The government should stop thinking that Ugandans are so terribly stupid!

In the first instance, there is no person leaving on his salary and wages, in Uganda, who can be so spendthrift, to set up multi-million dollar commercial and estate developments and it remains unoccupied months on.

Even, if the used money for capital development was borrowed – Uganda bank loan rates are suicidal, at 15 – 26 % per annum.

Thirdly, with the advent of National Social Security Fund and URA – there is no individuals with a milt million business entity, with less than five workers.

Take an example of Sudhir, Mulwana, Mukwano, Wavamunno, Ahmed Omar Mandela or Tumwine. You can clearly trace the trajectory of their riches.

For the whole of last year 2011, and some how 2010, people within and without government, with acquired illicity wealthy have been disposing off property at an alarming rate.

I will give news paper journalist a sample area of Muyenga, Buziga, Munyonyo area. Rampant sale of property, in a close period of time has been going on!

This can’t be an accident!

Those in the know, allege that kins and friends were tipped, that NRM was going to launch this selective and visibly selective, haunt termed fight against corruption in NRM Lexicon.

If the above allegation are not true – I call upon NRM government, in their true spirit of fight against corruption to be open and then let the ministry of lands, housing and urban development under the information act;

a. publish a list of land and property that has changed hands since 2009 plus the names of former owners! Data is land office.

b. Under the information act, let NRM publish list of Minister , government officials , army officers and relatives of NRM officer’s wealth at least; vehicles, houses, farms, land and liquid assets.

c. tax contribution of to URA of the above group and category

d. Circumstance under which vast land had been sold or purchased in Buruli, Mubende, Singo area and ssese islands since 1996.

e. Let Government through NSSF publish the above people contribution of their workers.

ethnic triumphalism!

Bwanika Nakyesawa



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  1. Pile Peter,

    Dats wz one ov da 1991 nrm resolutions

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