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Dictator Meles Zenawi is said to be dead – multiple sources

An Ethiopian Airlines employee, who wants to remain anonymous, informed Ethiopian Review this afternoon that Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi has died 4 days ago. But according to our sources, his bodyguards are still at St. Luc Hospital in Belgium. If Meles is dead, what are they doing in Belgium? Is it a diversionary tactic?

When asked how he found out the information, the EAL employee said that he overheard it by accident on Monday from senior airline officials who are members of the ruling party. He added that he receives Ethiopian Review email updates regularly and decided to contact us with this information after hearing Bereket Simon’s interview this morning and was offended by what he heard.

Coupled with similar information we have been receiving since Sunday from several credible sources, the story about the dictator’s death is gaining more credence by the day.

Woyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon’s press conference this morning (watch below) raised more questions than answers. Observers speculate that the Woyanne junta could be keeping the dictator’s death secret because there is a growing dissatisfaction with Meles Zenawi’s choice of Berhane Gebrekristos as his successor.


Remembering J.E. Atta Mills(RIP)-Ghana

Ghana's New President; John Dramani Mahama

Ghana’s New President; John Dramani Mahama

“Thou Shalt Not Speak or Write Ill of the Dead.” Certainly, not a parting dictum Jesus gave to his disciples, nor a beatitude from any of the Apostles to the Faithful. But, arguably, a Social Convention that has endured and been followed, throughout the ages, by many, if not all in human society. Therefore, as another human in a human society, a Ghanaian, I come to bear witness as my country mourns a President, my President.

He was not the flame-throwing politician that both his critics and admirers wanted him to be—one bursting with bombast and dripping with the most incendiary of rhetoric. No, he wasn’t. He embodied the calmness of the undisturbed, even as some of his admirers wished him to be loud and vitriolic in his linguistic habit , and even interventionist in his diplomacy. Such was the wish of some in his government, broad segments of the chattering class in the Ghanaian Press, and certainly beyond Ghana itself, as nearby Ivory Coast roiled in post-election crisis. But, in Shakespearean phrase, his Constancy never left him unattended. John Evans Atta-Mills was unapologetic in his view of himself as a man of peace. He cast himself as the “Asomdwoe (Peace) President”, very much to the discomfort of those who wanted him to flex a muscle.

Whether that was his disposition, by nature, “a peaceful person,” or the result of some undisclosed medical indisposition, J.E. Atta Mills was a walking script. His critics and admirers could read him any way they desired. In fact, his quiet manner, a demeanor uncharacteristic of most heads of state, caused some of his spokespeople to sometimes act and speak in the name of the President before they received the president’s instructions to do so. In many cases, those who felt eager to speak for him before he spoke for himself were forced to retract what they had uttered in the name of a President who spoke less in public and softly in tone when he did.

I was in town when Ghana played Lesotho, in a World Cup qualifying soccer match at the Kumasi Sports Stadium. To the embarrassment of a proud nation, one in which soccer has become very much a religion, the floodlights at the Stadium did not come on when night was falling. The match had to be suspended for nearly an hour. Sports journalists went linguistically beserk. Opposition DJ’s on FM stations made political hay out of this. They blamed Atta-Mills and his NDC government for shaming a nation. It was a national embarrassment with negative political implications. One of the President’s flame-throwing spokesperson announced on radio, in the midst of the stadium blackout, that the President has authorized the immediate dismissal of the Director of the Electricity Corporation in Kumasi, and some officials of that corporation, for a negligent and diabolical conduct. It turned out that the President had not given that authorization. His critics, and even admirers, wondered why the President had allowed his silent persona to breed inclinations to speak for the president before he spoke for himself. But such was President J.E. Atta Mills.

As a human being, he had a heart for the distressed. When a Nigerian cargo-plane crashed in Accra, one rainy night (the first such experience in Ghana), and killed many innocent passengers in a mini-bus, a mournful President Mills showed up the following morning at the crashed site. His subdued demeanor spoke loudly, and comfortably, for the dead and the bereaved.

