Kayihura acts as the govt Spokesperson and Spin doctor on UAH instead of addressing security issues in the country

A picture provided by Hannah Ogwapiti:These were suspects of the September 10 Riot,when Kabaka was blocked from going to Bugerere. They were totaaling to 100+. The picture was taken early in the morning,and the sun rays you see comes from the two doors of that safe house. You can clearly see that the guy whose head lies adjacent to the brown guy was looking. This is not a stage managed picture. Its the truth and reality

A picture provided by Hannah Ogwapiti:These were suspects of the September 10 Riot,when Kabaka was blocked from going to Bugerere. They were totaaling to 100+. The picture was taken early in the morning,and the sun rays you see comes from the two doors of that safe house. You can clearly see that the guy whose head lies adjacent to the brown guy was looking. This is not a stage managed picture. Its the truth and reality

I wonder what exactly is going on in president Museveni’s head when he reads all this. Honestly, he had a big opportunity in 1986 to change Uganda for the better. What happened in between, it’s something that leaves a lot of us scratching our heads? The problem is that i cannot see things turning around very soon, and he does not want to give anybody a chance to lead our country, which is a shame.

Even the ‘politics of sleep’ is no longer selling at all. Just the other day, Mr.Gilbert Bukenya was lamenting about the night murders in his constituency, Kakiiri. Beti Nambooze was lamenting about the same; a day before Iddil day- some group of robbers again used ladder and jumped inside the fence of my home to steal car spare parts, and they did; the headmistress of progress Kajjansi( Lweza) suffered the same fate the same day. There is a gang that has been breaking into people’s shops around Entebbe road areas for the last 2-6 months, but the police has done nothing to stop it. Now, I understand the same gang is robbing people’s homes undeterred by anything.

For the last 3-4 days, there has not been electricity in most parts surrounding Kampala yet i understand a new dam was opened up in Bujagala recently. I have also read somewhere in the papers that the government is inviting companies to bid for the construction of another dam at Karuma falls. But, who is benefiting from all these projects when load shedding cannot go away, even around Kampala city?

The so called UPE and USE is totally a mess as you have seen from the pictures posted everyday on this forum. The schools are too ill equipped to teach even a bird how to sing. Private schools have taken over to save the day!

The roads are so bad almost everywhere in Uganda such that it will require someone really committed to give them a new facelift.

Generally, everything is just a mess and i cannot see president Museveni fixing it, yet he doesn’t wanna go and he is growing older every day. Where we go from here, I don’t know since Mr.Muhoozi is also in the process of packing his suitcases to get a permanent residence at State house in the near future.

Bizibu munange
Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba


Abbey, friends,

Am sorry I have been off air for quite a while. I will try to cope. I was quite taken aback by the rather negative picture you (Abbey) that you incorrectly, and unfairly, paint of Uganda of today. While not oblivious of the challenges we face, (and we have faced many and more vicious before and overcome them by the way), there is no question that we have made tremendous progress over the last 25 years that there is no reason for you to be so pessimistic, Abbey. The country does not deserve it. The masses of ordinary people that overwhelmed Kololo Independence grounds on 9 October 12, overflowing into the roads leading to the grounds said it all. And these were ordinary people from all walks of life. And by the way, the week leading to the event, residents in the suburbs around the city were in celebratory mode with bikes and muchomo. And this was so in spite of the pervasive propaganda by the Namboozes and Semujjus in the weeks leading to the major event for the country that we mourn instead.

And the record number of Heads of State and foreign dignitaries that honoured us, Abbey. It was indeed a Moment of Pride for the country. It was, indeed, very energizing. Incidentally, last evening, I was invited to Kamwokya on a community policing programme by ordinary residents. I felt the same way, very energized. As I had not visited the area for sometime i was quite excited by the transformation of a place into a commercial suburbseeing, a place that had been a slum. and the faces of happiness full of hope. And the closeness of the Police and the people! Quite impressive. It was not the kind of Uganda you describe, Abbey.

