The Killing of Muslims in Uganda must be challenged


This kind of complacence where some fool with AK47 can wake up and just kill any Muslim and then go away without even anyone chasing them is joke. It is a joke because no one in Uganda can kill any Muhima or NRM people and then walks away just like that.

Ugandans must challenge these killings in all ways possible. We give power to our tormentors and that is exactly what motivates them. Once these oppressors succeed by killing with impunity for the first time, they find it easy to do it again and again.

Ugandans must challenge these murders in all ways possible. Someone needs to do some home work here. The home work includes studying;

Why these Muslim’s are being killed?
Who benefits from their death?
How are they chosen?
Apart from religion, what else do the victims have in common?
Is there any obvious causal links between NRM’s ideology of power -consolidation,domination plus monopoly and these killings?
What does the killer’s mindset likely to be?
Do the killings appear professional one’s or amateurish?
Is there any signature in these murders?
Did the victims knew each other?

Once we establish the above, we can build up the profile of the killer/s and then be able to point the right finger at them.

I call upon any volunteers to go to Uganda and secretly study these murders. We need to learn from the outcomes of this study and even use them for future purposes.




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  1. Mukasa,that’s an insult to the families of those who have lost their loved ones to these ruthless murders.You seem to be Ignoring the transitional revolutionary period that Islamic religion is going through before you begin speculating on whether it is Government responsible or NRM .
    May be you could suggest one of those killed who was not a member of NRM and a bit of proof that the victims have been killed as a result of their not being Bahima!Short of that,you only portray your sectarianism tendencies on this Forum which is an intellectual forum.
    And so I call upon patriotic right thinking UAH Members to ignore your Post.Any way,no blame for you,the Police here in Uganda should continue with the Investigations and ensure that the culprits are brought to book.
    As for you who thinks that the Queen of England’s men and women should descend down to Uganda to investigate the brutal killings here is simply to portray Uganda as a state without any functional Institution but also to demonstrate a mindset of neo – colonialism which, Pan-Africans have been fighting against.

  2. Akwech Geo,

    Erwau Sam, why can’t you write like an educated person? When I read in between the lines of your comments, I just see fanatism on display. Richard Mukasa has given his views and he is talking as a concerned Ugandan and he is not a muslim (which is good). Going on by telling us that there are institutions to investigate in Uganda is just another proof that you are either ignorant or another fanatic. We love our country and Government BUT do not condone such things.


    Honourable members of the UAH forum, i salute you all. I can surely understand the frastration and desire to get answers for the abstract (which is murders in this case) – which is human. The police gave a statement on 23rd. Aug.2012 which is accessible onits website but has since been updated with significant leaps in investigations, apprehension of suspects and curtailing of further murders.

    I would like however to give a few clarifications here:
    1. The murders occassion on people for the last five months have had all religions affected. Actually the number of moslems murdered is less than a half of the total number of victims. Neither is there any information pointing to a target to any specific social group.

    2. Most of the murder victims are business personnel and investigations point to money as the cause for robberies as the major cause and isolatedly; personal vandetta, deal gone wrong et cetera.

    3. Todate police has arrested over 35 hardcore robbers in relation to these murders and majority of have self-confessed and aided in apprehending others, over 10 guns used in these heinous acts (2 of which yesterday) have been recovered.

    The police is therefore very concerned of the situation and determination to handle the situation is self-evident with the above achievements. Just support us pliz. Thanks again to the panel.

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