Why always Amama Mbabazi and DRC?

Message delivered to UN Secretary-General, the President and Members of the UN Security Council on False Accusations against Uganda in UN Group of Experts Report on DRC

Hon. Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, Special Envoy and Minister of Information and Communications Technology, who is currently in New York, has delivered a message from the Government of Uganda expressing disappointment and grave concern about the false accusations against Uganda in the report of the UN Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in meetings he has held with:

i) The Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Jan Eliasson, who received the message on behalf of the UN Secretary-General H.E. Ban Ki-moon, on November 1, 2012;

ii) The President of the UN Security Council, Ambassador H. S. Puri of India on November 2, 2012;

iii) The Representatives of Security Council members: South Africa, Azerbaijan, France, Togo, China, Russia, and United Kingdom.

The Government stressed that it was unacceptable to malign Uganda’s contribution to regional peace and security by alleging that it supports the M23 group. Uganda’s involvement in seeking a solution to the situation in Eastern DRC was at the express request of both the DRC Government and the UN Secretary General, and in its capacity as Chair of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR).

The Government informed that Uganda’s withdrawal from regional peace efforts, including Somalia, CAR, etc. would become inevitable unless the UN corrects the false accusations made against Uganda, by bringing out the truth about Uganda’s role in the current regional efforts.

The President of the Security Council, Ambassador H. S. Puri, said that the report is yet to be considered by the Sanctions Committee concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He added that views expressed by the independent experts do not necessarily reflect those of the United Nations.

Ambassador Puri also noted that Uganda, as an important troop-contributing country, is playing a significant role in the maintenance of peace and security in several countries, particularly in Somalia.

Hon. Rugunda is due to meet the President of the UN General Assembly, and the remaining Representatives of the Security Council members: United States of America, Germany, Pakistan, Guatemala, Colombia, Morocco, and Portugal next week.

Uganda’s delegation comprises Lt. General Katumba Wamala, Commander of the Land Forces, UPDF, and Senior Government Officials.

November 2, 2012



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  1. Dr. Badrudeen Bashir Seifu,

    Its an African Culture to black spot or to paint black whoever is a Good performer. Amama Mbabazi is indeed a good performer both Socially, Politically and Technically. So, by virtue of the African spirit of Pull Him/Her Down b’koz he/she is a good performer. All that comes out every time about Amama Mbabazi is False accusation without actual facts & those who are always accusing him just have a bioused mind about him & they are the very persons to be accused of what ever they accuse Amama Mbabazi. Bkoz they seem to have conspired with him and later found them selves dropt.

  2. Where did you get that phd? or is it a medical degree? May be u are not a ugandan and u are among the dealers of Amama. Shame up u for your childish reasoning . Here even a primary one child knows the wrongs of amama from temangalo to the prime ministers office.Kindergaten reasoning.

  3. Muwonge,

    Dr. Badrudeen Bashir Seifu!….Did you just call them false accusations!……your disappointing….!! are you a Doctor really and when you hear the Temangalo lan saga, u say accused….or maybe you are Amama’s….whatever!

  4. I am studying this area, so the information has helped in my research.
    Thanks for the help, as it has saved me a load of

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