As a politician, he was not the type given to fury over freedom of speech. He never banned, as other heads of state would have done, songs that some musicians dissatisfied with him composed to mock his policies and style of government. Some in his Party, impatient with his patience, tried, but failed to challenge his leadership of the ruling political party and, therefore, his incumbent status as head of his Party’s ticket in the upcoming presidential elections. But such was J.E. Atta Mills..

That he led his country with his own style of leadership, and never gave in to the temptation to shift to suit what others wanted him to be, is a profile in courage. That amid his obvious public appearance of ill-health, he gave his lot to his country, and reinforced the hardening foundations of Ghana’s democracy, is a testament to a President who put his country first and stood up for something larger than himself. It is, therefore, not surprising that every radio station and television channel in Ghana, every marketplace and office space, is steeped in praise and admiration of Atta-Mills and his presidency.

We commiserate with the people of Ghana for the untimely death of her President, Prof. Attah Mills. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

We also congratulate Ghana for the simple, constitutionally orderly and exemplary transfer of power to the Vice-President, John Dramani Mahama. Ghana makes Africa proud – and may Mahama’s tenure be successful.

And there you have it. Can this happen in Uganda if M7 dies of anything today?????


Edward Kissi

The Kayunga Crisis Secret is out: Buganda has oil too !!!

The experts finally confirm it,Buganda too has oil.It may take longer to bring it out but at least,they have found the guts to say it.It has been kept secret for long.The experts confirm the oil is around the shores of L.Victoria and L.Wamala in Mubende but said that it has not yet matured.It still has along way since the segments are still few.
Many areas in Uganda have minerals but have not been formally listed because of the fear of people rushing to buy land in those areas and hike land prices

Do you remember the kayunga circus of 2009? Do you know the causes? Well,secrets about oil were one of them.Yesterday, NTV reported that the experts confirmed it.This has been well known but informally.I dont know why government doesnt want to mention areas where minerals are but I think the fear is that these areas too will jump on the federal question.

For Buganda already it will fuel the demand for federalism ,which the government avoids.Oil has been found in areas in Kayunga,kiboga and Kyankwazi.Obviously,gold we all know a lot of deposits in Mubende.Other areas too,like Busia Have gold and is mined but one wonders who benefits from these but mubende`s gold is better than that of Busia.The Karamojong GOLD is of better quality than those of mubende and Busia.

Some of these minerals are mined but secretly and God knows whether the money reaches the treasury. With Oil,It is even said that the deposits of it in Northern Uganda in Amuru area could even be much more that those in Hoima.And the total oil reserves in Uganda could be much more than those of Soudi Arabia.

If we have caring leaders and not really rulers,Uganda would benefit from oil but these agreements the regime is signing with the investors,it is really questionable whether uganda will benefit at all.Imagine,the investors have to first cover all their expenses before uganda can start getting money from oil.The realistsic date is at around 2022 for full extraction ,though the government says 2017.

The question is ,what will the expenses for the invstors be by that time? At present ,their expenses are around $5b .How long will it take to get that money for the investors ?Lets assume,by 2022,their expenses are 14b$,how long will it take to recover that amount? so, there is little hope that uganda will benefit really from the oil as the investors stand to gain far much more than Ugandans.

The spirit that led them to destroy the Lubiri in 1966,I can see it is still very live.So, just deny them power because they still harbor the same intentions!! A Leopard Never changes its spots.You are warned.It is written on the walls,the same yesterday,today and for ever!!



DP wins Bukoto South: Hon Nambooze beats YKM but both NRM and DP need to do some soul searching


The winner may be Hon Nsubuga, but the real story is how Hon Nambooze beat YKM in Bukoto South. The president went there -big mistake-and DP deployed Hon Nambooze to counter YKM’s presence. YKM must be really pissed that once again Hon Nambooze bested his efforts.

So why did the two party leaders, President Yoweri Museveni and Mr Mao put too much on Bukoto South? I think both errored in raising stakes in a single constituency.

