UDU statement on Ingrid Turinawe from the Gender Department.

United Democratic Ugandans
Gender Department

Statement on the Gross Violation of IngridTurinawe’s Human Rights

By Dorothy Lubowa

The rule of law is enshrined in the constitution of Uganda but it is hardly observed by the Ugandan government. Rule of law has beenupheld by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights since 1948 and, as a result, has become a part of international customary law binding on all members of the United Nations including Uganda. Uganda has ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which protects the rights of all Ugandans to associate, assemble and express themselves as they see fit. Ugandan citizens, under the constitution of Uganda and the Convention Against Torture, have a right to be free from torture and inhumane treatment by the officials of their government.

Therefore all women of Uganda, and men who support them,in the international community:
Condemn the behavior of the Uganda Police who tortured IngridTurinawe while illegally arresting her without justifiable cause;

Are seriously disgusted by the silence of the government of Uganda and NRM regime on the issue of abusing women rights by the police;

Are further astounded and enraged by the savage violation of feminine dignity by the Ugandan police who denied committing the atrocities recorded on video available on u tube at http://www.youtube.com/user/ntvuganda;

Demand immediate rectification of all the wrongs committed by the Ugandan Security Forces against innocent Ugandans by arresting and punishing the individuals who perpetrated the illegal acts;

Call upon all people in the world to register their disapproval of this outrageous violation of human rights against an innocent Ugandan women.

We declare this for God, peace, liberty and justice in our country.


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  1. I think what you should be pointing out is Article 33 (`1),Any woman in Uganda including my mother deep in the villages of Amuria, deserves to be accorded dignity and equal treatment.You are only putting alot of emphasis on abuses on Women by the State which are insignificant but you are not bringing out the inhumane treatment that my dear mothers go through,like the Woman who was undressed and beaten by Men infront of all the TV Cameras !No woman activist came out to condemn it,not even Civil Society,let alone the religious leaders!That is just one incidence.Are you not just populist and agents of neo colonialism simply trying to give accountability to your funders?Which woman’s rights are you fighting for?Is Ingrid Turinawe’s Womanhood more important than any other ordinery woman in this country?My opinion is that you need to speak for the ordinery woman in Uganda who suffers in silence,you the so-called activists are simply political and opportunistic and only want to be seen to be doing something.
    I would join any activism aimed at reduction of martenal death,domestic violence and negative perception of the public towards women rather than the one mistake incidence of Turinawe arrest.

    But Imay also wish to ask,how far are women willing to go in as far exercising their rights? Should we encourange women to walk naked because their rights have been violated?Is that the dignity that the constitution accords women? Ithink you should understand that you are the mothers of this nation and the framers of the 1995 constitution were women of high repute that is why they soberly raised issues and managed to convince the country that it is time for women to be treated as equals in our Society.Dont you think the woman of today,especially you the UDU aurthors of the statement are simply being used by the opposition?

    Finally,I must clearly state that the Uganda Police does not have policy of touching women’s breasts as you have exagerrated! What happened was just circumstancial and forgivenes is needed here unless thereis a hiden a genda,otherwise all Human beings err and police are Human beings.The government of the day is fully commited to protection and respect of Human rights and freedoms.This is also the duty of every Ugandan not just the state.Article20 (2)

    The advice to Police,continue executing your duties as enshrined in the constitution but do it as article 211 (3) states.
    The Uganda Police shall be nationalistic,partrioticproffesional,disciplined,competent and productive;and its members SHALL BE CITIZENS OF UGANDA.
    This is what the population expects from you.
    Otherwise our police force is doing a great job a midst provocation and disrepect from a few elements in our society.

    For God and My Country.

  2. appuulli Jaasi,

    Erwau, would I be right to call you s supporter of the
    Tutsi Rwandese regime in Uganda?
    How many mothers do you have?
    You blame UDU for putting emphasis on women abused by the state which you consider insignificant and go on to say that UDU, women activists and religious leaders don’t condemn the abuse of your mothers in the country!
    Miss/Mr Erwau, you want to have your cake and eat it too.
    Well aren’t you being a hypocrite by stating stating that the abuses of women like Turinawe by the state are insignificant? And you call it one incident!
    Miss/Mr. Erwau what do you think of those Acholi mothers
    held in the NRM camps in Acholi? And by the way, those men who you say abused your mothers, should have been held accountable by the NRM.
    What kind of of example does it give to abusive men when the NRM government abuses women like Turinawe?

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