President Museveni Promotes His Son Again

His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda and Commander In Chief of UPDF has made the following Re-organisation, Appointments and Promotions within UPDF.

Maj Gen Fred Mugisha formerly Commander Field Artillery Division and Force Commander AMISOM is appointed Joint Chief of Staff replacing Maj Gen Robert Rusoke who was appointed Ugandan Ambassador to Juba.

Brig Charles Angina Formerly Chairman of General Court Martial Promoted to Maj Gen and appointed Chief of Staff Land Forces.
The President and Commander in Chief has also decided to re-organise the Special Forces Group (SFG) into Special Forces Command (SFC) which will be Under the Overall Command of Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba who has been promoted from the rank of Col.

The Special Forces Command will have the first Special Forces Group and Second Special Forces Group as its Primary units.

The re-organisation is designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the Special Forces Command, in the conduct of its operations which among others include VIP protection and Protection of Strategic Installations.

The 1st Special Forces Group to be commanded by Col Sabiiti Mzei who is promoted from the rank of Lt Col.

The 2nd Special Forces Group to be commanded by Maj Don Nabaasa.
We congratulate the officers upon their well deserved promotions and wish them success in their new assignments.

Brig. Muhoozi is the fastest rising military star in the whole of East Africa, and may be in Africa. In just 11 years, he has climbed from cadre, private to Brig. He is very bright and intelligent, otherwise there is no way you can rise rapidly like that. By contrast, one of the air-force helicopter crash victims, Cap. Letti, had served for 25 years and the highest rank he attained was only Captain! There are many more military officers who have served for more than 20 years yet they remain junior officers; well, they must be dense, otherwise how can one account for their inability to rise?

Congratulations, Brig. Muhoozi,your intelligence has been rewarded, hope others will try their best to emulate your good example. But hard they may try however, there is no way they can get your intelligence, it is a trait inherited though somehow exposure to a good learning environment can improve it.

Peter Simon Okurut



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  1. Congratulations to my Brother Charles Angina,for the loyality you have exhibited over the years continue to pay off! For those who celebrated your deployment at the Chambers of the Court Martial now have a reason to mourn.
    may the good Lord continue to bless you and promote you as you continue to serve your country.
    As for Muhoozi,congratulations too,I know you are headed for bigger things and we are watching this space.

  2. mugabi robert,

    thanks team for the wonderful job

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