Ngrid told me about her plans last year- Salim Saleh

Dear members

I met Ingrid sometime last year and she told me all her plans and she is executing them meticulously and the police are falling into her trap. Big embarrassing situations and causalities are likely to occur because the IGP will not back down. Am offering to chair a meeting between the two and see what comes out.

The biggest problem is lack of humility, communication and coordination. Her plan is disruption, disruption and disruption.The Police,s plan is dispersion, dispersion and dispersion. Both methods don’t solve the fundamental problem of unemployment and underemployment.That is why a meeting between them under my chairmanship is being proposed. They both know my views.

Bunyoro demands £700m the Queen of England gave to Museveni

This Bunyoro thing is driving me nuts. How can we waste time discussing falsehoods. Can i ask Mirima to email me an official complaint on this mail which his telephone contact? I will surely go public about this. Henry Ford Mirima is lying but since that is called freedom of speech i cant comment on the Bunyoro compesation allegation.M7 does not have shares in the oil companies.

Execution of Bayingana and Bunyeyezi

In Gods name i never killed Bunyenyezi or Baingana. Neither did Kagame kill Rwigyema. But i remember it was a nightmare for RPF to loose 3 top commanders and filling the vacuum was miraculous. please don’t tell lies.
Am a Divinity unionist. i believe in fairness, awareness, strength and hope.

Gen.Caleb k Akandwanaho salim saleh oriba (rtd)


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    I agree with you GEN. that meeting’s urgently needed.sir,

  2. Sam Erwau,

    We need that diologue to tame the egos especially for those who think that they have monopoly of violence and provocation.
    For God and my Country.

  3. Evarist Turyakira,

    The issue of Ingrid is alesson to our system of police, that we really need more trained police and mostly how to handle the likes of Ingrid type when arresting them, but now the pressure of the public they are trying to put on the IGP is all to intemidate police. so who will be arresting the calpulites if the police is intemidated, now the police will fear touching those pipo fearing the Demotions and suspention. the Apology is enough and those pipo sh’d be arrested the qn sh’d be how to arrest them, just train police how to arrest but other wise the Groups of Ingrid we are tired of them mostly we the business pipo. when there are near your shop that day you just close when you have not sold any thing.

  4. Odongo Joseph,

    Ladies and gentlemen, can a dog chair a dialogue meeting between its pappy who is struggling for meat with a cat? I want an answer. End.

  5. This salim saleh sounds very humble.ithink he is likeable.

  6. Kanyesigye Yosam,

    This Gen is acting humbly but he’s a cunning animal.In whose interest is he acting?We all know where his bread is buttered. See how he is dismising the Bunyoro thing. This Kayihura (police) and Ingrid (opposition) problem is a national issue not a family or personal issue to be handled by one partsan man in the whole country.Remember Kayihura or Ingrid isn’t acting alone, other Ugandans are also involved here.You nolonger believe in institutions that’s why your brother crippled them.Where is our good laws of this country. Isn’t there any laws that gorverns the police and the opposition in this beautiful country?? Just give a chance to institutions to operate independent everything will sort out itself.What is happening in Uganda of 33million pple today is a serious political issue which needs political solutions but not this cheap dialogues btn two people mediated by a tainted nrm cadre.For god and my country.


    ‘And when Salim Saleh speaks, it is only the truth! Only truth! Oh yes! He is conscientous! A man of his word! Unfortunately always maligned!

    Salim Saleh is not a politician! His value system is therefore not that of seeking credit or cheap popularity in the hope of gaining in elective politics!

    I don’t know about the rest but I can vouch for Saleh! It is public knowlege that he does not lie, not vindictive, not malicious, selfless & will put a smile on the faces of Ugandans across the political divide!

    His heart glows more than his looks! He would win an election without campaigning! In Busoga, Gulu, West Nile, Luweero, Buddu, Kasese & Kigezi! ”

    Sarah Kagingo defends Salim Saleh on UAH-Facebook

  8. Asiimwe,

    Afande Salim. You forgot the name we grew up calling you: Kabandize. For those who dont understand, it means “the first born”. Greetings to your elder brother.

  9. Charles Mulondo,

    Afande,should other youths also leave school like u did to go and bring order for your bro. to know he has let us down?

  10. kiiza joseph,

    jumbo affade u have transformed a lot of Ugandans include me am what i am because of u since i met u my life,my relatives and friends we have been blessed may God bless u.if other Ugandans who are blessed are like u we wouldn’t cry 4 donors from abroad.

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