I told Oyite Ojok to Kill Bazilio Okello but he messed about. Now NRM are in power- Says UAH’s Okello George

Oyite Ojok

Oyite Ojok

Dear Ugandans at heart,
I personally advised the late General David Oyite Ojok to arrest Bazilio Okello and if necessary kill him. This was in a 5 hour meeting I had with him and students of the UPC youth league in Lira Hotel in 1981. I also discussed with him a number of different issues, he was very engaging, a truly nice person and at the end of our meeting, he asked me to write a letter that he would pass on to President Obote since he could not himself make such a decision. President Obote never responded to my letter, I think because at the time I was involved in a student protest at the Law Development Centre of which I was the President of the Student’s Union. But this cancer of Bazilio was allowed to go on with totally disastrous consequences. This is my one major criticism of President Obote. In my letter to President Obote, I told him he needed to do three things:

Professionalize the army and that meant retiring people like Tito Okello and arresting Bazilio or killing him. And I said the army needed more educated people in its ranks, at the time the foot soldiers were mainly Acholi 90% of whom lacked even basic education and were largely illiterate.

End human rights abuses in the Buganda area. I told him very bluntly to remove all Acholi soldiers from Luwero and to replace them with soldiers from other regions of Uganda, particularly from Buganda itself, from Lango and from Teso and to recruit others from western Uganda. My reasoning was that the Acholi soldiers had totally destroyed the image and reputation of the UNLA in Buganda by their acts of vandalism, rape of civilians and plain terrorism. And I also advised for President Obote to arrest a notorious criminal likle Agetta who was responsible for the killing of so many innocent Baganda civilians including a couple at the Wandegeya roundabout after just a simple traffic accident. He shot them dead.

I advised President Obote to change his government in order to give it a cleaner image; for eg I said he needed to get rid of Masette Kuya who was always drunk in public.This is just a summary of what I wrote then.

President Obote implemented some of my suggestions, like for e.g, putting Colonel Ogole in charge of the Luwero brigade and recruitment of a completely new Special Forces unit formed mainly of soldiers from Teso and Eastern Uganda. But it was too late because Bazilio had already begun his rebellion.
After General Oyite died in a helicopter crash and colonel Ogole had defeated the bandit NRA forces in Luwero, Museveni had fled back to Sweden, but President Obote, instead of ordering the arrest or killing of Bazilio Okello did nothing.

I met President Obote at the crisis in 1985 and I told him, it was necessary to crush the Bazilio led rebellion in the north. Otherwise everything that Colonel Ogole had acheived in Luwero in defeating the NRA would be worthless. His argument all along was that he would never allow the Langi and Acholi to fight each, that he would rather leave power rather than see them fight each other. And he was very firm in that belief. Later on when Bazilio and his renegade soldiers stormed Kampala, it was people like Rwakasisi who actually saved President Obote because Bazilio would have killed him. And Rwakasisi payed a very heavy price. A Very heavy price.

I don’t have a copy of this letter because at the time I wrote it by hand and then took it to my sister to type, my sister who was so scared of typing such a document and never kept a copy but posted my letter to David Oyite Ojok. Maybe UPC headquarters will one day unearth it.

First UPC was not intent on murdering Ugandan people. It wanted to save the Ugandan people by improving their social and economic situation but its good intentions were interrupted by NRA bandits led by Museveni who embarked on a terrorist campaign composed of mainly murder. The main reason why the NRA was formed was to murder Ugandans and to loot its resources.

So faced with such a situation where there were several armed terrorists on the loose, creating all manner of havoc and chaos, robbing banks, blowing up electricity pillons, raping women and children, what did you expect the UPC government to do, but except to confront the terrorism? Any responsible government would take the measures that the UPC government did.

In the fight against terrorism, some crimes were committed by UNLA soldiers. And my advice to the government at the time was to improve discipline in the army, to better their living conditions and to professionalise the entire army itself by retiring octogenarian military commanders like Tito Okello and getting rid of Bazilio Okello altogether.

Around 200,000 people were murdered in Luwero, but this figure could have even been higher if Colonel Ogole had not managed to push Museveni and his NRA bandit forces out of Luwero. You have heard several times Otaffirre boasting that they would kill innocent civilians in the night-time and then blame it on the UNLA. Without firm action by Colonel Ogole maybe another 100,000 lives or more would have been lost, courtesy of the NRA brutal campaign of murder and terror.

