Museveni Meets Mama Miria but what is Andrew Mwenda’s motive


Well, what can you say about Mr. Mwenda. But what is his motive in writing about a supposedly private meeting?

It is clear from the article that Mr. Mwenda enjoys unlimited access to YKM. And he is an independent journalist!. Hello! And who is YKM’s presidential escort commander? How could he let the president to drive in his official car without escort? What an idiot. A presidential escort commander has the final word and he or she can actually override the president. His or word is final on the security of the president. I invite you to ponder the consequences of such stupidity.

Talking of presidential escort commander, maama Lucy Kibaki just got rid of President Kibakis escort commander Mr. Kitili (mukamba) for allowing her rival, the other woman to meet Mzee Kibaki at Haraambe House . For that lapse of judgment, the former escort commander is now head of the armory section at police headquarters, replaced by the former recce, the elite GSU unit commander.

Now it is the same Mr. Andrew Mujuni Mwenda who denounced the Monitor for trying to censor him supposedly on orders from HH the Aga Khan. How many in UAH cheered him then? Shame on you. He said some unpalatable words against the majority shareholders of the Monitor. Well, well.

Ugandans are funny and so deserve to be screwed kabisa. I know similar shenanigans were going on in the UK media as recent events revealed.

Here is the truth folks, Mr. Mwenda is now for hire. He is after mbesha/ssente/money period. The rest is secondary. He prefers taking akasheera/fufu or whatever the official food or drink in Rwanda to real journalism. He is in journalism as a decoy to hoodwink the ever gullible Ugandans. Oh, boy.

Sepuya quits the Daily Monitor

Who would want to work at the Monitor?
Well only mediocre types will want to which will esclate the meltdown at the Monitor. Once self selection sets in, it is over. Sad.At least the two editors leaving were not caught in a situation that befell Mr. Kwendo Opanga then of the Daily Nation who was working for the paper during the day while eating sukuma wiki and ugaali with Mr Moi at Kabaranet Drive at night. I hope there are not many such people at the Monitor. I also hope that is not the impression being created that to work for the Monitor you must either drink akaskeera with YKM or belong to ISO and ESO. That is the impression out there and it is upon the Monitor to refute it.

Otherwise the content and the Op-ed columns you cite may not last. But why does the majority shareholder treat Ugandan readers with such contempt, something he would never do in Kenya? Sooner rather than later, self-selection will set in and the Monitor will be on a downward spiral.

Any reader who buys the explanation by Mr Assimwe is a buffoon and an idiot. It is spin period.




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  1. Peter Okello Maber,


    About the Monitor:

    Please note that Sepuya did not resign from the Monitor but was fired! Other top journalists such as Masiga faced the same axe. Reason: unprofessional conduct which is likely to cost the paper billions in court awards.

    In an attempt to be more opposition to NRM government than even the Besigyes, the guys in the Monitor threw out all their journalistc guards and started writing stories without the least effort to verify or give the “accused” a chance to respond.

    What broke the proverbial camel’s back was the story that PM Amama Mbabazi had be quizzed over corruption by police with Kale overseeing the operation. It turns out that Amama was not in office on the said Saturday while Kale was in the west of the country. Amama has sued for shs5b.

    The Monitor also reported that Janet Museveni together with her family had given away Karamoja land to themsleves or investors connected to the first family. The story was based on a press conference by Karamoja MPs but Monitor sexed it with its own opinions as they always do. She has sued for an undisclosed figure and the two sides last week agreed to settle the matter out of court.

    When the owners of Monitor came from Kenya to find out why the paper was facing such potentially huge court awards, it was found that the stories where without any basis at all. For this Sepuya had to take responsibility for having rellied on unverified information. He was asked to “resign”. Morever the Amama story was sourced by Sepuya himself even though a junior journalist was forced to won it!!!

  2. oriokot,

    Now using the two pieces above. one may want to know who is “a buffoon and an idiot”.

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