M7 Doesnt Have Two jets as The Former Presidential Jet was Sold Off, Now In Brazil

Many continue to talk here (well, in the same way we talk about everything that storms the forum) that the president of Uganda has two jets, the older Gulfstream GIV, Reg 5x UEF and the new one, the GV Reg 5X-UGF.

I recall one time one member told us that the UEF is parked at Kisozi ranch….and another stepped in to reaffirm the claim.

This is how the old plane has moved ever since it was replaced:

It went to Gulfstream, and it was de-registered as 5X UEF (the Ug registration). Later it changed hands becoming N92SA, belonging to the Bank of Utah, Salt Lake City.

Then it changed hands again and was de-registered from the latter, on 26 July 2010 and its new owner, the current one, became Cowan/Saulo Wanderley a construction executive of a Brazilian company, Construtora Cowan SA. The new Registration under which it is flying is PP-CSW. The last three initials reflect the names of the owner.

This is how it looks like, at least as of March last year:

Here it was at Princess Juliana International Airport, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten Netherlands Antilles.

Here it was at Belo Horizonte Tancredo Neves in Brazil on 24 May last year…..

Some of its last flights as 5X-UEF include the 2008 UN Gen Assembly….below was one of those flights on 21 Sep 2008…a week later on 28 Sep it landed at Heathrow on the way back to Uganda.

Gulfstream G-IV(SP) 5X-UEF 1413 New York John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport – KJFK

Below, is the brandy new jet as it underwent tests at the Gulfstream base at Longbeach, California on 14 January 2009 undergoing pre-delivery flights. That registration is for Gulfstream…GA is Georgia. It was registered as 5X-UGF on 29 January 2009.

Before some start speculating that the GIV was re-registered from 5X-UEF to 5X-UGF and the money claimed to have bought the new plane pocketed, note the visual differences, particularly the number of widows. The GIV has 6 and the GV has 7….

When you step inside, you find that the old one carries two more passengers than the newer one…

So, when one listens to our good people here at UAH telling us that YK Museveni is hoarding two jets, it only becomes yet another cause for one’s heart to bleed at the idleness of mind and sheer purposeless of what passes as Uganda’s civil society!

Anyway, the process of Gulfstream delivering the new plane involved handing the old plane by Uganda to Gulfstream. It is not that the old plane was taken to Kiseka Market and sold, while the new plane was procured from Kalerwe market.

As far as I know, the procurement was a part-exchange, and even with that, Uganda is still leasing…..
What I know is that, the newer one has a longer range, about 10,000Km, compared to about 7,000 of the old one….and anyway, the older such equipment becomes, the more expensive they become to keep retrofitting. The same with cars. I see people who have the policy of using a car only for 2 or 3 yrs, and getting rid of it in PXchange for the new one, from the dealer. It will still be road worth, but more costly to insure, fuel etc….

When you are a Third Worlder, with limited maintenance capability back home, you are better off with a machine that will not need regular excessive attention. In fact older equipment of that nature ends up getting closer to home….

Note that the current US Air force for presidents, AF1 (actually 1s, because they are two identical ones) went into service 12 yrs ago…put six yrs of use for each, and they fly the president of the country that manufactures them…they are right at home…..

Uganda’s GIV worked for 9 years, all on its shoulders. The current one was delivered sometime in 2009. I know the TZs have a similar one of 2004….

And I think someone somewhere needs to determine the length of time for which they should be held ensuring that they can be pxed when they still have some value…..

The GIV cost $31.5 but only fetched $10…..

The GV must be about $45M each…Google have two which cost that much….Uganda’s being militarily retrofitted may be higher than that may be $48m….

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto


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  1. Kyeyune Richard,

    Thank u Mr. Otto for the information but it is unfortunate that our President has committed awful and grave acts that he now befits every every evil!!!!!

  2. murcus,

    The most mature, articulate & illustrative peace. Thanks Otto though i see Kulaigye through the whole article.

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