Muhoozi Will Not be Different from M7 if he becomes the president

My thinking regarding Museveni’s dream to make his son the successor, cannot be as far apart from some comments i have read on UAH, as it has been for a very long time. Let me use Hon. Jimmy Akena as a classic example. He is a young man, probably a Generation X…1965-1982, I’m not conversant with his educational attainment, but he sounds knowledgeable enough. Listening to him argue his politics home, you can not miss or misinterpret his father’s undertone. A desire to rule by all means, and ruthlessly if necessary.

That is not what scares many of us the most, but rather the fact that should the opportunity present its self, he harbour’s intentions to re-instate his late father’s bad rule. One can not rule out a repeat of the 1966 events in which Kabaka Mutebi becomes the victim this time. I really see him….”Jimmy” executing such a cowardly order. All that said, I do not blame him one bit for his father’s mistakes.

Muhoozi’s cardinal duty once he assumes office will be to protect his father, “president Museveni”, the family’s colossal wealth, and above all, ensure continuity for as long as time can allow. To say that Muhoozi will have Uganda at heart, and therefore solve Uganda’s generational problems is fallacious. I think that is what you mean by “Muhoozi has current ideas”. My friend, you’re installing a condom vending machine in the Vatican. A waste of time really.

Muhoozi has been groomed to reign above the NRM party in order to continue to render it disfunctional as is the case today. That way, he can impose and dictate. What used to be known as the NRM political party, the party of ideas back in the days when it was incepted, is a mere shadow of its self. The NRM you hear and read about today, is no longer a political party, but a mental condition. It is a disease. You do not cure a mental illness by prescribing a dosage of Muhoozi, No!!

We went out looking for trouble, we found it in 1986, for years we’ve diagnosing it wrongly, and applying unsuitable remedies. Why do we keep on repeating these same mistakes?!!…now Muhoozi!!!! His father has always had a casual relationship with the truth, how do you expect his son to be so different? By the way, did you know that half of what constructs the word “Politics” is a Luganda word, and the rest of it English? “Poli” in Luganda means “many” and “tics” meaning “blood sucking creatures”. Have you ever seen them stop sucking voluntarily?

Let me tell you a story. There was a time around the first half of the year 2000 onwords, when Kampala was an extremely dangerous place to have a gold chain around your kneck. You heard about testimonies from women who had sustained wounds as a result of being scratched as these thieves went on their business of stealing gold chains. One day I told my wife, if this ever happens to me during day time, that thief will regret why they tried.

She never took me seriously. We were heading towards Munyonyo and as I slowly negotiated that junction around Nsambya towards Kabalagala, a thief grabbed miss’s hand as she chated away on her mobile phone and disappeared in darkness. It was gone in seconds. I had always advised her never to leave the car window open especially in known areas of the city, but………….

A few weeks later around Nakasero, we were stuck in “bona bavuge” traffic jam, and this time a thief made away with her gold chain in broad day light. Only my wife listens when you advise her never to leave the car window open. I’ve heard others say their wives are genetically stubborn. Anyhow, I left the car engine running and I gave chess. Please rest assured that Kiprotich is “biwero/nothing” on the clock if you’d seen me. When this man looked behind, he saw me coming and coming, I believe he’d never experienced anything like that before.

He threw the chain to another thief but by then, the crowd was getting exited and a bit difficult for them to get away. Wanainchi feasted on both of them later. We managed to get our gold back.

President Museveni is merely passing over the relay stick to his kind… understand????????

For Uganda, when it rains it pours, from Museveni to Muhoozi……!!!




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  1. Mukasa,

    I happened this year to discuss with a professor of a university who knows museveni in details. This professor said. Museveni has no plans of leaving state house unless otherwise, but there is little hope.M7s dream is to expand the tutsi empire from ethiopia,somalia,south sudan ,DRC,Rwanda,Burundi and Uganda.However, in Uganda the deal looks unsustainable due to the big tribe of baganda who have rooted for over 500 years and even if a war breaks up today, some innocent people from western tribes may suffer a lot.remember the kayunga saga 2010. many bakigas,banyakore,batooro and banyarwanda suffered because of museveni. he is planting a seed of trouble to his collegues.In my village where i stay a suburb of kampala, all shops and businesses from the mentioned tribes closed for 7 days. Am warning Museveni that, he thinks he has a superior army yet is fighting 10 millions of baganda who are every where. he should calculate his steps can Baganda youth burn a big police station and police booths in only 3 days?. you just give them a month museveni will be no where. Our people dont worry, the time is clocking very soon.

  2. wasukulu,

    @Mukasa, stop that tribal thinking, if you know what happened i Rwanda, then you would wish full think it to happen to Uganda.What would none Baganda think of you when they read this article of yours?

  3. Uganda is not hereditary when it comes to presidency I believe we vote for president not it being like a kingdom where there is a successor so muhoozi taking over from his father as president of Uganda or even the NRM is practically impossible so remove such vague issues from your mind and come back to the real world Uganda is a country not a kingdom and mukasa Uganda is not a tribalistic country and there is no way M7 can make it a tutusi nation not in Uganda never will it happen .

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