My struggles within the UPC and against NRA bandit policy of murder and terror certainly saved hundreds of lives. And since then, I have played a very influential role internationally in combating the NRA terrorism, when they finally occupied Uganda when Bazilio and Otunnu handed over power to them. They wasted no time and immediately embarked on a war of extermination in eastern and northern Uganda and put virtually entire peasant communities in internment in gestapo concentration camps. They extended this terrorism to Rwanda, where 1 million people lost their lives and later on to DR Congo where more than 3 million people have lost their lives. This NRA bandit army set out on a course to wipe out entire communities and I did my best to alert the entire world about the program that was being inflicted on totally innocent Ugandan civilians and to help to stop it. I was tireless in these efforts.

As for Dr Mamdani, he was my friend, and I tried to help him out as a lawyer and not as a politician. I have not been in contact with Professor Mamdani for a long time, but I did work with him in the 1980’s when we co-edited FORWARD magazine, on and off quarterly marxist magazine. We had no money to publish the magazine on a regular basis and so a lot of the articles were written either by myself, Mamdani and a few other people in western Uganda and in Kampala, as well as students from Makerere University.
He did some research work on peasants in Lango for may be one month during which time he stayed in my home in Dokolo. Later on, he got into trouble with the UPC government and I remember him bringing some of his documents and stuff to me for safe-keeping on the night he fled again into exile.

I tried to find out from my UPC contacts why Professor Mamdani was considered a dangerous man. And I told them Dr Mamdani is a critic and there was no need to neither restrict nor sanction him. I took some legal measures to defend him when he was in exile. Professor Mamdani recommended me to be Africa Director of Human Rights Watch, when Rakiyya Ommar and others resigned over the dispute on American intervention in Somalia, a job I did not eventually get, I think it was a muganda man based in Washington who was appointed to the post.

Later on Professor Mamdani recommended me to several conferences and it was in one of these conferences in Nairobi, after my presentation on the human rights situation in Uganda, that the late Dr Okii-Ooko Ombaka, then the Director of the newly established Public Law Institute, approached me and told me there was a position for a Human Rights Lawyer in the Philippines if I was willing to take it. I said I would take it, because at that point, I had nowhere to go, I had just completed my Master’s degree in the UK and had no intention of going back to Uganda. Dr Ombaka took me to the late Professor Atieno Odhiambo, who was on the governing board of this international human rights organisation and he agreed to recommend my appointment to his board. They were very impressed with my conference presentation. So I ended up in the Philippines.

Much as I collaborated with Dr Mamdani, I don’t consider myself as his cadre. I have openly criticised Professor Mamdani before, but that has not stopped me from cooperating with him. I don’t think Dr Mamdani himself aspires for political power. But the truth is that he has influenced hundreds of students over the many years that he has been a teacher, and definitely a lot of these students will become leaders, whether in the UPC or other political parties. So UPC has nothing to be frightened of, we should debate him instead. Afterall, as I have narrated above, the man has interacted with me over many years at an intellectual, political and personal level.

Many thanks,
George O Pacu-Otto


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  1. We need people like George pacu -otto need to be encouraged because he has put that aspect of ugandan history concerning bazilio and oyite ojok.

  2. Sam Erwau,

    I don’t believe in such speculative history that is not backed up by evidence.
    As for NRM ‘bandits and murders’ as you want to call them,you still don’t have proof to this naked allegation that it is what continued to butcher people in the the countries you mentioned.Inform UAH of any NRA general who has been tried in any International Court for involving in terrorism activities.
    Short of that,you remain simply a speculator,rhetoric and emotionally traumatized.

  3. Odur s.,

    I like ideas like those of Okello George. Keep it up my brother. Mr. Erwau wants somebody to be indicted first to confirm massacre. That is shear nonsense. The point I want to put across is a bit different. There is something which confuses me a lot. Did Olara Otunnu contribute to Obote’s overthrow? I dont know I will ever get answers. May be the publication after this shd address this concern. If Olara did it, why was he elected to head UPC? Moreover after being supported by big wigs. This topic confuses

  4. Odur s.,

    Erwau should read the ICJ REPORT 2009.

  5. Peter Okello Maber,


    This time I appreciate your honesty:

    1. That the UNLA or government forces under Obote were committing serious human rights abuses including mass murders, rape and looting! That you saw it happening and actually took the trouble to advice the Obote government to stop it is most commendable. Most UPCs would not admit such naked facts!

