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Day April 23, 2012

Akena Says that he is not married to Roselyn Kabonesa

Roselyn Kabonesa claims to be Akenas first wife

Further to our telephone conversation in reference to your letter dated 16th April 2012 (Ref. FU/F/292/12) concerning the most outrageous claims by Ms Kabonesa Roselyn. Allow me to state once more for the record that I have never been married to nor have I had any sexual relations with the said Ms Kabonesa. It is in fact I, who continues to undergo “psychological violence” by your client who has stalked me at my place of work and residence on the basis that some “spirits” had told her that we are to be married. She has made herself a nuisance before the Speaker of Parliament and also at the UPC Party Headquarters.

Your letter invited me for “mediation” on “17th, 2012 at 10:00am” not stating the month but basing on the context of your letter, I would assume that it was today. Much as I do not wish to partake in a farce, I was attending a Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Milton Obote Foundation from 9:30am which had been scheduled long before and telephoned immediately the Meeting finished.

Having been tormented by her for a number of years, my best advice to you would be to locate her family and impress upon them to arrange for medical assistance.

Honourable James Akena
Uganda Parliament

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