Huge sexual appetite and NRM Industrialisation – Part II

Now, European or American countries, and now Asians if not independent organisations, finance virtually all doctoral research projects and programs in Uganda. If Africans in Uganda are lucky, the donor or supporting agency will then come in, yet, to finance implementation of the research result, but in key areas where they benefit!

Do not be surprised that having a doctorate in Uganda is completely useless!Let me exemplify the above:
Karuma – Arua Road
Mityana – Mubende
Mubende Fortportal
Masaka to Mbarara Road
Iganga to Mbale Road
Jinja to Kampala Road
Kampala to Karuma road
Kampala to Masaka Road
Natete to Mengo Road
Nsambya to Ggaba Road
Kibuye to Munyonyo Road
– all these roads have different designs! Designed by donating agencies or a contractor. Has this country any sort of road designing and construction research facility?! The answer is NO.

Bridges in this country have been collapsing and swept away by rain – pity the engineers. How could they maintain and later repair what they never designed in the first place!The story of the Africans and their independence is heart rendering and chilling.

Reach a road heading to Pope Memorial Hotel in Ndebba in Kampala – that is exactly when you see the debacles depth, of being an African in NRM Uganda. The Germany financed facility to repair 18th century train wagons, is just that a rusting and for an African politician, a dead end, that is all right!

They can sing so much about tourism and liberation.Do not mind that Idi Amin initiated the above, introduced cable and colour Television to Uganda. Mpoma streamed pictures before the Internet was here, as if Idi Amin who built Mpoma, had a greater vision.

Orange telecom is providing a faster Internet service. Mpoma is dead! China has stepped in now, with their Star Television, clearly connected to Chinese satellite link to milk this country dry.

Now just think about it a bit, that Uganda has 32 Universities, Yet all them, teaching and skill imparting facilities, physics department have not found a way of digitising Uganda, without using Chinese satellites and technologies. All let us put it mildly utilising the existing infrastructure.

It is a farce of mega proportions. Has Uganda transformed at all, over the past 26 years? Yes! In a purely theoretical economics, it has and this is negative growth, which is also termed as development. It is measurable and can give very positive figures.
Here is another falsehood. Uganda Revenue Authority for example, collects so many shillings from imports and junk cars sold in Uganda and makes 400 billion shilling in the first quarter period. So if Uganda through stealing state funds increase their consumption of the above, items by 10 billion the total will be 410 in another quarter hence

1Q Revenue: UG X 400 billion
2Q Revenue: UG X 410 billion

(410-400)/400 = .025 or 2.5% per quarter. One can then multiply that figure by 4 quarters to get the annual growth. Idiots like Amin and Obote could then start singing about growth – can you imagine!

The question though, will be on what items is Ms. Kigina’s URA getting the UG 400 billion? On Mivumba (old cloth), old cars imports, Chinese industrial junk, Kakira sugar and steel products etc!

This is interesting, because we are taught in economics that Gross Domestic Product is the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year: Consumer, Investment, Government Spending and Value of exports minus the imports.

What is composed of Uganda’s Gross Domestic Product of the above really? What is Uganda producing? What are the investments in Uganda? Hotels and weapons. What is government spending on? Healthy care, Roads Uganda by the way has less than 250000 public workers
What is Uganda exporting? Still coffee, foodstuffs,

In Europe, unlike Uganda they have the technical know how, technology, industrial infrastructure and the skilled manpower.
Is Europe failing – my answer is an absolute no.

What is happening in Europe is a situation where negative growth is taking place, but the real value of wages has been increasing. Workers and consumers may feel as if the economy is getting worse.
In Hungry, Poland, Albania the industrial structure has never been better since firms and companies that have migrated to china from Europe are actually relocating here.Negative growth in European countries is causing adjustment in wages and hence lowering production costs in the long run.

NRM’s divestment from major industrial infrastructure spelled doom for this country. And the only way this country can be resurrected is to reanalyses the debacle and the government start reinvesting in all meaningful industrial infrastructure they eliminated in the fundamental change.

But even then, it will be difficult to do the above unless there is total reorganisation of all our urban areas, fully equipped with the necessary infrastructure (proper urban planning infrastructure and national roads, electricity, landlines phones, internet facilities, commercial buildings, cheap transport infrastructures, skilled and competent work force, workers housing, ware houses, produce marketing agencies, produce storage facilities).

