Kazinda case exposes deeper rot at Office of Prime Minister.

Details emerging from the Kazinda case show that while he has been charged with 168 counts of fraud, the Permanent Secretary remains to be interviewed. Kazinda associates meanwhile have told a story of how rift between the ring of corrupt officials started.

Before Nceramihigo left, he was not another accountant that Bigirimana transferred to Presidents office. He was part of a group of three including himself, Birigimana and Kazinda. The story goes Birigimana wanted Nceramihigo interdicted and arrested while he was in Presidents office for a deal that had gone bad between the three. He wrote to Permanent Secretary Kinalwa to interdict and have arrested Nceramihigo. Kinalwa asked him to bring evidence of theft.

The problem was the evidence Nceramihigo brought also pinned Bigirimana. Bigirimana then quietly dropped the case. It is expected that the OPM case will die quietly since Bigirimana is protected by the IGP Kaihura and is now being treated as the whistleblower when he is the ring leader. Find the attached on the link below the list of personal advances in the office of the Prime Minister.



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