The Observer’s Pius Muteekani Katunzi puts it mildly when he says that Mafabi should run a clean campaign. The reality of the Mafabi Campaign approach to the FDC leadership is nothing but a blind anti-M7( if not anti-‘westerner’) craze. Ssemujju is on record that the only ‘fault’ he finds in Muntu is the General being born where he was born. Ruranga and Sabiiti are driven by the anti-M7 factor.

What will emerge out of these unprincipled, blind drives is that we may end with a Zambia scenario, where, ‘tired’ of Kaunda, Zambians were hankering for change, ending with the curse that Chiluba was to the country and humanity. Mafabi is a good leader, but let him focus on his strengths, what he can do for Uganda, not merely trashing Muntu simply because the latter was born where he was born!! It even portends worse, because it may end up causing internal rifts in the party, to the detriment of true change in the country.

FDC leaders know their history and themselves better than we ordinary mortals do. You therefore must retreat somewhere, and rethink…you are doing this, not for your party or personal egos, but for Ugandans and humanity, unless we are hoodwinked or you are simply seeking to replace one eating class with another.

Reflect: what prevented Richard Kaijuka, Miria Matembe et al, from coming into mainstream opposition politics? You know the the truth!! Please, if you are genuinely seeking to work for Uganda and Ugandans, then your current approach must change. One strange truth FDC may need to know is that there is a whole generation out there, disillusioned with NRM, but finding no better alternative in FDC et al. This generation needs to be given hope and it’s not tool late.

God Save Uganda

Sandra Birungi

Sometime ago that is about a year or so,I peddled on this forum something to the effect that there are political organizations/parties whose leadership can come from the greater Eastern part of Uganda and still get elected to State house but many people appear not to remember.Unfortunately FDC is not that Organization I talked about.

Electing Mafabi Nandala as FDC leader will see the demise of FDC faster than it was formed. Many of us are taken up by Mr Mafabi’s paper qualifications as being evidence of his leadership ability.
Unfortunately we do not want to go to the ground to unmask what Mafabi claims are his political achievements.

Like I stated in my rejoinder to Alhajji Semuwemba,apart from the Sironko conclave and Mbale Municipality,all the other constituencies in the Bugisu subregion are represented by NRM.What is even interesting is that much as Mafabi ensured mainly yea sayers are elected on the FDC ticket in Sironko,the presidential poll results speaks differently because Museveni rather Besigye carried the day at the last election.

So,instead of pouring praises on Mafabi,we should be critiquing what type of leadership he will provide and not just wowing his school paper achievements.By using such narrow paradigms to identify good leadership,we shall be taking Ugandans from the frying pan into the real fire itself.

Thus have exhaustive discussions with the residents of Sironko district before giving Mafabi a carte blanche to leadership. Incidentally Mbale Municipality has always voted against the Movement even during the days of the late Wapa(RIP) where he always had to wheel and deal inorder to go back to NRC then later parliament.

Besides,the majority of the so called FDC leaders within the Municipality were yesterdecades UPCs who are now disillusioned by UPC not taking a militaristic stance to NRM hence their finding easy refuge in FDC which outwardly portrays itself as being militant till crumbs are offered to them then they mellow down.
Dr. Owor Kipenji



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  1. I agree with you Dr,Mafabi has always won in Budadiri East but President Museveni has always won him with more votes in the same Constituency!
    NRM is not scared of Mafabi but Muntu.

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