By the way, on crime, yes since April until about August, we had challenges in Kampala. But we have since busted the gangs of thugs. The serious crimes that had emerged have been reduced tremendously. The recent ” kinywamusayi” stories that were caused by three killings in August, Sept, and Oct in the areas north of the city in Wakiso, parts of Luwero, Mityana, Kyankwanzi, and Kiboga districts were more of a scare campaign than reality. We moved in fast, arrested the thugs responsible for the murders, increased vigilance, and the stories are now dying out. That meeting in Kakiri was, by the way, a very good and positive meeting, although you choose to focus on the negative. We are fast tracking community policing to keep our people safe and secure. I will strive to ensure that we keep you informed of the crime situation in the country. By the way, recently I hosted a regional Interpol meeting of Police chiefs from 12 countries which was a resounding success, and quite frankly they openly applauded our achievements especially in building a secure environment. Incidentally, opening the meeting of the Council of Ministers responsible for Police matters, which was a culmination of our Police conference, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament made a very significant point. He asked us to reflect how come the first 25 years since our independence were very chaotic with 9 Presidents, and the following 25 years have not been so turbulent.

As for electricity, with the full commissioning of Bujagali, we actually have surplus power, and load shedding has almost been eliminated. The problems of power cuts that sometimes occur are a problem of distribution by UMEME. We are in the process of establishing the reasons fr this. But part of it is the vandalization of the transformers by thieves of transformer of oil. We are working at it. I agree UMEME needs to do more. Instead of generalizing, Abbey, it is better to distil the problems and challenges and identify the causes and propose how to deal with them. That would be helpful. Prejudice is not at all useful, Abbey. There is no country in the world that does not face the kind of problems that we face. The critical point is the will, the drive to tackle them. There is no country of angels and geniuses including the countries that you stay and work in. There is no reason to put ourselves down. The future of Uganda is very bright, and it is the mission of our generation to ensure that that happens and it will.

Alex Mukulu’s brilliant choreographic performance during the Golden Jubilee independence celebrations at Kololo said it all. How I wish you watched it. We are moving forward, Abbey, we are, and nobody will stop that.

Thank you.

General Kale Kayihura


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  1. Gen. Kale Kayihura,

    Am not aware of this picture. It could be one of those manipulated images. Remember a similar picture that Monitor published that showed as though those in the picture were dead bodies. Which cell? Which station? I can’t comment until I have more details.

  2. General, we know there is no country with out political diffrences but how are they handled is the issue. And are other police chiefs in other countries as politicall vigilant as you are? Have you ever imagined how your views these days will be thought about after some time, talk of a wise man loosing focus.

  3. Cathie,

    I wonder why gov’t pple lyk kale kayihura think that all the masses that went 4 indpendance celebrationz at kololo did so coz they’re happy wth governance! Ths was a matter of patriotism (love 4da country bt nt love 4da gov’t) i know of pple frm kinawataka who went there coz of the free food available. Ths is a clear signal that pple sleep hungry.! Sm pple went 2pass tym and hav acolourful day full of entertainment since it waz a public holiday! In any case,it waz massively advertised for! Pple celebrated in their surbubs wth bikes n muchomo coz of da 50yrz not coz of m7. And kayihura shd know that mu7 has ruled 4 25yrz coz frm 2001 electionz, there waz alot of rigging in his favor and being adictator that he is, he cant accept that abantu bakoowu!

  4. Gen.Kale, We are tired of your lies with your headmaster.since 1982 when we were still in the bush ,u are driving the country on lies. However, luckily enough we have the evidence videos and pictures which will pin you with your headmaster and the the director of studies(Amama).
    The hour is coming when all the people will pin you for the looting , killing, torture, and the destroying u have made to our people.
    You can full people for a certain time , but not all the time.

  5. Abdul 786k,

    If Gen. Kale is saying that pple went to Kololo coz they loved Govt, why then was it that they banned all public functions & gatherings before & on the day of Independence?
    Very simple, they knew that if pple had an option else where, they would not go to Kololo.
    They feared to be ashamed in front of their guests. Bright idea General KK

  6. General Kayihura needs to stop playing politics and actually start policing the community!

    If he wishes to be a politician, he should resign from the police /army -always forget which one he is! its obvious he is not a very good policeman anyway!

    Denying that people are getting killed instead of going to the ground and verifying it is simply being defensive. Instead of verifying each othe stories that abbey cites that have all appeared in the media, he is just denying and being defensive!

    The reality is that Kayihura’s police is incompetent with regards to maintaining security of person and property! People are being killed in virtual daylight. I was almost murdered with a katayimbwa to the head at 830 pm right next to a police barracks on mukwano road 200 metres from the traffic lights. Also got a broken hand that required surgery! I have since spoken to lots of other people who have had similar experiences and followed the stories in the papers!

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