Who is rally playing the victim here, Besigye or Government?!

One of the myriads of presidential advisors, David Mafabi, recently penned a missive in which he stated his belief that the opposition leader Dr. Besigye is playing the victim and that he has played the role so long he has began to believe it. What was interesting about this argument is that he featured the security apparatus and government of the country as dunderheads who have no choice but to play the role that the Doctor has assigned them in his game of playing victim. Well, one could turn the argument on its head and say that the presidential advisor and his ilk (those in government) are the ones actually playing the victim. Let’s look at the facts:

This is a group of people that has ruled us for over half the time that we have been independent but still have to rig elections to perpetuate themselves in power (after bribing MPs to remove the safeguard of term limits that would have stopped this underhand self perpetuation – at last some of their party members have realized that the self perpetuation was not just a problem at country level but in their party as well and have began to squeal their regrets to an amused populace); they use state resources in their campaigns; intimidate the populace; brutalize journalists; close up media houses if they don’t like what’s coming from them; will not allow their citizens the right to demonstrate freely and air out their grievances; they steal from the national coffers with total impunity; will not avail their citizens national identity cards because this will make it harder to rig elections; have to have the opposition leader under house arrest during jubilee independence day celebrations marking freedom – man the irony!; the list is a bottomless pit!

With all these ills this group has loud praise singers including this esteemed advisor trying to spin to Ugandans and anyone else willing to give ear, that they are the victims of an evil opposition full of terrorists trying to ruin the country worse than the NRM is doing (that is why you keep hearing better the devil you know!)! What is interesting is that these praise singers have been singing rosy odes so long that they have even began to believe all their hyperbolic stanzas despite the obvious horrid plight of most of their citizenry before their eyes every day!

Unfortunately the real victim is the people of Uganda who in the 21st century are still ferreting for sticks to cook their food and cannot even have water (which attracted tax recently to show that this government considers piped water in homes a luxury!) in their homes while their leaders pretend they are victims of an opposition that has stopped them realizing a nonexistent grand vision! Do you remember the claim that the opposition that could not stop the term limits removal supposedly stopped them building a power dam! Maybe you should also blame them for the current debacle with the Karuma Power Dam bids so that we you can continue playing the perfect victims!

Paget Kintu


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