The other loser is Mr. Ahmed Kateregga who tainted his credentials. Why did he get so involved? Was it on orders from the NewVision/Bukedde top management? Notice too that the Daily Monitor is being too cautious that they have not said anything about DP’s victory in Bukoto South. Their main story is still about violence. To their credit New Vision has a short story that DP beats NRM in Bukoto South. Has Monitor become so risk averse in the aftermath of the ‘voluntary ‘retirement of Mr. Ssepuuya?

Credit should also go to Engineer Badru Kiggundu and the IGP who were on the ground. I just wish the DP youth had punched Haji Abdul Nadduli a little bit more.

The trouble is political parties all of them do not learn. They will make the same mistake in Butambala. And let me offer YKM some advice through courtesy of Ms. Pamela Ankunda, GOP, please stay away from these bye-elections. NRM’s majority is secure. The president is better off meeting Mr. Andrew Mwenda to do their things than going on the a campaign trail. Please listen to frank and honest counsel from the likes of Ministers Eria Kategaya and Sam Kutesa who have no hidden motive and are secure in their thoughts. Do not give a damn about bye elections or even EALA. Stay above the fray and let ‘your’ children tussle out.

If you think about it why did NRM invest so much in Bukoto South? So what if NRM has lost several bye elections? Has the loss threatened its majority? I think some insecure NRM ministers and party officials are making mistakes and sending in YKM to try and save their stupidity. For instance whose idea was it it to front Nsambu? Why did NRM import someone from another area? Kwani are there no credible candidates born in Bukoto South.

For the record, I do not like the nonsense of winning on technicalities that Haji Mbambaali had no papers, but he is popular in bukoto south period. It is wrong for NRM to win on technicalities and it is wrong for DP, FDC , UPC and other parties too. Win on popularity by competing with the strongest period.

I guess the lesson for NRM is to use its majority to do away with the law that bars strong candidates on academic grounds.

Mr. Ofwono Opondo is right to blast NRM. The lesson for NRM, DP and other parties is that winning elections tarts with having the right candidate in place. That is why I keep on asking whether opposition parties have someone in charge of identifying and recruiting candidates?

Let me ask this who was DP’s second or third choice in Bukoto South? Why is this important? Because things happen. I am still waiting to get raw data from Bukoto South as to why the election was a little bit closer for comfort than we thought.

I know that all parties have organizing secretaries who are supposed to be identifying candidates but they need a strong team to identify and vet candidates.

Those of you who have mingled with the MP elect for Bukoto South Hon Nsubuga- big congratulations to him for surviving the NRM onslaught-what type of person is he? Is he people’s person? Is he a team player? Is he true believer in truth and justice? Why did he face hurdles in a DP stronghold?

Why did it take the final push by other DP MPs especially Hon Nambooze, Hon Kawuma, Hon Kasibante, and Hon Deogratius Kiyingi to secure victory for DP? I mean why did Hon Nsubuga almost gift Nsambu the chance to snatch seat? Yaa, some will say that what matters is winning. Nope.

I have known Hon Nsubuga for a long time although I have never met him in person. For many years he worked at the Ugandan Airlines offices in Nairobi and all of us DP members knew that he was the blue eyed boy of Mr. Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere, but for some reason we never met him. To be fair, his offices were in Uganda House on Kenyatta Avenue which was a no go zone for many of us.

OK, let DP folks take a critical look away from the general eye son UAH, if they so choose, but ask these questions they must.
Please spare me any hate mail, OK. We need to ask some tough questions. Could we also know whether Mr. Mukasa Mbidde DP’s EALA rep was on the campaign trail in Bukoto South or not?

Bottom line, both NRM and DP need to do some soul searching. And so are all other parties.


”I have never been NRM, I am not NRM and I will not be NRM”- Mao

Some advise I take. Some I disregard. Is that abnormal? I am glad that the resurgent DP is a subject of great interest. I think unfounded speculation is not healthy. Even if some of you oppose me politically or even dislike me personally, character assassination and slander is not only bad politics but bad manners.

