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Day April 28, 2012

South African Matsiko resigns Amidst allegations of bribery by Salim Saleh

Malcom Matsiko

Malcom Matsiko

Is it pure treachery or patriotism?
A member of the vibrant opposition group in South Africa goes around claiming he has met Gen. Salim Saleh in a pretoria hotel and goes further to claim he has alot of money that will help run opposition programmes in Uganda and in diaspora. My personal understanding is that we are being sold out and we must be very careful before our cause is turned into a ” katemba” (profit making) kind of organisation.

I ‘m personally not in agereement with those using double standards to gain personal recognition and cheap popularity .
Mr. Mayambala Baker help us and devuldge the details of your secret meetings with the dictator’s biological brother or else we risk being sold out or short changed by you and those you seek to please.

I tender my resignation from the post of acting chairman of a Ekimeeza Kye South Africa with immediate effect.

I here by notify you that I am departing from the office of Acting Chairperson of the Kimeeza with immediate effect and this is a decision I take in the interest of my family, political home ,country and the group I was nominated to lead in November 2011.

Thank you.

Malcom D Matsiko
UAH Member
South Africa

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