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Day June 11, 2012

Huge sexual appetite generating NRM Industrialisation – Part I

If you visit any state agency, from the police, medical care, Uganda Gaddafi Telecom Limited (UTL) to a sophisticated security facility – a worker, if he or she can get you around the corner, will ask you for money termed as facilitation before any services or no services, you pay for with your tax money, are offered to you!

Even if it is a dying child, they will ask for facilitation – that is NRM Uganda economic and industrialisation philosophy. So between 1986 and now, Uganda has lost more children and adults, besides more business opportunities, innovations, technologies than it has ever lost in 24 before 1986.

Reference can be made to a year on year, Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) data and see how many of such businesses, including direct foreign investment (DFI), have materialised in a span of the last 15 years! Let me be categorical here, there is no meaningful Global Business Investment can make it in Uganda. NONE!

I have done a mini research on the above and unexpectedly some key social groups are masters of the “facilitation” economic miracle. It can also be seen with necked eyes i.e. who owns which most expensive car, or drinks in which bar in Kampala filthy slums like Kabalagala or Garden City. One time, the shoes they wore identified this NRM class!

You imagine such stupidity – type of shoes??!

It is this money, unwittingly stolen from needy working people, the Tomato, Waragi, Chappati makers, Banana, Chicken and Milk vendors and sellers, which is used to build; expensive villas, conspicuous consumption (drinking, sex, roosted chicken) and some sort of investment i.e. in matatu and the construction sectors (mizigo rentals) by the “facilitation” investors.

Note too that the huge sexual appetite in Uganda, read (Nancy C.M. Hartsock : Money, Sex, And Power) has seen expansive leisure economic growth: nightclubs, bars, lodge and restaurant sector growing by leaps and bounds. This is also boosting auxiliary sectors i.e. in media and church pornography, obscene music industry typical of American black slum gangstering, and ghettorism , (read Thorstein Veblen’s Theory of the Leisure Class)

This is an ever growing primitive mercantilists money circulation system in Uganda, typical of the Colombian and Mexicanian drug money system. This is exactly the same economy, Europeans practiced between 1200 – 1500 by importing; pepper, tobbaco, tea, and cocoa.

Ugandans are importing everything from toilet papers to pastilles!

Mercantilists economy never built those countries but the beholders were filthy rich. NRM’s Uganda is in exactly the same situation of exhortationist economy. Is it any wonder that it is only during this regime many Ugandans have been committed to death due for narcotic drug trafficking and expensive car theft from Europe and South Africa?!

Uganda has basically no industries anywhere. This too implies there are virtually no Ugandan industrialists. Among some Uganda societies, they have paged ones well-being to a mobile phone one has, never mind if it is a fake Chinese Nokia or Blackberry!

In Uganda therefore, there are a lot of rich exhortationist traffic police men/women (sleeping in Naguru or Nsambya shacks), judicial officials, town clerks, police and military CID officers, headmasters and lecturers, medical workers, fake engineers you name it who have gotten filthy rich out of a mercantilists money circulation.

And that is all about it!

NO single economy in the world has ever been developed based on the above NRM logic of middle classism i.e. citing figures on taxation, and production quantities derived from the above economic structure – exhortationist and mercantilists money circulation system. NRM rudimentary use of basic economic theorems is quite surprising. Most politicians and policy makers believe what they read from such scripts and literature or what they see in Kampala, Mbarara, Arua as a truism.

Let me show the falsehood.

Majority buildings constructed by Kampala rich, if we went by real market valuation their shilling value will be less that ½ of their production cost i.e. construction cost. The buildings are filthy, with no engineering structure design, no parking, not spacious – in reality, they are boxes with cubical for the lowery African population. Many can’t be insured as told to me by a one insurance firm. Where they are, the premium is so high, implying they are risk ventures! And that is exactly what they are meant for – owino type business conduct!

On the other side, Light industry, which has by the way, grown out of the above class, would generate technological innovation (packaging, machine fabrication and design). However in Uganda the state is sleeping – typical of all African societies, world over. Katwe local machine fabricators are on their death roll, as they can import all junk and resell making 100% profit yet grounding, NRM economic growth falsehood.

Is there any heat transfer and thermodynamics and dairy engineering specialist among NRM cattle keepers? They need to keep milk cool and fresh!

Uganda for the past 26 years has seen an impalpable expansive growth in the construction sectors. However, and because of the “Veblen effects” alluded to above – Uganda has no corresponding meaningful industry in the sector.

Hae Sung furniture and/or Sumhuk Investments?

Ugandans import everything in the construction sector right from machinery to simple things, like toilet seats and floor tiles. These could be designed by Makerere or Kyambogo ceramic students, who now days do lucrative courses, like entrepreneurship and business administration!
Bwanika Nakyesawa Luweero

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