We are taking disciplinary action against the officer who ‘squeezed’ FDC’s Ngrid Turinawe’s breasts & I didn’t know about UAH- Kayihura

General Kale kayihura is IGP in Uganda

General Kale kayihura is IGP in Uganda

Dear Ugandans at heart,

We are taking disciplinary action against the officer who ‘squeezed’ FDC’s Ngrid Turinawe’s breasts, who by the way is a female officer not a male officer. But that should not be misunderstood to be exoneration of the unlawful activities of Ms Ingrid Turinawe who provokes incidents in which sometimes some police officers make mistakes. It is amazing that not even an iota of outrage is expressed when police officers suffer excesses of rioters and their organizers and sponsors, the last one being the stoning to death of Ariong by rioters when he was carrying out his duty. I have not seen any expression of sympathy to the widow and his children the way you sympathize with Ingrid and her family for a lesser outrage. Remember the other was murder! Police also deserves balanced criticism which we rarely get.

Am glad to connect to the UAH forum. Am ready for discourse on the work we do and the challenges we face. While am eager to apologize to Ingrid (in spite of the fact that she has never expressed any apology to the Police for her unlawful and incessant provocations), I don’t want to pre empty the on-going investigation by our Professional Standards Unit.

As for the allegations that we provoke the incidents, it is really an insult to the memory of Ariong to suggest that the riotous incident that led to the death of Ariong was provoked by the Police!! I want to invite you to joint research with us on the riotous situations, especially the Mabira forest racist riot in 2007, the Kayunga riots in 2009, (that were orchestrated by genocidal broadcasts by some fm radios based on lies), as well as riotous incidents in the so called Walk to Work protests, in 2011 to date. I should also tell you that there are sections of the Opposition who have made demonization of the Uganda Police a political platform. But slowly they are being exposed, the mistakes that we sometimes make notwithstanding. There is a lot of hypocrisy, and I hope you who are outside the country will not be duped.

The Uganda Police is not the only security organization where unprofessional misconduct takes place. Indeed, there is no security organization the world over constituted by angels only. You only have to watch CNN or other major news network to appreciate this. My appeal is that you judge on the basis of what action we take when professional/criminal misconduct occurs rather than using mistakes of individuals to demonize the Police as an institution. I want to assure you that we don’t tolerate impunity.

However, the officers, like other citizens, are entitled to the due process of law. We have disciplinary organs in the Police, and courts of law. Indeed, there is abundant evidence of disciplinary/criminal action taken against police officers. But I also wish to reiterate that, while not apologizing for wrongdoing on the part of some police officers, Police action is usually consequential. The cause of all this, is persons, particularly political leaders, who refuse to recognize the mandate and authority of the Police under the Constitution, and create confrontational situations that result in incidents such as the current one. Ingrid is notorious for this, and it is deliberate. It is a political platform intended to demonize the Police and by extension the government. We handle many public events and in the majority of cases, including those of the Opposition, there are peaceful.

Dr Besigye can go on as he always does to call us all sorts of names. As I informed the UAH moderator, Abbey Semuwemba, am prepared for an objective, comprehensive joint research in all the incidents, especially since 2005, when the multiparty dispensation became operational after the removal of Article 269 of the Constitution. Am sure thereafter you will appreciate my point.

Judith Nababokoba is out on a course. I will tell her to begin getting active on UAH. I think this is a very important forum. I did not know about it.

Accountable to Ugandans or the regime in power?

The mandate of the Police is clearly spelled out in the Constitution, and that is what we strive to carry out on a daily, hourly basis. We face challenges which are obviously an occupational hazard.

Police carrying arms

Incidentally, the British police carry arms. Have you been to Heathrow lately? I want to assure you that our principal policing method is community policing as practiced in Britain, and I personally move on the streets and mingle with the people freely. We have very active police community liaison officers. But of course that is not sensational and does not make news.

However, having said that, we have new realities on our streets, namely terrorism that requires some level of armament for the police. Because of the high tech level of Britain with Millions of cameras all over the place, all that the police does is to place concealed armed teams which you will not see on a routine basis except when there is a problem. You remember the incident when terrorism was a big threat to Britain, and there was that incident in which the undercover police of the London Metropolitan police shot a Brazilian In full view of the public mistaking him to be a terrorist.

As I told you, I have seen heavily armed police at airports in London. In our case, we are still low tech. Our main weapon against terrorism is popular vigilance and deterrence through visibility, and so far it has worked. Anyway, go to other cities such as Rome. Haven’t you heard of the carabineiri? Even in countries such as Netherlands where the level of violent threats is low, whenever there are violent demos, riots, or other similar threats, it is the military police that responds. I saw this one time in 2006, in Amsterdam, when someone fired some object at a Press building.

What about the US, the home of democracy and human rights, where even traffic police is armed! Here in Uganda, traffic police is not armed. In fact, we have had to give them armed protection because of increasing threats on them, and as you know, they work deep into the night. So, anywhere, in any part of the world, whether Police is armed or not, depends on the level of threat. Surely, our situation is obvious.