    2. That you even advised Obote to arrest or kill Basilio!! I was actually around Uganda at that time and I witnessed the slow and gradual downfall of Obote II government. Like you I felt sad but I woundn’t have advised for anybody to killed because killings puts as at the same level with other killers. But nonetheless, I understand your frustrations.

    3. You also implicitly admit that under Obote II, the army was beyond the control of the government hence the uncontrolled killings and thuggery. You must be brave and also admit that this might possibly pass as one of Obote II’s major failures compared to Kaguta. As you can see, the NRA “bandit army” which has been in power for 26 years now has not been doing the things UNLA did in only five years! It seems the bandit army was/is a better outfit that the UNLA if your candid confessions are anything to go by. Just imagine what Uganda would be if the UNLA was still the national army even today?

    4. Actually I was one of Prof. Mamdani’s students and because of him I did political science 311! He changed my world outlook and influenced me greatly. But I have since done further studies and gotten other world outlooks.

  6. hassan fortportal,

    i just wanna thank u, search more history of our mother land

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  8. GEORGE O PACU OTTO!! you have impressed me but i call you a blind liar!!! i dont think i give Col.Ogole any credit for the luweero war…the rest of your story i cant defend well or trace coz i was young but Col.Ogole was a bad commander as Basilio Okello..when did he defeat NRA? yet NRA won the war and they are now victors stearing unganda..OGOLE killed many ugandans in that special force uniform..he never defended the civilians as you say they ran away from him coz they were raping kids and murderers..please revise your history on Luweero!! i agree to a certain level NRA killed too in Luweero but not to that scale of UNLA!! In fact UNLA HELPED THE NRA MILITIA BECOME A STRONG ARMY BECAUSE THEY WERE DISORGANIZED AND KILLERS….BE POLITE NEXT TIME PLEASE GEORGE OTTO.

  9. Who is this stupid man? As your name suggests Pacu Otto (Dead Family) that is what you are?. Utter rubbish Obote was just a drunkard who could not lead Uganda because of his stupidity he let power slip of his hand twice. How else can we explain?.

  10. In 1960’s because of those same stupidity he lost power to Amin just because he killed good sons of Acholi’s Brig. Okoya, Brig. Omoya etc. who had the country at heart and where the pillars of his power, named them you are old enough. How about Nakivubo Pronouncement?. He failed because a pig like you advised him, how could you talked like that of the hands that fed you?. Tell me who Otiti Pilato was Agetta, Okot wii Lit and others. Do you have any idea of what they did to Ugandans?. How can you even think of a failed soldier like Hammed Ogeny?. Why did they removed Col. John Kilama from his command in Luwero when the job was already done?. Where is Ogole the strong one?. What did Smith Opon Achak did?, he bombed Acholi officers houses during broad day light in Kampala. What did Obote do, as for you tribalist, I dont blame all Langis but allow me to say there are many great Langi brothers and some of us who where too young at the time could not do anything. But allow me to say from generation to generation (Lango owang imac calo pura) you cannot fight and will never manage Acholi even if we are sleeping. This you know and can do nothing about it. People like you have no cultures and even carry names of Acholis. Otherwise big up for other langi brothers who do not think like you stupid fool. Obote failed because you advised him.


  12. Mr.Nsubuga M7 himself admits in his book the mustard seed that the poor colonel Ogole did a good job compared to the late
    obote,s other commanders.

  13. oloitomrichard@ymail.com,

    My brother Kilama Lucoromoi, the world has been defeated already through physical assault or weapons, cant you even put up your minds together and re think about the attrocities done by Kony of recent? i think he was the bravest man in the north but what even happened to him? and where is he now? stop arrogant way of writing like that over public web site. What do you think spears and arrows can do now if gun holders are still being defeated in this world?
    Let us not show bad behaviours to young generations by again pumping war issues into their brains by talking about war instead of talking about peace as we continue praying to God to grant total peace and freedom in our land.

    God almighty bless all of you and protect you!!

  14. Omara P,

    Just a quick learning point for the Langis and Acholis and I draw appoint from the speeches made by Dr. Olara Otunu in Kitgum and Gulu. Dr. Otunu implored the people from Acholi not to look at Langi as their enemy. He gave some examples and asked the question whether Idi Amin spared the Acholis or Langis during the 1970s or when Joseph Kony was carrying out his massacres he spared the Acholis and went for Langis only and finally when the concentration camps were being created which was nicely crafted as IDPs one of these tribes were spared. In all the cases above, both tribes suffered enormously without distinction. first, we re the Luos, we share a common language, culture and tradition. We have intermarriages, shared borders and have a common destiny. We are like twins. We must recognize the things and issues that combine our common aspirations than delving on things that break us a part and keep us in total desolation, ignorance and humiliating poverty. The people who love to see this animosity go on will ofcouse fun more fires and patch themselves on Mangrove trees and laugh loudest. It feels terrible to see people like my brother Kilama expressing the views that he has while being completly oblivious of the things we have gone through as a collective, loving community. Let us spend our time, every moment that we have got to rebuild the two communities and Uganda as a whole. I thank you and may GOD BLESS The people of Lango and Acholi and our beloved Country, Uganda. Amen.

