Captain Otto, ‘Kakono’ and FRONASA -all used to murder Ugandans in the 1980s

Dear Ugandans,
I moved from a house in Bweyogerere to mid Kampala because the people killed in Kireka Barracks were sending a very terrible stench towards Kireka Bweyogerere and surrounding places. It was massive. And standing today and some people state that then UPC government was not killing Ugandans then they need to question its ability to control its forces. I want you to ask any one that lived from Nakawa all way to Mukono about the commander that was in Kireka barracks and his name was Otto. Don’t say my name just ask about his history. This man entered a shop in Kireka in day light and instructed his escorts to pull out a wife that was selling in the store, they pulled her out in day light as she was firkin screaming, and he took her into the barracks and screwed the brains out of her. He ended up killing the husband for he refused to shut up.

If you stood on Kireka Seventh Day Adventists Head Quarters after midnight, you would hear the screams of Ugandans getting murdered in Kireka barracks. These were very bad days man. And especially when a man like myself that was arrested and thrown into Makindye for months, yes the government was killing Ugandans. Do you actually know how many people that died in my face?

Why do you think I refused to belong to any political party in Uganda? Because unlike some of you that stand up and make such a terrible statement I cannot love a party to a point of lying. For you are lying for the party right now. We rather stand up and clean up but what happened in Uganda way passed a fuck up. And excuse my French sir. The Obote government failed to show the population the difference between its self and Museveni, thus Ffe kasita twebaka Kutulio.

Yes, Museveni’s FRONASA murdered many Ugandans including The Bob Odong Nayendas the attacks on Doctor’s village which killed very many innocent people, yes The Dr Barlow’s were gunned down, and I can go over many names that Ugandans today do not want to remember for we moved on and their deaths were justified if you ask the Ugandans At Heart Moderator, Abbey Ssemuwemba. But all those deaths as they so happened, they are not the issue we are talking about today. This time and only this time we are discussing a local politics that happened in Kireka trading center, where a single Captain that was commanding a mere army band took it upon himself to be a day light killer. The killings Otto did were not the killings of Kampala, for he was never targeting people with political prowess, he was not targeting people for they were powerful but Otto was killing people for you have money, a nice car, a beautiful wife/woman, you walked into a bar and bought beer and you show up next time as well. This killer killed one man I knew so well for he had army beer that he was selling in his store, but Otto himself brought it to him and asked him to sell it, the family had a problem for it would not refuse to accept it for taking it was an order and selling it ended up being a fatal matter. In Kireka all way from Banda to Seeta no one would breath an air if Otto is in the area

As I continue to raise the names of the killers we have had in Uganda, I have another killer in addition to Captain Otto Congwok that I need to raise. The killer I need to raise this time around was based in Kayunga trading centre, but he was posted from Bombo barracks and his name was called Kakono.

Kakono lived in a building in Kayunga that was on off Wabusaana road, and it was the only night club in Kayunga at a time, I do not know if Kakono was his real name or he was named Kakono for he had only one hand. I cannot tell you why he lost a second hand but he had only one hand and he was driving a Peugeot 404 sometimes a 504 and both were white pickups standard and very clean. The back of that building was used as his residence with a couple of soldiers that were being sent to Kayunga from time to time to work with him on the attachment sort of. Kakono was a very aggressive driver and it was interesting to see how he uses his one hand to manipulate the driving of a standard at that speed.

Most of the people that were killed in Bugerere larger area, and all way from Kyabazaala to Ndesse to Kangulumira were being killed by this single man, and he was killing them from that building, loading them on his pickup and dumping the bodies into River Ssezibwa. And if you commuted that stretch from Bukoloto going Ndese through river Ssezibwa at a time you used to see bodies floating on river Ssezibwa and that was a hand work of Kakono in Kayunga. Now before the Edward Pojims raise up to defend this killer, it is important to note that there is no way Kakono can hide anywhere in Uganda for he has a major mark that is not destructible, the man has a single hand. And if you were in Bugerere at a time you must have knowledge of Kakono and his Peugeot pick up that he was driving which was his mobile killing center. My question tonight is what happened to Kakono, and his son for both were killers, and where are they in Uganda today? And if you were in Kayunga at a time, what were the real names of this killer?

Ugandans we need to stand up and mention these killers and hold them responsible for their actions, for murdering people is stupid. We need to stand up and mention the killers in NRM too because Uganda belongs to all of us. If you know anyone murdering Ugandans today, please post those details here because they need to be exposed.

Edward Mulindwa


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  1. heatmanson,

    the ottos where just followings orders of their master m7 to justify why he was fighting

  2. Jedidiah Ddoboozilye,

    There was a family that was annihilated in Bweyogerere in January 1979. Who commanded the operation and were there any survivors. Is the family recorded among the Hellos of Uganda who fought for the liberation and were they compensated? Does anybody know the details.

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