I have never been NRM, I am not NRM and I will not be NRM. Please know who the real Norbert Mao is then you will find that the output of the fertile imaginations on this UAH forum are merely undermining constructive engagement.

The crisscrossing among party faithfuls did not start today and will continue. Each party has a long list of crossers. But speaking for myself, I ask that you excuse me from the speculative list. Some of us are in our parties out of conviction not convenience. We are like the “Anthills of the Savannah”. We have withstood fires, rain, storms, hurricanes name it. From the first days of NRM we pointed out that the NRM carries the seed of totalitarianism. Those of us from the North were dismissed as suffering from “nostalgia” about the “lost glory”! We were right then and we are right now.

You cannot launch a missile from a canoe. The backfire can sink your vessel. If we are serious we have to build a solid base from which we can launch our missile for democratic change.

So rather than speculating and pushing endless innuendos why not put forward straight questions? I believe in straight talk and I pledge straight answers. Some of you may not agree with or even like what I say but then there it is. I take a stand and leave people to sort themselves out. If I am persuaded to adopt another view I am not afraid to eat humble pie.

Opposition in Uganda and EALA drama

Do you know that even when there was a resolution by opposition parties to boycott the EALA polls the very next day FDC Secretary General Alice Alaso wrote to the Clerk of Parliament seeking more time to organize primaries to sort out FDC EALA candidates? In the same letter she also asked for nomination forms for FDC candidates! Is that the conduct of a party committed to a boycott? The attacks on me and DP are unwarranted and malicious. Such hypocrisy cannot build a true partnership.

When I shared the information with UPC parliamentarians they also decided that the so called boycott had lost meaning and nominated a candidate. Meanwhile FDC was saying they would get an injunction to stop the nomination. Infact John Kazzora told me in parliament that Abdu Katuntu was in Arusha to file papers. As I descended the stairs of Parliament I met Abdu Katuntu entering parliament!

DP has only one candidate for EALA. Only the Secretary General can sign nomination forms or someone authorized in his absence. DPs Deputy Secretary General Vincent Mayanja was out of order to purport to sign Kenneth Kakande’s nomination papers. That will be the subject of disciplinary proceedings.

And then on my “attacks” on Besigye and Lukwago. My speech in Kasese was not about EALA. My concern was simple. Do DP members believe in establishing a government led by DP or do they have another objective? I have legitimate concerns that I have even discussed with Kizza Besigye.

But anyhow why isn’t Besigye called to order on UAH when he attacks me? Is it OK to malign Mao on UAH but when he complains about the conduct of FDC/Ssuubi then he is called all sorts of names? Why should I keep quiet when lies are peddled about me? For instance I still see some of you suggesting that my wife works in State House! That is cheap falsehood. Naomi has never worked in State House and does not work there. What is the intention of spreading such falsehoods? If she was working there I would not deny it. Such smear campaigns should stop if we want to find a way to work together!

My ultimate goal is that Uganda should have democracy and equitable development. Whenever I reflect on my presidential ambition I ask myself one question: What is it that I cannot do for my country unless I am President? So for those who vow that I will never (and they repeat never) become president I say if your life’s goal is to keep someone down, then you have to stay down with him! History is replete with the achievement of impossible dreams. I may yet have the last laugh. If it is God’s will that I lead Uganda nobody (I repeat nobody) can stop me!

I think what we are going through are necessary birth pangs. There is need for a rebirth of the opposition.

What about DP? Next month we shall convene the National Council of the party. MPs, Parliamentary Candidates, District Party Chairpersons and the NEC sit in that body. I intend to call for a confidence vote. You all know the import of a confidence vote.

I have also told the DP Parliamentary Whip Hon. Ssebuliba Mutumba, that if a majority of DP MPs pass a resolution that they have no confidence in me then it would mean that it is time for the party to get a new leader. I am not at all in doubt about how to go about things including managing a crisis if there be one. My record in Makerere, the Legal Aid Project, Parliament, Amani Forum, the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank, Gulu District Local Government etc can bear witness to my commitment to leadership with integrity. I hold no fear of the political wilderness. I have been there before. Some people danced on my political grave but I came back. I can face the wilderness again and I am sure that like Moses, I will come back to tell the Pharaoh to let my people go!