Sorry to note that the social fabric that NRM has created is lumpen therefore will never be able to develop this country. It is too late.
For instance if you close down Nytil textiles (negative development) there is a positive economic development in alternative sectors like used cloth imports which are taxed in millions of shillings to bring about the 8% growth.

Light industries include the manufacture of; clothes, shoes, furniture, consumer electronics and home appliances. So far none is actually manufacture for even NRM politicians are no longer sleeping on beds made from Uganda trees!

There is no investment world over, unless it Mercantilists and an extortionist economy: investment in commercial building constructions at more than ¼ a million dollars and the same building is not occupied for months on. This happens in Uganda! The question will be who pays for the premium on land, where the building is seated and other running costs for the unoccupied building?
Some question comes to mind in the above circumstance. Is the money invested borrowed or simply stolen?

Pure economic theory has little to do with development of a nation state. European economic transformation was brought about by; zeal, pragmatism, rather than recent financial and fiscal prudence.

Brazil and India have the worst poverty levels in emerging nations; yet have developed the most visible indigenous technological, and scientific practices. They still lack the distributive and implementation capability.

Norway (tinned fish and Oil) , Denmark (milk , Bang Olofsson) and Finland (Nokia) had nothing substantial on the world export markets before the 1980s. Small countries like Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and Japan, North American markets aside, have developed substantial technological, and scientific practices that have transformed their societies.

Is Europe declining – NO! Europe is readjusting. The problems of Europe are exactly the same as “Veblen Effect” of conspicuous consumption that has made production so costly.

NRM’s Uganda economic cannibalism is amazing. Don’t mind how it happens. There are chilling examples though.
Banks, insurance companies on realising this flaw in Uganda’s economic status and are therefore making windfall profits.

The same goes with Ugandan so called investors. He will for example set up an AGOA factory, don’t mind what that means, so long as it will promote the investors social status whether AGOA produces anything or not! This same factory, on close examination might be filled with scrap machines.

The business will takes a loan and of course an insurance policy! Such businesses must pay very high premium and interest rate on each shilling borrowed. In a way the above economic sectors, are benefiting highly from this negative economic development.
In essence NRM economic miracle exist by a defacto socio-political and economic corrupt grouping. Mafia economics. Swept aside by history, Uganda as a whole is destined to an absurdity and tougher times ahead.

Uncertainty. Risk! Ugandans who are living or have lived in developed organised economies of the world will ask – what is leading to the growth of shopping malls and who does the shopping in them for example? The answer is a “Veblen Effect” rather than pure economic development.

Ugandans with NRM have developed a skewed way of life and perception of their world. Every morning, a bodaboda rider, a milk vendor or road sweeper for example puts on a nice cloth, well polished shoes, a class bracelet or shoes and head to work, instead of an overall or working cloth. Reaching the workstation stand for an hour discussing Villa or Arsenal, or her fights with a lampooned husband. This same individual will later have time to seek supranormal profits characterised by sheer demand for it rather than applied effort to acquire the same.

Do an experiment i.e. on William Street or Kampala road and ask for a shoe or a dress at a higher price and when brought you later decline to buy. The seller will instantly want to committee suicide as if it is a guarantee that you had to buy by all means! If in any case this person had nothing of the item, which you needed in his, or her stock, will convince you to buy an alternative despite the fact that is not what you exactly needed or demanded for. It is all robbery on a national scale.

Bwanika, Nakyesawa Luweero


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  1. Odongo J.,

    Thanks Mr. Bwanika. Your observation is educative. You have given us the symptoms of the disease that has affected Uganda. Thanks for your research. Can we get the probable causes from the historic perspective. I also want to be informed of why Amin and Obote are refered to as ‘idiots’ in your article. I am asking because yr thinking and that of Obote I administration are similar i.e the independence ideology. You appreciated Amin but later called him idiot. Clarify on this for readers to grasp properly th

  2. Joseph,

    Bwanika if you are really a son of the revolutionary Luweero triangle area.You need to provide appropriate solutions to the ailing economy
    instead of criticizing only,if you are truly patriotic.

  3. Uganda is not yet at that stage of technology of launching its own satellite into cyber space and why compare us with Europe I believe they have problems too and Uganda isn’t owned by the NRM for ur information we have rights you know and we love our country more than those countries you compare us too.

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