Not Receiving UAH Messages in your inbox today?

Dear members,

We understand some of you are not receiving forum messages yet we receive what you post to the forum. There are a number of reasons why messages may not arrive in your inbox.

Messages can skip your inbox and end up in your ”All Mail”, ”Spam”, or ”Trash” labels, as the result of automatic spam filtering or filters that you’ve set up on your messages. If you know your subscription settings are correct, you may want to check your ‘spam’ or ‘bulk’ folders to see if the emails are there.Please check the following settings:


1. One of your filters could be directing the email into a folder
If you’ve set up filters, the message from this sender might be going directly to a different folder from your Inbox. Here’s how to check your filters:

Click Options in the upper-right, and select More Options.
Click Filters.
See anything that might be capturing the mail you’ve been looking for?
Note: Messages in Trash can be deleted at any time. Once messages are deleted, they’re gone forever, and can’t be retrieved.

2. You’re blocking the forum email address

The sender’s address might be on your Blocked Addresses list. Mail from blocked senders doesn’t arrive or bounce—it’s simply discarded. Here’s how to check your Blocked Addresses list:

Click Options in the upper-right corner of the page and select More Options.
Under “Spam”, click Block Addresses.
Scan the list for the address of the sender. If you see it, click it, then click Remove Block.


1. One of your filters could be directing the email into a folder

On the Filters tab in Settings, look for any filters that delete or archive your mail.
On the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, look to see whether any of these access choices are enabled, and verify Gmail’s behavior for handling messages.
On the Accounts and Import tab, make sure you haven’t misconfigured any Reply-to addresses, and check your Send mail as addresses.

2. Finally, if you’re sending mail to a mailing list that you subscribe to, those messages will only appear in ‘Sent Mail.’ This behavior also occurs when sending to an email address that automatically forwards mail back to your Gmail address. To test forwarding addresses or mailing lists, use a different email address to send your message.

3. Still don’t know what happened to your mail? Please check your Spam and Trash labels, and try performing a search of all mail in Gmail for the message in question. You can search for conversations by entering the sender’s name, the subject of the email, or a phrase from the content of the email, if you know it. Click Show search options, located next to the search box on any Gmail page, and make sure that Mail & Spam & Trash is selected in the Search field. Please note that Gmail search results don’t include matches to partial strings or matches that are ‘similar’ to your query, including plurals and misspellings. If you search for vacation, Gmail returns emails containing instances of vacation, but does not return emails including vacations or vaccations.


Delete and expunge (permanently delete) any unwanted mail messages. Delete all messages in your folders you nolonger want to create space for more messages. I normally delete all messages in my ‘spam’ and ‘Trash’ folders to create space for incoming messages

A final suggestion you may want to try is to subscribe to the forum using a different email account. We suggest using an email account hosted by an alternate provider, as this problem may be related to your current email service provider.


”Another option is that your email service provider is blocking all mail from Google Groups. We work with email service providers to remove blocks as they occur. When a block is lifted, all of the mail that was held during the block will be delivered, so you may see a surge of email. Please note that email blocks for some service providers occur frequently. We are working on methods of preventing these blocks and resolving them more quickly in the future. We appreciate your patience during a block.”

Abbey Semuwemba




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