Hon. Odonga Otto speaking for the FDC conceded that perhaps “it was God’s plan that FDC boycotted the elections.” He congratulated the newly elected members of EALA and wished them the best.

Hon. Odonga’s speech salvaged the image of the FDC whose floor leader Hon. Nandala Mafabi had earlier angrily sacked DP and UPC MPs from the Shadow Cabinet and Oversight Committees. Speaking on the floor of the house Hon. Nandala prefaced his announcement with the following chilling words “Now let me show you that I have power…”

Commenting on Hon. Nandala Mafabi’s action which was rather rash, Hon. Kahinda Otafiire (also known for his colorful language) said that “one should never fart in anger, lest other stuff also accompany the gas as it exits the bowels soiling one’s garments!”

I also think flogging the boycott thing is becoming a charade. The facts are there for all to see. One can tell a boycott when one sees it. Our friends from Najjanankumbi cannot be called boycotters! Maybe Jeema can with a straight face say they boycotted the process. Even Kony is a better boycotter of Uganda’s political processes!

And concerning the court case filed by Hon. Katuntu, I would appreciate the case file number. I think legal minds (and we have a few in DP) can offer advice. However what I know is that one who is not an aggrieved participant in an election process cannot challenge the outcome through a petition in court. That is what court told Ngoma Ngome when he tried to challenge Mbarara Municipality results yet he did not contest elections. I don’t know about EA Court but courts tend to be persuaded by other courts.

So where do we go from here? If we want to work together we should find a formula that works. Mutual pretense is a dangerous form of cooperation! We cannot pick up the many fallen pieces from the IPC and EALA fall outs but let us at least pick up the lessons.

I used to do some amateur boxing in Namilyango. When your back hits the canvas in the last round and you are staring at the ceiling lights or the sky for that matter then you need to engage in some serious strategic thinking. There will always be another day, another fight. Another tournament. As Sun Tzu said “strategy without tactics is the longest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”. I have hit the canvas many times and I know what I am talking about.

As for the circus of our DP colleague claiming to be the party candidate I can only compare it to a situation where a player is not fielded by the coach but insists on dashing into the field to play and with the sole focus of tackling his fellow team mates!

We can be called all sorts of names but we kicked that EALA door open and that is what allowed other players, besides NRM and FDC to participate. We persuaded the court to throw out the rules. We had a goal to send DP to EALA and we have achieved that goal. It may look small but it is something especially coming from a “spineless party” and “weak leader” like Norbert Mao!

Insulting Norbert Mao and DP will not provide any glue for opposition unity

Mbale Delegates Conference

I will post to you Justice Lawrence Gidudu’s judgement which dealt with the question of DP leadership. Truth is no one has ever challenged the MBALE delegates conference in court successfully. The ruling being peddled was against the election of Matia Nsubuga as Secretary General. Believe me if ever there was a ruling declaring that we were in office illegally I would have resigned long ago.

Forgive me for quoting Otafiire but I am sure he is not the author of the saying. All I wanted to do was illustrate a point. According to Grace Ibingira, Dr. Obote was fond of quoting Milton’s Paradise Lost where Lucifer harangues his followers thus: “to rule is worth ambition, for it is better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven”. I am sure this does not mean Dr. Obote approved of Lucifer’s character.

As for our policies, we published a manifesto. It states our programmes relating to key national issues. Please find a soft copy at http://www.norbertmao.org. It was also on our DP website but some people hacked into the site and disabled the page.

Concerning the question of locus standi in election petitions, I was leaning on a decided case that is still authoritative in Uganda. As for what applies outside our Ugandan jurisdiction I defer to your opinion on account of your professional seniority and exposure and so I stand corrected. If the matter comes before the East African court then we shall know what the position is.

