DP wins Bukoto South: Hon Nambooze beats YKM but both NRM and DP need to do some soul searching


The winner may be Hon Nsubuga, but the real story is how Hon Nambooze beat YKM in Bukoto South. The president went there -big mistake-and DP deployed Hon Nambooze to counter YKM’s presence. YKM must be really pissed that once again Hon Nambooze bested his efforts.

So why did the two party leaders, President Yoweri Museveni and Mr Mao put too much on Bukoto South? I think both errored in raising stakes in a single constituency.

The other loser is Mr. Ahmed Kateregga who tainted his credentials. Why did he get so involved? Was it on orders from the NewVision/Bukedde top management? Notice too that the Daily Monitor is being too cautious that they have not said anything about DP’s victory in Bukoto South. Their main story is still about violence. To their credit New Vision has a short story that DP beats NRM in Bukoto South. Has Monitor become so risk averse in the aftermath of the ‘voluntary ‘retirement of Mr. Ssepuuya?

Credit should also go to Engineer Badru Kiggundu and the IGP who were on the ground. I just wish the DP youth had punched Haji Abdul Nadduli a little bit more.

The trouble is political parties all of them do not learn. They will make the same mistake in Butambala. And let me offer YKM some advice through courtesy of Ms. Pamela Ankunda, GOP, please stay away from these bye-elections. NRM’s majority is secure. The president is better off meeting Mr. Andrew Mwenda to do their things than going on the a campaign trail. Please listen to frank and honest counsel from the likes of Ministers Eria Kategaya and Sam Kutesa who have no hidden motive and are secure in their thoughts. Do not give a damn about bye elections or even EALA. Stay above the fray and let ‘your’ children tussle out.

If you think about it why did NRM invest so much in Bukoto South? So what if NRM has lost several bye elections? Has the loss threatened its majority? I think some insecure NRM ministers and party officials are making mistakes and sending in YKM to try and save their stupidity. For instance whose idea was it it to front Nsambu? Why did NRM import someone from another area? Kwani are there no credible candidates born in Bukoto South.

For the record, I do not like the nonsense of winning on technicalities that Haji Mbambaali had no papers, but he is popular in bukoto south period. It is wrong for NRM to win on technicalities and it is wrong for DP, FDC , UPC and other parties too. Win on popularity by competing with the strongest period.

I guess the lesson for NRM is to use its majority to do away with the law that bars strong candidates on academic grounds.

Mr. Ofwono Opondo is right to blast NRM. The lesson for NRM, DP and other parties is that winning elections tarts with having the right candidate in place. That is why I keep on asking whether opposition parties have someone in charge of identifying and recruiting candidates?

Let me ask this who was DP’s second or third choice in Bukoto South? Why is this important? Because things happen. I am still waiting to get raw data from Bukoto South as to why the election was a little bit closer for comfort than we thought.

I know that all parties have organizing secretaries who are supposed to be identifying candidates but they need a strong team to identify and vet candidates.

Those of you who have mingled with the MP elect for Bukoto South Hon Nsubuga- big congratulations to him for surviving the NRM onslaught-what type of person is he? Is he people’s person? Is he a team player? Is he true believer in truth and justice? Why did he face hurdles in a DP stronghold?

Why did it take the final push by other DP MPs especially Hon Nambooze, Hon Kawuma, Hon Kasibante, and Hon Deogratius Kiyingi to secure victory for DP? I mean why did Hon Nsubuga almost gift Nsambu the chance to snatch seat? Yaa, some will say that what matters is winning. Nope.

I have known Hon Nsubuga for a long time although I have never met him in person. For many years he worked at the Ugandan Airlines offices in Nairobi and all of us DP members knew that he was the blue eyed boy of Mr. Paul Kawanga Ssemogerere, but for some reason we never met him. To be fair, his offices were in Uganda House on Kenyatta Avenue which was a no go zone for many of us.

OK, let DP folks take a critical look away from the general eye son UAH, if they so choose, but ask these questions they must.
Please spare me any hate mail, OK. We need to ask some tough questions. Could we also know whether Mr. Mukasa Mbidde DP’s EALA rep was on the campaign trail in Bukoto South or not?

Bottom line, both NRM and DP need to do some soul searching. And so are all other parties.



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  1. Ggomba,

    I wonder if Mr. Nsambu got over 20,000 votes in NRM primary, why did he he only get 10,000 votes when it mattered the most? Vote rigging on Nsambu’s side should I say???

  2. Omara s.,

    Bye elections are indicating the popularity of NRM in Uganda.

  3. Jimmex W wasukulu,

    The Baganda should stop malicing their fellow Baganda. The fall of Kingship in Buganda originated from the Mengo group/DP and History will one day repeat itself looking at what happened that time and what is happening this time. What Baganda did to Ben Kiwanuka and others has been done to Nsambu. One thing the Mengo group should know is that there is a revolution taking place where those who hide behind kabakaship to malice others and win votes is soon diminishing as reflected in the votes Nsambu got!

  4. Jimmex W wasukulu,

    Those who criticize the president getting involved in by elections are still weak in democracy where multiparty system is practiced and they should read the party constitutions before they mislead the readers.

  5. Jimmex W wasukulu,

    W.B. Kijaomanyi, Can you give us a voice recording where Nsambu said what you have appended on Nsambu above, otherwise this is a ploy to destroy your fellow Baganda which even puts Kabakaship issues at stake, no wonder its fist abolish ion was worth it when you see what is again unfolding

  6. Jimmex W wasukulu,

    The Baganda should be appreciative to what M7 has done to their kingship and stop talking ill of him, had it not him, the traditional leadership would not be there, and if the Baganda go on behaving like the way they are, history can repeat itself

  7. Baganda have forgotten to soon how good the President is .it is embarrassing to see the Buganda is misjudging the President yet he returned the Kabaka to them .Baganda should at least credit the president for this initiative.History will have it the president Museveni returned the Kabaka and crowned in 1994,credit needs to be given where its due.the Buganda barking at this time is because of the president who has given them rights to express themselves of what isn’t good in their position.its to bad that instead of rewarding the president for the good effort to please each and every one ,they are just criticizing him.There is saying that no man is perfect and error are to human.Lets not sacrifice a Man that has made this country proud in development like roads especially the up country roads,united all tribes in Uganda,made good international relations with other countries,improved the economy.created peace and unity ,fought wars like that in the north of Kony, to mention but a few.GIVE CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE

  8. Leta,

    I do not comment, but after reading a few of the responses
    on this page DP wins Bukoto South: Hon Nambooze beats
    YKM but both NRM and DP need to do some soul searching
    | Ugandans-At-Heart. I do have some questions for you if it’s okay. Is it only me or does it look like like a few of these responses come across like they are written by brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if you are writing on other online social sites, I would like to follow you. Could you make a list of every one of all your social networking pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

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