General Kale Kayihura
Inspector General of Police



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  1. Massy-Moses Kasule,

    When a whole IGP peddles lies like ‘it was a female officer’ then again he starts wondering why the public has a growing hatred for the police, it is naivety of the third kind. These NRM cadres are taking Ugandans for fools and what is painful he continues to insult our intelligence by his outbursts and lies. Well, welcome to Ugandans at heart and the Diasporas, it about time you found out what Ugandans outside think of your regime!

  2. Lingula,

    Bwana IGP, Just for the benefit of readers, any update on action taken against Arinaitwe? I must say that I was personally touched and saddened by Ariong’s death. It’s was indeed uncalled for and below-the-belt for the perpetrators. May His Soul rest in Peace.

    I would wait for your candid update on your actions against Arinaitwe or if the Professional Standard Unit of the police found his acts then inexcessive.

  3. Sam Erwau,

    Thanks Bwana IGP for your elaborate clarity on iisues that regarding Police.
    I must admit here that the Ugandan diaspora who are critical of the rigime may just not be appreciating where Uganda has come from and where it is now,Its realy unfortunate that no body is appreciating the Uganda Police force and ohter security organs for the sustained peace,security and order especially in and around the city.

    There was a time when one could not walk in the streets of Kampala in as early as 8pm! There were cases of Bank robberies atleast every month,today,Ugandans leaving in Kampala do bussines trans-night,there are no night cafews as it used to be the case before 2000,there is order in the city unlike in the past where any Hooligan would go on the streets and cause commotion without any one being responsible.

    No one is appreciating the fact that the security organs,especially the Police are immensly contributing to the economic development of this country and some of you may ask how?

    Uganda was selected a number one world Tour destination for 2012 by Lonely Planet International and the key parameters used is the conducive Security environment that guarantees the safety of the tourists!And police together with other security organs should be commended for that!!!

    As if that is not enough,Uganda last year was uplauded by the World Bank for its commitment to woo investors and Uganda Investment Authority has reported a tremendous growth in Investment opportunities – All that can not be possible without the mention of Police.

    Where is the problem then ,Afande Kayiihura?
    In Teso,where I come from,we have a saying that when you serve too much on the table,it can be abused by those it is meant for,and therefore chokes.
    Ugandans have been served too much freedom,peace and stabilty,to the effect that it has chocking those who agitated for it for so long.

    The second problem is the mis- understanding of issues that affecting this country and am sorry even some clerics have failed to understand this,it is not police that incites violence,but the so -called desatisfied opportunistic leaders who use the innocent young men and women of this country to achieve their political objective.They are trained on how to confront the police and cause them make mistakes.That is total hipocrisy that should not be tolerated any more!

    May I advice the Ingrid’s and all her admirers that your provocations are leading you nowhere and that the police in this country mandated to keep law and order will bring you order and tell your funders that the Arab Spring wil not be possible here because we are ademocratic Country.Whoever wants to overthrow the govenment should do so constitutionally through elections.

    Afande,do not be derailed by a few elements,Uganda is about 33 million and a majority of them appriciate your job and that is why through their representatives,in parliament,you were approved to serve Uganda for another term,appointed by him who was elected by over 60% of Ugandans!
    So ignore those that do not show remorse when an officer is killed but exagerate when an indisciplined so -called official of the party refuses to be lawfully arrested.

    Isalute you
    For God and my Country.

  4. Kanyesigye Yosam,

    I like Kayihura as a person BUT i passionately hate Kayihura the IGP, a serial liar, a hypocrite and a true NRm cadre.Whose only interest serves one yellow fly in state house.This fake IGP has turned the once admired& proud Uganda police under Katumba Wamala into a laughing stock.And he hasn’t even speared himeself and the current regime.
    Why on earth would the whole IGP peddle lies and/or coverup for the criminal behavour of his indesplined officers?
    I quote; “we are taking displinary action against the police officer who “squeezed” the FDC Ingrid’s breast and who by the way isn’t a male officer but a female” Really??? I doubt if there is any action being taken, it will be the same story as that of Gilbert Arinaitwe. In that video on youtube anybody who has eyes can see that it was actually a real black man’s face and hand ( with plain strong veins) that was squeezing Igrid’s breast? Maybe this IGP thinks we are dumb or still in the 17thc, the era of keeping the world in total darkness.He forgot that his runatic officer was acting in front of the cameras and all the footage of his sickening behavour is clearly documented.Anyway,even if anyone wanted to give the IGP(sic) and his police a benefit of doubt, this plain lie/coverup alone from his foul mouth is good enough to convince otherwise.The same lies he peddled when Besigye was attacked.That Besigye had a hammer in his car, when actually the same hammer was brought by Besigye’s tormentors.What a disgrace IGP Uganda has!!
    Secondly he rumbles on Ariong’s death as if other civilians who were killed at the hands of his unprofessional police officers were not Ugandans at all therefore deserved not to be protected by the same police under him.I symphasize with Ariong’s family for the loss of thier belovered one butstill,other Ugandans also deserve the same recognition as that of Ariong bse he wasn’t more important than them.We all equal thus we need the same treatment from this myaopic IGP. If there any hypocrite to talk of in Uganda today is none other than the IGP kayuhura himeself who doen’t know his mandate. But take your breath mr.IGP, time will come….the bad apples will be sorted out.

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