I don’t believe that I am beyond criticism but I ask for fairness. Unfair criticism does not help anyone.

Let me hope that deliberate lies about me will reduce…

Best wishes,

Norbert Mao


Norbert Mao kneeling for the Kabaka as per Buganda culture

Dear Members,


What has comeout of Bukoto South by-election is a clear message to every Muganda/ or other Ugandan politicians in Buganda that you cant abuse/belittle/undermine His Majesty the Kabaka and you survive politically or win the next elections. Commrade John Christom Alintuma Nsambu has lost to Matia Nsubuga Birekeraawo. As i had indicated on this forum at the start of the campaigns picking Nsambu who was accused of abusing the Kabaka was a big mistake, because his opponents used it as a political tool to undermine him, even in the last years elections in Bukoto East this issue come up prominently. Its true Bukoto South has been an NRM Constituency since the days of Mzee Gerald Ssendaula, Dr. Herbert Lwanga, Hajj Mbabali, DP only took it once and then lost it, but this time around the bad choice contributed to this loss

As the saying goes that history repeats itself and experience is the best teacher, some Baganda politicians who did the same thing before never managed to survive politically or win the next election. Namely.

1- Benedicto Kabimu Mugumba Kiwanuka, leader of the Democratic Party when he was a Chief Prime Minister of Uganda, staying in State house Entebbe, its allegged that he said “Muteesa jjangu nkumalire ebizibu byo” meaning that Muteesa (King) you come and i solve you problems, this was used to decampaign him in Buganda to the extend that DP never won any seat in Buganda in 1962 elections all the 24 seats went to KY, the issue of being a catholic/DP not withstanding Ben Kiwanuka was supposed to led Uganda to independence but his stlye of boosting and undermining King Muteesa/ kingdom costed him politically.

2- Mzee Bwesweri Lusse Mulondo Kiwanuka Musisi, CA Delegete Mityana South, Ssabalangira/ Chairman CA Buganda cocaus in 1995, he opposed the Federo motion during the debate and his contribution on the floor of CA debate in Conference Center made federo motion to be defeated, this move was interpreted that Mulondo and Ssabalangira for that matter “yatunze Obuganda” meaning that he sold the kingdom, since then up to day people in Mityana which is my home area, refer to him as somebody who betrayed the kingdom or sold the kingdom, this issue has affected him politically and all the members of his family up today.

3- Deo Kayiwa Nsereko former LV Chairman Luweero was accused for having pocketed while addressing His Majesty the Kabaka during a function in Luweero, actually those that were at the scene testifly that he was pulling out handkerchief but that was made an issue and he never won the next election and up to now he has not attempted to contest any elective office in Luweero.

4- Now John Christom Alintuma Nsambu has lost elections twice, last year in Bukoto East and now this one yesterday in Bukoto South, the main alleged accusation has been that he belittled/abused/undermoned the His Majesty the Kabaka and the Kingdom.

Now my humble advice to fellow Baganda/Ugandans especially those in NRM that i myself support and love our party because of the good things it has done for the people of Uganda for the last 26 years, failures/mistake notwithstanding BUT i will not accept/support/work with anyperson whoses utterances/words/actions/gestures abuses/belittles/undermines/threatens His Majesty King Ronald Muwenda Kimera Mutebi , the son of Muteesa or any other King/Traditional chiefs in Uganda being Omukama of Bunyoro and Tooro, Kyabazinga of Busoga, Traditional Chiefs of Teso, Japadhola, Lago, Acholi, Alur, Kasese and other places. Its because of these Kingdoms/Chiefsdoms that come together in 1960s to form a country called Uganda so let us accord them the respect and honour which they deserve.

