M7 will stand in 2016 elections- Katerega

Sovereignty is vested in the people. So long as they vote for Museveni, he will remain until he clocks 75. So he will not be eligible in 2021. As for Rebeca Kadaga, Janet Museveni, Gilbert Bkenya ,Amama Mbabazi and others, their popularity depends on Museveni’s popularity. If he sacks or cause the fall of any of them, that may mark end of their political career.

Secondly, it is not wise, to create an empire within an empire inside NRM camp. Some people want to become “Jesus”, threw way truth and life, where nobody will reach God without passing through them. But for us Muslims, we communicate directly with God without an intermediary. l think NRM should stick to the Islamic line, in order to avoid an empire within an empire. It reminds us prior to 1966 crisis of a state within a state.

Imperial presidency stopped in Uganda on Sunday October 8th 1995 when a new constitution was promulgated. In fact, the former Prime Minister Apolo Nsibambi warned of a catastrophe of a parliamentary dictatorship in which we are. So don’t dream so much for becoming President overnight. But if the opposition is well organized it can share parliament with the ruling party next time. It can do the same with Local Government Councils, then the rest will be history.

If the opposition is less that one third now, but collaborates with the independents and the disgruntled movementists, and cause government to sneeze, how would it if it had at least a third of the parliament and local government councils? If opposition had a half of parliament and local government councils, even Besigye would have benefited from his dream of power sharing with Museveni, he should not die before realizing.

In a republican setting, there is no succession politics. They talk about the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere;s anointing his own successor in Tanzania in 1985. That was during a one party dictatorship which was almost a monarchy. But under a multi party democracy one cannot anoint his or her successor to the people. Uganda is a republic and it will remain a republic and the good thing with 1995 constitution, the President is directly elected not through an Electoral College, like that of United States.

How many people the President anointed during the Movement system and were rejected? They were many in Kampala and Mbarara, but the people voted otherwise. There popular participation in NRM and people should stand for offices and if they win, then they will be supported by the party. It will be wrong for the President to repeat past mistakes of showing interest in some candidates at the expense of others when they are all Movementists. We should however restore presidential term limits because Museveni was excpetional in respect of his credentials as a founding father of post independence Uganda.

From what l read in Sunday Monotor, two weeks ago (l did not watch the NTV interview), there is no doubt that President Museveni will seek another term in 2016. In the actual fact he was assuring us that after 2021, he will not seek another term since he will be above 75 and the constitution does not allow. He also said that probably there is something scientific that after 75 years of age , one should retire. Whether Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga stands as an independent, inside NRM camp and probably outside it, President Museveni is “Nyini kakomo.” Once he takes it, you just weather away politically. We saw the late Dr. Samson Kisekka. When he doubled as Vice President and Defence Minister, he gave Mmengo officials permission to hold rallies and advocate for federalism. But his IGP Cossy Odomel had declined to do so. The former NRM Second Vice Chairperson and External Coordinator, was sacked on an official trip in South Africa and that marked his political end.

Honorary Brig. Eriya Kategaya, was a defacto No. 2 in NRM , and doubled as First Deputy Premier and National Political Commissar. When he crossed to Reform Agenda, and returned, he will never be the same. You now see a man in parliament who is just after his salary, vehicle and fuel. But his contribution to the liberation struggle may be almost compared to that of Mzee Museveni since the Mwesigwas and Rwaheru died in battle.

Former Vice President Specioza Naigaga Wandira Kazibwe. She was the most powerful woman in Uganda as VP and Gender Minister and later Agriculture Minister. Kategaya and company wanted her to double as Vice Chairperson of NRM so that Al Haji Moses Kigongo is kicked out. She is no more politically.

Remember Mzee Kintu Musoke. He was a political heavyweight in Buganda and Uganda before NRM came in. Remember Paulo Muwanga’s SAPOBA Group. He lost the post of Prime Minister. Where is he? Senior Presidential Advisor, just like Mzee Kisekka. Kintu Musoke is lucky that as a founder President of UJA, he still has some role to do with media.

Then my professor, Gilbert Baalibaseka Bukenya. He is now an ordinary MP since he miscalculated by not holding his position as Buganda NRM Chairperson which was taken by Haji Abdu Nadduli. So whether it is Vice President, my fellow Munnabuddu Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi, or Speaker Rebecca ALitwala Kadaga, or even Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, or any other person, the moment Museveni sacks any of them or causes his or her removal, that will mark his or her political end.

But there are those he demoted and sacked and became a problem. The most outstanding are Col Dr. Kizza Besigye, Eng. Winnie Byanyima and Maj. Gen. Mugisha Muntu. But he has been competing with them and has been defeating them.

So any person who wants to succeed Museveni whether now, 2016 or 2021, must remain loyal to the man. Museveni is not an angel. l am personally perturbed by his narrow catchment area in terms of political and other appointments. This is due to his inner circle which may be narrow minded. But even then, he remains the most popular and the most powerful person in Uganda inside and outside NRM camp and therefore “Nyini kakomo.”

l know our leaders don’t want advice that is contrary to what they want to hear, they don’t want criticism be positive and constructive or negative, but l have told them my mind, moreover l shall remain nothing but a journalist.