  15. moses,

    I just hate Kilama Lucormoi as a person and his comments. They are very inflamatory. I think we cannot drink from the same cup either.

  16. Thanks George for ur history but let forgive kilama that heart of his will not lead us any where. Unless Acholi and L ango unit they will never succeed. Bro . kilama forget that is already past if u think like that….

  17. I think the real issues in the Obote’s regime were coming from Langi elders. There are secretaries who said they were asked to type bad plans (Against Acoli) which were given to Dr. Obote. It is to do with old history – please google Lango Development Plan. This will explain why Dr. Obote was placing mainly Acholi in front lines but would not release the necessary ammunition. Regarding Luwero, it is very likely that NRA were dong most of the killings and they had a British journalist Richard Dowden to cover their tracks just like what we see today in Northern Uganda, Congo etc. Do you think the rebels LRA did more atrocities than the government?

  18. @oloitomrichard@ymail.com
    and @ moses
    It is that George O Pacu-Otto who started it by publishing sensitive things at the wrong time. I have followed the comments of George for a long time. He glorifies death. The issue between Acoli and Langi are fragile, in fact there is a lot to be done to foster peace between the two. Whatever anyone wants to show as their muscles of strength will not help. Both tribes blame each other. Acoli say the reason why they have been killed the most in the Ugandan politics is because of their standing with Langi in the Obote’s government. Langi blame Acoli for past historical war of hundred years back. When Obote fell, how many Acoli children studying in Lango were burred alive in shallow graves, many chopped to death?

  19. Okeng Julious,

    Kilama Lucormoi is the most stupid man. A man who has stolen her sister of a lot of money? Do you people really thing he deserve any respect by abusing Milton Obote? What is hid level of education anyway? A failure in life with not even a certificate at his hand. The kind of the language he uses is for illiterate people only. Tell me about you so call Land cruiser UAQ 774X which you bought after stealing your sister who fed you. Haven’t they taken away your vehicle because you failed to finish payment on it? People help me here, The stupid Lucormoi even does not have a house for himself, he has not even constructed just a mere toilet of his own and he things he is who to always abuse Obote like that? Does he things Obote is stupid like his father whom the son in law is renting a house for? What does his father has? Why don’t you pay for your so call Mercedes Benz which you cannot even pay 400,000ug shs which they want from the garage just to buy the oil Pump? Man we have enough data about you man this is just the beginning. I will expose you more

  20. Okeng Julious,

    Jus tell us about your family back ground. Are you married if so how many children do you have?

  21. Okeng Julious,

    Let us leave Obote to rest in peace. He can be compared to Marchal Mandela the woman who got married to twice by two presidents. Is there any body who ruled Uganda twice like Obote?

  22. Okeng Julious,

    Lucormoi atye akuri bala twom twok atote ogweyo I cak

  23. Okeng Julious,

    Yapp yapp yapp aaaaaaa Lucormoi why the silence????????????????????????

  24. Mmmm Okeng just like Geng Dyel that you are I wonder which Kilama Lucormoi you are talking about. Certainly I cannot be here using my real name to talk to looser may the real one just rest?. I have never owned a car in Uganda for your information I don’t even stay in Uganda. Otherwise Obote is a nobody a fool and a looser, drunkard of which without Acholi’s he wouldn’t have been a president anyway. Langi Owang Imac Calo Pura and you know it and you can do nothing about it, if you doubt that just cross the border. I thought anyway if that Kilama Lucormoi stole the money he is supposed to be in prison is he in prison and I am here. If not have you ever tried to even find the truth about him?, When you meet people online try hard and know I can be Yoweri Museveni in here otherwise you deserve to be sued for serious defamation. I wish I could find this ‘name sake’ you would be answerable to very serious liable case. If you will have the money to pay him.

