YKM can actually save UPE by going back on the 4 child policy per woman not man

Some keep putting my name on issues related to UPE simply because I support it. Now listen. There is kiganda saying that when being attacked by a beast, you invoke God’s protection while running as fast as possible. I liken that to UPE.

Ugandans should have stopped to think about UPE and adjust their childbearing decisions. What happened is the opposite. Ugandans open up their zips and yes pants to produce more because UPE was there. The elimination of barriers to education has proved counterproductive. More children thereby overwhelming the system

Listen, folks, the rate Ugandans are producing makes it impossible to improve the quality of life for some many bodies. It is the same at the household level-micro-and at the national level-macro. If households can’t provide adequately for their families, what makes you think the govt can?

Listen again; YKM can actually save UPE by going back on the 4 child policy per woman not man. Simply insist that UPE will be mandatory for all Ugandan children but the state will only educate for free 4 children per woman/mother. Notice that the women and men are free to father more than 4 kids per child BUT they will have to pay out of pocket expenses to educate the fifth children and above.

Can you tell me why families should not be thankful that the state is educating 4 children per woman/mother (why? because polygamy is very common).

And the state would make sure that all children are in school or else their fathers and may be even mothers are held accountable for not paying fees for child number 5 and above. If you will UPE has created amoral hazard. Ugandans no longer worry about producing babies faa because they believe wrongly that the state will educate, feed and cloth their babies.

Bottom line, UPE will continue to under perform as long as Ugandan can produce 7, 8 or 10 children. Listen folks, Ugandan women already pay the ultimate price of producing more children.

The maternal mortality rate is very high. And guess what? Many mothers die in child labour while delivering their 5, 6, 7, or 8 children. They leave behind 6 or 7 orphaned kids because they were trying for the 8th. Something needs to happen. Ugandans need to embrace quality over quantity. What do you think?

UPE was meant to kill several birds with one stone. Educate all Ugandan children but also force or bind Ugandans to the 4 child policy. That is why expanded it to include 4 children per woman for the reasons of polygamy. A man with 4 wives would have 16 kids educated for him by the donor and taxpayer money. Why is that not enough? Every mother would have her 4 children educated through UPE and USE. Why is that not something to be treasured?

I understand YKM chickened out when the polygamists threatened to deny him votes. So where do the opposition stand on the 4 child policy per woman/mother? And you know what, the state could grand mothered in those mothers who had more than 4 children pre-UPE and enforce the 4 child policy per mother to include all mothers who started having babies post UPE.

The problem in Uganda is that everything is politicized for cheap political gains. The position too is empty. You read on this forum stuff of what the next Ugandan leaders should do. No. Give us more meat on real issues that affect Ugandans. How would they fix UPE and USE for example?

Can someone tell me why 4 children per mother is not a good investment? Time for timidity is over with. Done with kabisa. Now it is time to react and save UPE.

For those post UPE mothers who still want to produce until they hit menopause or exhaust the god given fertility, would have to pay for the fifth child and above from their pockets.

Incidentally that is why YKM has not declared UPE and USE mandatory. Put in the 4 child rule and make UPE and USE mandatory and feed them.

Folks, in our primary days we got a bowl of porridge and beans for lunch. But that is because we were not as many as the kids are today in primary. One member noted recently how they sued to get tea during Amin’s time in day school. Yes Population has gone up like crazy.

We waste too much time on nonsense in this forum instead of taking about real policy issues that affect our peoples. Yes our relatives back in Uganda. That is what I would do to fix UPE/USE and turn them around for the kids.

I have other ideas too to help improve literacy quickly. QN: how many educated Ugandans are siting idle in villages and town looking for work. Why not put them to god use to teach certain skills even on a part time basis?.

We have been arguing about local language son this forum. But suppose those kids are literate in their mother tongues/ i mean have the ability to read and write in those languages. Would not they be better able to learn English and its grammar faster?

Ugandans are only interested in stealing money and nothing useful. UPE and USE do not require rocket science to turn around.’

Address the moral hazard issue and see what happens. BTW, the Kenyans are promising to do just that.



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