My friend Capt. Mike Mukula( we worked with him and with Nusura Tiperu during 2001) elections mobilizing in and around Kampala including Wakiso, and we did the same during kisanja in 2004-2005) under UJA) is a popular man inside and outside NRM. I remember his fans demonstrated in his defense over arrest for a corruption scandal. This was because he used to share with them. But Mukula is not near in line of succession. The research results
showed as Museveni, Kadaga, Janet Bukenya, Mbabazi etc… inside NRM and Mukula is aware of that. President Museveni is not only “nyini kakomo” but also the owner of “tadooba” (l know Prof. Bukenya, leads an anti-tadooba campaign). He is the one who lights and unlights it. So all those presidential ambitious men and women are like “tadooba” and the President is its owner.

Al Haji Abdu Nadduli is the Chairperson NRM Buganda Regional Chairperson, in his capacity as Vice Chaiperson NRM in charge of Central Region. Secretary is Kalule Seongo, for CM, RDC and MP. Treasurer is Rosemary Namayanja, now Minister of State in charge of Luwero Triangle. Mobiliser is Mamerito Mugerwa, Chairperson of Kira Twon Council. Research is Mutebi Kityo, former MP Mawokota South Youth is Sebina Ssekitooleko, NRM Publicity Secretary, Luwero District. There is also Haji Sulaiman Walusimbi, Poverty Alleviation Programme’s PRO, State House.

We have sub regional chaipersons; East Buganda is Ediriisa Mayanja Njuki, former Idi Amin’s Press Secretary . West Buganda is Ndawula Kaweesi, former MP South Buganda is Vincent Kityamuweesi Musubire, Deputy PPS to Vice President. South West Buganda is Ahmed Kateregga Musaazi (in acting capacity). North Buganda is Sempala Kigozi and
Central Buganda is Haji Muhammad Kabanda, former Defrnce Secretary greater RC V Mpigi. There are members of those sub regional teams including all NRM District chairpersons in Buganda apart from Kampala which is a special area.

During Obote ll days, there were a lot of patriotic songs on Radio Uganda ( l commend Obote ll regime for that even Amn’s which excelled in propaganda, did not fare well in that area). One of them ( and l know all of them) went as:’’ l love Uganda; My county Uganda; The Pearl of Africa; Shall rise and shine again. That was the first stanza. The second stanza was calling upon people to come and build Uganda. You people, am calling you upon to come and build Uganda.’’




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  1. Jimmex W wasukulu,

    This will be decdre by the NRM organ!

  2. Ggomba,

    How did we as Ugandans ever allow these people to rule us??? Look ar the picture? Janet M7 looks so poor and M7 too. Its really a shame that such poor people got hold on the Uganda treasurely. They will never let go because of their poor history. That is what happens when poor people take power. The steal everything in their site and will never let go. Shame on us!!!!!

  3. Joseph Mugisha,

    “Sovereignty is vested in the people. So long as they vote for Museveni, he will remain until he clocks 75. So he will not be eligible in 2021. As for Rebeca Kadaga, Janet Museveni, Gilbert Bkenya ,Amama Mbabazi and others, their popularity depends on Museveni’s popularity. If he sacks or cause the fall of any of them, that may mark end of their political career”.

    I wish to disagree with the above statements. One that as sovereignty is vested in the people, as long as they Vote M7, he will remain in power till he clocks 75. The issue here is ” Is this sovereignty on paper and in press invested in peoples will?” In instances where we continue to here groups whether minority or so, with grudges over electoral Mal-practices, Vote rigging, then this trend might for long be forgotten. Remember however much the Obote regime was “duly” elected in 1980, it did not live to serve as it was mandated on paper, read Elections.

    The other issue is as of the other potential contenders read ” Successors”. In this world where acquiring leadership is beyond beyond boarders, any person can succeed M7 whether he is still in good books with him or not. A case in point had Besigye mastered the plan on the ground in 2001, He would be our president as per say however much he had fallen out with M7. Politics is just a matter of mastering the art on the table. I strongly believe that with the growing intrigue, dissatisfaction with the NRM-O, change might sweep the land of our banana republic should M7 make a mistake and bless one of his cadres to replace him. A case to prove this, can be got in the last elections, where M7 would score in a constituency highly and an area NRM-O flag bearer loses the seat. This meant that people believe in M7 as a personality but not his anointed cadres. In by elections, M7 even sets foot on the ground but this has not stopped his party loosing, a situation likely to happen if M7 anoints one.

    Also there will be massive defections from the NRM-O party in any situation where someone in good books with M7 contests to replace him. This is the cardinal truth that can not be opposed.
    Over to them.
    Joseph Mugisha
    Former Aspirant Mp Kitagwenda County

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