Ugandans in South Africa don’t Trust Museveni’s words

As Ugandans in the diaspora specifically in South Africa under the umbrella of AUSA (Association of Ugandans in South Africa), we feel embarrassed by the inconsistence in our president’s words and dishonesty shown to the people of Uganda. At the age of 67, Mr. Museveni is not only a senior adult who ought to respect his words and integrity but also an experienced leader who would not make careless mistakes whilst speaking.

Nowadays his speeches and interviews especially those conducted by foreign journalists are not worthy being listened to as they bang the ears of Ugandans who are too tired to listen to an old man who changes statements every now and then. It is absurd that in 1986, a man we thought was a “messiah” has turned into a “devil”.

The president unashamedly on BBC after being reminded his own words; “…….leaders who stay long in power…” he wickedly changed his statement that he meant those who are not elected! Mr. Museveni should remember that silence is not ignorance and being wordy is not a symbol of wisdom. Recently he repeated his incompetent words about his exit from power whilst talking to CNN journalist. He talked on assumption that Ugandans are still living in the 20thcentury. How dare the whole president who has served for over 25 years peak words of a “toddler leader”! “It is upon your party….” Your excellence we are not short sighted, if you got advantage of us in 1980s, this is 2012, mind your words.

As Ugandans in South Africa, we are making it clear that presently Museveni’s speeches are irrelevant and better off not spoken. He is an imposter and a typical pretender who after owning NRM and almost every institution, he behaves to be respecting them. If Mr. Museveni wants to talk about his departure, he should be brief and precise like all other wise leaders and tell us when he is leaving. It’s nonsensical to throw it to his party which he can’t allow to reason beyond his own understanding. Mr. Museveni there is nothing new you can do for the people of Uganda neither is there anything new you can speak. We don’t need anything from you anymore, all we need and we ask is your urgent departure from your position.

Give a chance to the new leaders and see the harm they will do (if any). The gaps in your government are already more than enough for you to resign. As Ugandans in South Africa, we are assuring you that you don’t have our support as the president of Uganda. We have joined our fellow Ugandans back home to demand for your urgent resignation and restoration of term limits. We shall continue to support all peaceful Ugandans seeking to practice real democracy in Uganda.

Mr. Museveni, all we need from you is to step down and lastly to restore term limits. In your bid to remove term limits, you bribed puppet legislators to scrap term limits. This time you do not need to that, simply ask them to restore them and they will do. We sent them to represent us not your personal interests. Your excellence if you are a patriot and a Pan-African as you claim, step down and stop pretending and being wordy by throwing the ball to your party. We know you know this but as a matter of reminding you, there is no patriot who clings to power, forces him self to the people, calls fraudulent elections, elections and lives a prodigal life on the expenses of his own people.

Mr. Museveni, we are not going to rest until you step down. We call upon all Ugandans to triple the effort and demand Mr. Museveni’s resignation and restoration of term limits.

Tim Mugerwa

Secretary General


+27 837056470/ +27739338400

CC: Aguma Alex (Director AUSA)

CC: Malcom Mastiko (Chairperson AUSA)

CC: Hassen Ssali ( Director of Intelligenc

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  1. Kanyesigye Yosam,

    Every peace loving Ugandan should stand out to be counted.The time is now,not tomorrow.We tired of imposters,pretenders & suckers.Thank you AUSA.

  2. Sseeka,

    Get off your pedestal. You seem to be writing on behalf of all ugandans in RSA or atleast for the association. Iam a member of both groups but never heard of a resolution that you represent as you have selfishly done. Unless ofcourse you have changed the ideals for which our association was formed. Shame on you.

  3. appuulli Jaasi,

    did u get message?

  4. appuulli Jaasi,

    I think Seeka is an infiltrater who pretends to be a ugandan who cares,while working for Museveni.

  5. Sseeka,

    Sseeka is no infiltrater. Iam a pure Ugandan. Iam one of the many that were beaten senseless when I failed to respond correctly when asked “tambula ngo muganda”. I will die with my bruises.

  6. Peter Okello Maber,

    You guys in SA, you went there to make a living and not to do ugandan politics. You are first of all a very small minority whose views are largely meaningless here in Uganda!

    I am suspicious whether that group of yours is not for self entertainment and braking down boredom in SA. All goverments have their weaknesses including the one of Zuma but I am yet to see South Africans behaving that way in Uganda or anywhere else.

    Please do not export our backward politics to foreing lands! Rather concetrate in making Rands and hopefully invest some home.

    The 30 million of us in Uganda will change the government when we deem fit!!

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