Once again to Comrade Nsambu, as an ex-seminarian from our Mubende Scared Heart Seminary and a catholic for that matter, you know very well what we call repentence and forgiveness of sins, kindly go to Mengo meet Owekitiibwa Katikiiro Eng. J.B Walusimbi, make arrangments and formally apologise to the Kabaka and the Kingdom for the sake of your political future and that of our party NRM. In fact if i was you, i would have used the forthcoming 19th Coronation Anniversary which is due this month in Ssentema in Busiro to apologize and close the chapter and then we move on, because 2016 is around the corner

what i can say on the view of Ndugu Ofwono Opondo, it was a mistake to pick Nsambu for Bukoto South, having lost Bukoto East in the first place, more to that Hajj Muyanja Mbabali’s views were ignored, remember he had defeated Nsubuga in last years elections
nad he has invested alot in Bukoto South.

Having worked in greater Masaka i know very well that in Bukoto South you ignore Hajj Mbabali and Hajj Kiyimba (LC 111 Chairperson Nsangi) at your own peril, these are sons of the soil, strong NRM supporters who have invested a lot in their home area, these two prominent people opposed Nsambu’s candidature from the word go, so the loss in Bukoto South should be blamed on our NRM Leaders from Kyadondo and Lwengo District.

Now the Court of Appeal will soon pronounce itself on the election petition for Butambala County, if it so happens that the Lord Justices confirms the ruling of His Lordship trial Judge of the High Court, don’t make the same mistake which you have made in Bukoto South, we need to select a potential and strong candidate who can be at the strength like my OB Muhammed Muwanga Kivumbi, i don’t mind if during the NRM preliminaries my good friend Hajj Faisal Ssali Kikulukunyu is replaced by another winning candidate because it be a great humiliation for the party if that seat again is captured by DP/Opposition.

Thanks and best regards,

Simeo Nsubuga (ex-cop)

Museveni Meets Mama Miria but what is Andrew Mwenda’s motive


Well, what can you say about Mr. Mwenda. But what is his motive in writing about a supposedly private meeting?


It is clear from the article that Mr. Mwenda enjoys unlimited access to YKM. And he is an independent journalist!. Hello! And who is YKM’s presidential escort commander? How could he let the president to drive in his official car without escort? What an idiot. A presidential escort commander has the final word and he or she can actually override the president. His or word is final on the security of the president. I invite you to ponder the consequences of such stupidity.

Talking of presidential escort commander, maama Lucy Kibaki just got rid of President Kibakis escort commander Mr. Kitili (mukamba) for allowing her rival, the other woman to meet Mzee Kibaki at Haraambe House . For that lapse of judgment, the former escort commander is now head of the armory section at police headquarters, replaced by the former recce, the elite GSU unit commander.

Now it is the same Mr. Andrew Mujuni Mwenda who denounced the Monitor for trying to censor him supposedly on orders from HH the Aga Khan. How many in UAH cheered him then? Shame on you. He said some unpalatable words against the majority shareholders of the Monitor. Well, well.

Ugandans are funny and so deserve to be screwed kabisa. I know similar shenanigans were going on in the UK media as recent events revealed.

Here is the truth folks, Mr. Mwenda is now for hire. He is after mbesha/ssente/money period. The rest is secondary. He prefers taking akasheera/fufu or whatever the official food or drink in Rwanda to real journalism. He is in journalism as a decoy to hoodwink the ever gullible Ugandans. Oh, boy.

Sepuya quits the Daily Monitor

Who would want to work at the Monitor?
Well only mediocre types will want to which will esclate the meltdown at the Monitor. Once self selection sets in, it is over. Sad.At least the two editors leaving were not caught in a situation that befell Mr. Kwendo Opanga then of the Daily Nation who was working for the paper during the day while eating sukuma wiki and ugaali with Mr Moi at Kabaranet Drive at night. I hope there are not many such people at the Monitor. I also hope that is not the impression being created that to work for the Monitor you must either drink akaskeera with YKM or belong to ISO and ESO. That is the impression out there and it is upon the Monitor to refute it.

Otherwise the content and the Op-ed columns you cite may not last. But why does the majority shareholder treat Ugandan readers with such contempt, something he would never do in Kenya? Sooner rather than later, self-selection will set in and the Monitor will be on a downward spiral.

Any reader who buys the explanation by Mr Assimwe is a buffoon and an idiot. It is spin period.


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