  25. Okeng Julious you are a serious fool, if the man can buy those cars do you think he can fail to pay for them? just 400k? tell him i am willing to rescue him since you know him. And this is interesting? I also think in families there are problems everywhere, what if the sister who might have talked to you is just jealous of that little success?. You should always find facts about people and what does it do to you if his father has nothing?. What has your father got? many questions but I read between the lines. He is not educated and here I am highly educated and writing eloquently that alone should have given you a clue of our differences. I am and identity theft expert Okeng Fool. Next time in here I will be you just wait and see a Langi Stooge. Yet to you you think you killed an elephant “Acholi”

  26. This is me as Okeng Julious now know I can also steal your profile and identity, look for that man ‘Kilama Lucormoi’ you have insulted on my behalf and apologise forth with since you seams to know him. You insult innocent people just because of mere identity that I have stolen like yours you are a fool. I am sure you dont even know Kilama Lucormoi. I am going to look for the real Kilama Lucormoi if he exists, I am getting your real email, name, and phone contacts and i have copied your insults to him and that you have defamed him his identity and have displayed his car identity here. I dont know weather that is true, but watch your back stupid fool.

  27. Okeng Julious were are you feelthy Langi Swine, how can a Langi even talk? Talk again and those who now hate Kilama Lucormoi go hang on his behalf. You dont even know how to use internet.

  28. I am Okeng Julious I am a STUPID Langi I insulted the brave strong and good Acholi’s. Acholis are our kings we cannot play with them, they can always do whatever they can do with us. We are sorry, Obote was a fool he played with those who put him and us in power. Sorry Acholis dont kill us.

  29. Pacu-Otto,

    Good Lord,

    I never thought my comments generated this level of comment. Just had a look at it. Reading it back, I would not add anything more to it.

    George O. Pacu-Otto

  30. MMMM Keep hating Imagine writing and insulting all Kilama Lucormoi of this world. What are we even talking about here? I am sure there are quite a few of them in Acholiland. Just like there are many Okeng Julious, others are foolish while others are smart. Like me I cant be a Okeng Julious Gwok

  31. I am one of the smartest Blogger and Okeng Julious is the most foolish man in the world. Keep insulting and imagine who I am next I will be Dr. Milton Obote I can be anybody that I want. I am beyond your petty mind, and you cannot even prove it. I can even write your internet protocol address, emails, and phone numbers here and one day the real man will call you if he exists I am working on it. Keep praying Fool among fools.

  32. Yapp yapp yapp aaaaaaa Okeng why the silence????????????????????????

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  34. serunjogi john,

    Man will realize who killed people in Luwero after two succession regimes

  35. Edrine,

    You need to be arrested! You are an evil man, you recommended that someone kills another illegitimately and you sound proud of it. As for these “NRA bandits”…well….you will never rewrite history….for killing my uncle in broad day light, you were the real bandits! shut up and enjoy your old age.

  36. wilfred ojok,

    pleas we need a prayer for all those wise men ,but I am afried that all off them are not from the east

  37. wilfred ojok,

    let us not forget the burn wagon in teso ,and who were responsible/////////

  38. wilfred ojok,

    please think off kanungu killing that was under okello lutwa

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  41. Iwould like to know more about how Obote , Oringi, Titto, Opon Acak, luwero fight related to Oyite’s death? Mr. Pacu_ Otoo and wat can you tell us children of the gun

  42. olobo daniel poromoi,

    the evil doings in Uganda Should Stop. George O Pacu Otto, May You Live Longer

  43. Ojera felix,

    If i could turn back the hands of time

  44. @Pacu-Otto You will never find ANY tribe that can stand with you Langi like the way Acoli stood. What do you say to the widows and orphans left behind as a result of standing with Obote? The soldiers who laid down their lives for the country – you call them uneducated?? You are a dirty animal.

  45. Wonderful history! Could you plz write more about Opon Acak and posibly plz, we would like vew his photo like that of Oyite ang Ogole. We the young generation mised these great ugandas. Its very inspiry if i read about them. May their soul rest in peace.

  46. Would like to corect somebody who wrote that col Kilama had done the job before col ogole. Maj kilama and maj odwar balmoi worked under Ogole’s comand.

  47. The real problem was that Obote had totally believed in holding on power by the power of the gun; for it had corrupted his mind to the the extent of praising it as a God. Impunity and violence grew by his sacred belief- only to result into widespread killings and looting of civilian population in Luweero triangle. Good suggestion you made to Obote, but all fell on deaf ears. And on top of all this, God had cursed that regime into its demise!!

  48. odongo,

    You either admit or reject it but you are now made to know the truth

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