Political Jokers are aids to Museveni’s long Rule

There’s nothing that costs someone like voluntary ignorance, it becomes worse when such ignorance has a drastic effect on the society. The 21st century hasn’t only affected the production industry where the market is flooded with both genuine and fake goods but also people who claim to fight for freedom. In the struggle against colonialism a kid could also tell what our fore fathers were fighing for, in simple terms we knew what liberation parties and personalities stood for. In the contemprary Africa, Uganda in particular distingushing the ideologies of several parties we’ve from the other can be a very challenging job despite of the fact that party members see how unique they’re from one another which is socratic irony.

Prior to going further, one asked me a question which I need help from you: “what do DP, NRM, PPP, JEMA, FDC, CP among others stand for and how different are they? Well, on paper I know they present barely different ideologies but practically are the same. If am not mistaken, FDC, DP, CP etc are all fighting corruption, human rights abuse, M7’s oppressive regime among other injustices of the ruling government.

Let’s ponder upon their strategies and methodologies of bringing change in Uganda (if any). I’ll reserve the drama among our politicians and the greed for power for now.

Presently parties have chapters in the diaspora but if it wasn’t for lack of an appropriate word to use, I wouldn’t call them chapters. The country’s main opposition party which of course is FDC enjoyed massive support from diaspora and South Africa in particular played an ultimate task in building the then Reform agenda and needless to remind, it was host to the party founder.

I know its unpopular and to those who enjoy sweeping under the carpet it’ll not sound sweet in their ears but the FDC chapter in South Africa is now a white elephant. It’s as good as the dormant DP and UPC chapters and synonymous with Kampala parties without chapters in South Africa. One might be wondering why the fading support but let’s face reality; was it genuine support or target support? The majority supported because of the high expectations they had and what are they? The ones enjoyed by those who supported the NRM war.

Opportunists, frustrated, jokers, power hungry, power strugglists, desperate people are the partists based in the diaspora, though 4% can be real. To me these so called party members in the diaspora are a loss to their parties and sometimes a mockery to the Kampala party members. Instead of playing a unique role, they are duplicating the activities of the Kampala members. The Kampala party members especially youths have greatly improved activism through social networks but the shameless and blunt members in the diaspora find it appropriate and innovative to copy and paste and sometimes share the same information to the same audience! I wonder if they ask them selves the impact it will have prior to copying and pasting!

I would expect party members in the diaspora to do better than that perhaps the least they could do is gathering and publishing such information to the rest in the diaspora but still the Kampala members with the little resources they’ve fly and do it themselves!

Fantasy and idle talking is what the majority is specialising in. The degree of wishful thinking among the so called partists is now chronical and needs therapy. It’s unfortunate that jokers don’t admit but deep down their hearts they know they’re. If a pedestrian can’t knock a car in motion why would a frustrated and desperate Ugandan assure people of bombing M7 without even a knife? Better to stick on peaceful means as the Kampala activists than making a storm out of a tea cup! If I was a voter in Uganda, I wouldn’t vote for opportunist party members from the diaspora and on the expense of the deserving selfless Ugandans based in Uganda.

Good enough the likes of Anne Mugisha, Lubega and Kiwalabye have tasted the cost of attempting to reap what they didn’t sow. They left their confort places in the diaspora and went to vie for leadership in Uganda without even considering the tear gas and all sort of suffering other activists have gone through. Fortunately voters were wise and voted in favor of the deserving not opportunists.

I thought political maturity was growing with age but its not the case. Museveni is still buying time due to political immaturity among some people who claim to be mature partists. These so called partists in the diaspora should learn from the Kampala members and stop facilitating M7’s rule ignorantly. It would have been the Kampalans to learn from those in the diaspora but its a pity its the other way round. If it wasn’t for formality, I guess this chapter would be desolved by now afterall it’s as good a dead lion.


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  1. wasukulu,

    Timothy, what have you done for this country before you can blame M7

  2. Yes they maybe some Political jokers within the govt but our President is not so he has done a lot for this country and You Timothy shud be at least grateful.

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