterling to dissuade the people of Kibaale from taking legal actions against Her Majesty’s government for loss and damage suffered as a result of the invasion and occupation of their land. This was meant to avoid the possibility of opening the Pandora’s Box by many former colonial subjects who suffered the same fate instituting cases against her Majesty’s Government.
We have therefore been exercising maximum restraint from proceeding with the case in order to avoid a possibility of embarrassing Your Excellency.
For the records, we wish to remind Your Excellency that the likely consequences of the anticipated suits are not lost on Her Majesty’s Government. A case like this has already been decided by the High Court of Australia in favour of the indigenous Aborigines in the case of Mabo v Queensland (No 2) (“Mabo case”) (1992) HRC 23; (1992) 175 CLR 1 (3 June 1992). In that case, which is likely to be the same in this case, the High Court of Australia determined that the Aborigines were entitled as against the whole world to possession, occupation, use and enjoyment of their lands and that their title to the land was not extinguished by annexation of their land by the invaders. That is why she is quick to have a settlement-out of Court.

In view of the above, we the undersigned litigants in the above suit wish to underpin our claim that we, and not even the cultural institution of the Kingdom of Bunyoro, are the prime movers of the settlement you talked about. For that reason we would respectfully wish to request as follows:

1. We should be fully involved in any settlement regarding the historical injustices meted to the people we represent in the above stated case.

2. The interest of the litigants in the above case be fully taken care of within the framework of the offer of 700 Million Pounds Sterling in order to avoid us proceeding with the case.

3. The litigants would appreciate an opportunity to discuss with Your Excellency the wider dimension of the case that may have the import of legally resolving once and for all the intractable problems of the claim for 9000 sq. miles of land by the Buganda kingdom as well as the issue of the absentee landlords of Kibaale district. The declaration that the 1900 Agreement is Null and Void abinitio, one of the prayers in the suit, would have the effect of a revolutionary land law reform in this country as a whole.

We remain your Excellency,

KYABANGI KATA MUSOKE ________________________

HENRY FORD MIIRIMA ________________________

KAROLI SENTALO ________________________

GEORGE IGA ENDAYANGE ________________________

BATWALE DODOVIKO ________________________



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  1. Simon,

    I think the only reason why the Brits find it appropriate to compensate Buyoro is because of their interest in the discovered oil. Remembered it’s that same colonial government that transitioned into a republic called Uganda which maintains their interests at a least lash.

  2. Odongo Joseph,

    I would like to appreciate these Banyoro leaders for being foresighted. Their initial demand as I read was 500 Billion pound sterling. 700 million sterling can do but to me the most important issue is the removal of the curse called 1900 Agreement. It was from this agreement that all the curses of Uganda came from e.g. How do you steal Omukama Kabarega’s land and begin making an agreement to share it (see Marquest of Salisbury letter dated 19th November 1897). You arrest Omukama Kabarega at the home of his friend Rwot Adora, shoot his right hand and amputate it using a British sergeon. Then you reward the persons who commanded the arrest (Semei Kakungulu and Anderiya Luwandaga) with Cows and Goats from Kabalega’s farm. Sincerely people was this good ?. Article 15 of the 1900 agreement talks about the sharing of the land of the arrested innocent Kabarega. He was arrested and taken to Seychelles Island on Indian Ocean, was released in 1923 but was again killed at Mpumiro in Jinja as he was coming back home. People help me, was this the behaviour of the people who brought religion (CMS) to Uganda ?
    Tthe story of sharing of the land went this way;

    19th November 1897: The stolen land was a way to Buganda by Special Commisioner Hary Johnstone who delivered the letter from Queen.

    1900: An agreement was sign by a 13 month old Kabaka of Buganda in the names of Daudi Chwa (whose father was also deposed with Kabarega for similar reasons). Actually, the mature people who sign it were British Officers who were local people. So they were following British interest at the same time being regents to the young King. The names were; Stanslius Mugwanya, Apollo Kagwa and Zakariya Kisingiri. All these were awarded miles of land to appreciate them for successfully disorganising Kabaka Mwanga. Now the agreement taked of giving Buganda 9000 sq miles of land if the whole stolen land (I call it like this to be precisely clear) was 19,600 sq. miles (see art 15 of 1900 agreement). It says that in the event that the approximation was less, the difference was to be deducted from 9000 sq miles (if its more, it will be shared).

    1911: Surveys begin with Sir Walter Sweet as Governor but it was interrupted by 1st World War.

    1931: census was carried out the mentioned the biggest lie Banyoro has ever heard. that Bugangaizi had 25000 Baganda and 8 Banyoro (see the contradiction fron the 1964 Referendum).

    1936: Surveys were completed. the total stolen land was actually 16,138 sq miles of land. Following 1900 agreement, the difference, (19,600-16,138) was to be subtracted from 9,000 which was mentioned earlier. This comes to 5,538 Sq miles.

    1964: A Referendum was held and Baganda and Banyoro voted. The referendum was to decide where the 2/7 lost counties should belong (Buyaga and Bugangaizi). 88% voted that it should go back to Bunyoro. Buyaga and Bugangaizi in total was making 667 square miles of land. So by 1965, the Buganda Kingdom according to Government was 5,538-667= 4871

    1967: Some parts of the remaining Lost Counties (Stolen Land) were lost to the cattle corridor gazetted land. This totaled 664 sq. miles. So, the remaining milo land became. 4,871-664= 4,207.

    1970: Other referenda were yet to be held for the remaining 5 lost counties i.e. Bulemezi, Singo, Buhekura, Buruli and Bugerere (Amin disrupted by overthrowing Government). Actually, the Lost counties or stolen Land constituted more than 80% of Buganda Land from these historical facts.

    Every other change of Government in Uganda was directly or indirectly linked to these issues I have talked about. The players have been different but the issue is the same.

    Any Government that is for the people of Uganda should address these excruciating issues that made a certain munyoro man fight a muganda man in a Jinja bound taxi at Mabira forest as I was looking.

    For God and My Country.

  3. kaparaga julius,

    The government of uganda if it considered the 1900 agreement as the base of partion of uganda its ethically un fair, the europeans had no just reasons for cursing bunyoro by giving away its bigest resource full part to baganda, so we the government to fully intervine in the current apricability of the 1900 agreement, its the major base for all the injustices in bunyoro. Apparently, banyoro have live for years in isolation by the state, limited information and awareness on their rights and freedom has completly made bunyoro live voice less. Hangiriza agutamba hangiriza enkyanungi.

  4. Mukasa,

    Odongo your point if its true ,its very strong. according to my feeling, you are not the right person to present such a strong point. I thought it could be a prime minister of bunyoro or any big person from Bunyoro. my critical thinking is that u have some intrests behind this move . U are from the North but you are more concerned of bunyoro kingdom issues why? its because u have a hidden agenda on that move.
    Baganda even before the coming of Europeans have been fighting wars of expansion and enlarged their kingdoms as bunyoro first did.Do you want to tell me that bunyoro got this land from heaven?
    No, through wars of expansion.should the other conquered areas which bunyoro acquired land from raise their issues the way u want bunyoro to do? definately no? Land in the great lakes region has been acquired through wars of expansion. If they defeated bunyoro , let them agree. But its like u are prompting a genocide on bunyoro kingdom. Okay if so, were are waiting them at the corner

  5. amosirumba@yahoo.com,

    your excellency, if you received the money from UK, where did you put the money for the banyoro?

  6. Turyatemba Moses,

    Your excellecy, waiting for the funds, please! You are an old man, Mzee, heroe, freedom fighter, sabalwanyi etc, but please first bring what the queen sent you to bring!!!

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