Norbert Mao kneeling for the Kabaka as per Buganda culture

Dear Members,


What has comeout of Bukoto South by-election is a clear message to every Muganda/ or other Ugandan politicians in Buganda that you cant abuse/belittle/undermine His Majesty the Kabaka and you survive politically or win the next elections. Commrade John Christom Alintuma Nsambu has lost to Matia Nsubuga Birekeraawo. As i had indicated on this forum at the start of the campaigns picking Nsambu who was accused of abusing the Kabaka was a big mistake, because his opponents used it as a political tool to undermine him, even in the last years elections in Bukoto East this issue come up prominently. Its true Bukoto South has been an NRM Constituency since the days of Mzee Gerald Ssendaula, Dr. Herbert Lwanga, Hajj Mbabali, DP only took it once and then lost it, but this time around the bad choice contributed to this loss

As the saying goes that history repeats itself and experience is the best teacher, some Baganda politicians who did the same thing before never managed to survive politically or win the next election. Namely.

1- Benedicto Kabimu Mugumba Kiwanuka, leader of the Democratic Party when he was a Chief Prime Minister of Uganda, staying in State house Entebbe, its allegged that he said “Muteesa jjangu nkumalire ebizibu byo” meaning that Muteesa (King) you come and i solve you problems, this was used to decampaign him in Buganda to the extend that DP never won any seat in Buganda in 1962 elections all the 24 seats went to KY, the issue of being a catholic/DP not withstanding Ben Kiwanuka was supposed to led Uganda to independence but his stlye of boosting and undermining King Muteesa/ kingdom costed him politically.

2- Mzee Bwesweri Lusse Mulondo Kiwanuka Musisi, CA Delegete Mityana South, Ssabalangira/ Chairman CA Buganda cocaus in 1995, he opposed the Federo motion during the debate and his contribution on the floor of CA debate in Conference Center made federo motion to be defeated, this move was interpreted that Mulondo and Ssabalangira for that matter “yatunze Obuganda” meaning that he sold the kingdom, since then up to day people in Mityana which is my home area, refer to him as somebody who betrayed the kingdom or sold the kingdom, this issue has affected him politically and all the members of his family up today.

3- Deo Kayiwa Nsereko former LV Chairman Luweero was accused for having pocketed while addressing His Majesty the Kabaka during a function in Luweero, actually those that were at the scene testifly that he was pulling out handkerchief but that was made an issue and he never won the next election and up to now he has not attempted to contest any elective office in Luweero.

4- Now John Christom Alintuma Nsambu has lost elections twice, last year in Bukoto East and now this one yesterday in Bukoto South, the main alleged accusation has been that he belittled/abused/undermoned the His Majesty the Kabaka and the Kingdom.

Now my humble advice to fellow Baganda/Ugandans especially those in NRM that i myself support and love our party because of the good things it has done for the people of Uganda for the last 26 years, failures/mistake notwithstanding BUT i will not accept/support/work with anyperson whoses utterances/words/actions/gestures abuses/belittles/undermines/threatens His Majesty King Ronald Muwenda Kimera Mutebi , the son of Muteesa or any other King/Traditional chiefs in Uganda being Omukama of Bunyoro and Tooro, Kyabazinga of Busoga, Traditional Chiefs of Teso, Japadhola, Lago, Acholi, Alur, Kasese and other places. Its because of these Kingdoms/Chiefsdoms that come together in 1960s to form a country called Uganda so let us accord them the respect and honour which they deserve.

Once again to Comrade Nsambu, as an ex-seminarian from our Mubende Scared Heart Seminary and a catholic for that matter, you know very well what we call repentence and forgiveness of sins, kindly go to Mengo meet Owekitiibwa Katikiiro Eng. J.B Walusimbi, make arrangments and formally apologise to the Kabaka and the Kingdom for the sake of your political future and that of our party NRM. In fact if i was you, i would have used the forthcoming 19th Coronation Anniversary which is due this month in Ssentema in Busiro to apologize and close the chapter and then we move on, because 2016 is around the corner

what i can say on the view of Ndugu Ofwono Opondo, it was a mistake to pick Nsambu for Bukoto South, having lost Bukoto East in the first place, more to that Hajj Muyanja Mbabali’s views were ignored, remember he had defeated Nsubuga in last years elections
nad he has invested alot in Bukoto South.

Having worked in greater Masaka i know very well that in Bukoto South you ignore Hajj Mbabali and Hajj Kiyimba (LC 111 Chairperson Nsangi) at your own peril, these are sons of the soil, strong NRM supporters who have invested a lot in their home area, these two prominent people opposed Nsambu’s candidature from the word go, so the loss in Bukoto South should be blamed on our NRM Leaders from Kyadondo and Lwengo District.

Now the Court of Appeal will soon pronounce itself on the election petition for Butambala County, if it so happens that the Lord Justices confirms the ruling of His Lordship trial Judge of the High Court, don’t make the same mistake which you have made in Bukoto South, we need to select a potential and strong candidate who can be at the strength like my OB Muhammed Muwanga Kivumbi, i don’t mind if during the NRM preliminaries my good friend Hajj Faisal Ssali Kikulukunyu is replaced by another winning candidate because it be a great humiliation for the party if that seat again is captured by DP/Opposition.

Thanks and best regards,

Simeo Nsubuga (ex-cop)



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  1. Jimmex W wasukulu,

    Much as Nsambu has lost the vote, but the voting has sent a message to those who malice others ridding behind the kabakaship that there are subjects who are defiant to unconstitutional directive from Mengo who to vote. It is the revolution process which is going on in Buganda and in the near future , the issue of Kingship will not hold water in elections.

  2. Nino,

    Jimmex – in Buganda, the Kabaka will always be an issue & what was the unconsititional directive? give me a break! Congrats to DP who tried their best to protect their votes and I am sure if there hadnt been irregularities – the winning margin would have been larger

  3. And that’s why some of you who think that the Kabaka should be an issue are true enemies of the Kabaka! Yes,you want him to be suspected to be secretly supporting those loyal to him and then what happens?
    Am an admirer of Kabaka Mutebi and I don’t want him to go through what his Dad went through,so please,leave him out of this ‘BAD’ Politic of ours.

    Concerning Nsambu’s loss,it’s normal for anybody to loose but it is too hard for anybody to get the number of votes that Nsambu got given the DP’S political machinery here in Buganda.
    Congs to NRM for accepting defeat!

  4. jeff,

    true Nsambu Lost, this stopped by an election from the moment they involved in kabaka, it was the battle of who loves kabaka, and am so ashamed that the baganda are so happy with the results, i expected the DP guy to get 100%, but Nsambu got 48% which is a bad reflection to the kabakaship, and if i was NRM supporter, i would be jubilating, competing against the kabaka in buganda and the party gets 48%, that’s victory

  5. mathias mpuuga,

    Simeo nsubuga, ex corp and NRM cadre,!,!!!?? God bless the ugandan police!!

  6. Simeo Nsubuga,

    Hon.Mathias Mpuuga,
    Thanks for your comments, but take note that am nolonger a serving officer, so am free and at liberty to express my political views and ideology the same way you’re entilled to yours sir.

    Send my greetings to the people of Masaka Municipality

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