Why is the Itesto the majority Working as guards in Kampala?

The Itesot must learn to hate exploitation and pride themselves in being Itesot. Where is Dr. Were of Chicago University and Vukoni L?

I am so amazed that an entire nation of Itesot can end on the streets of Kampala earning a miserable 150’000 monthly, watching over other people’s wealth. These Itesot guards, at times go for days without proper sleep and food.

I’ve talked to so many and it’s sad grotesque scenery.Virtually all of them reside in the numerous slums of Kampala! People with a culture, a tradition, a language, a history left to fade away.

Singapore a small country has made it without the bloody oil wealth – the entire Teso region can make it without Uganda. This is a society, which like Acoli, Karamojong and West Nilers have an advantage of the frontiers.

The sooner among themselves emulate the Kigezi people who are steadily moving forward under the Banyakigezi group – the intention of a colonial state in Kampala will reduce this entire people, culture, tradition and their future to nothingness.

The first objective was attained when your cattle exactly as it was done in Luwero by bush war thugs either killed or stolen. Further was the fragmentation of Teso into smaller districts. Now, the Itesot are squabbling about these nonviable districts, taking centre stage instead of seeking economic power stolen from you.

Apart from Mike Mukula who is any other Itesot worthy a mention?

Generation and generation have lost campus only to assume when you get a rifle and sit on Kampala veranda to watch over people’s wealth, this same wealth will be transmitted to you.

Quickly like the Baganda, Banyakigezi, Bunyoro create a forum and seek autonomy. As autonomy is sought people’s attention will directed to their own potential as a people territorially and politically.

The first step in this self-redefinition is to empower the Itesot with economic and political power by creating centres of economic activities. Develop your towns and also build proper residences, for your folk, as well as sending as many as possible in technical schools.

Bwanika Nakyesawa



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  1. Captain Rashid,

    Folks,   I have read this article and I dispel it.   In Kaliro 30% of the lectures in NTC I know, are from Teso and in most schools secondary / technical we have at least 3 to 5 teachers from Teso. This applies in most Schools in Busoga /Eastern Uganda.   Omusoga Nyende please tell us you are following education affairs in Uganda.   Am sorry the author of that article needs to go back and do some research.

    >________________________________ > From: Ugandans-At-Heart >To: kaliro45@yahoo.co.uk >Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2012 4:51 PM >Subject: [New post] Why is the Itesto the majority Working as guards in Kampala? > > WordPress.com >ugandansatheart(UAH) posted: “The Itesot must learn to hate exploitation and pride themselves in being Itesot. Where is Dr. Were of Chicago University and Vukoni L? I am so amazed that an entire nation of Itesot can end on the streets of Kampala earning a miserable 150’000 monthly” >

  2. Peter Okello Maber,

    Thought I am not a Tesoman myself, I have however read Bwanika’s views about the Iteso and I can not help but laugh. While the apparent intention of the writer is to appear sympathetic to the plight of the Iteso guards in Kampala, but the real intention seems to be different i.e. to recruit the Iteso in the federo badwagon!

    Bwanika’s claim seems to be that once all ther tribes go their ways as the Baganda are demanding, then all problems in Uganda will have been sorted!!!

    I do not know whether the Iteso are the majority of guards in Kampala but what is undeniable is the fact that there are quite a number of them offering that service alongside many others from other tribes in Kampala.

    But I think we should learn to respect all jobs that Ugandans done so long as they are lawful including being guards! Among the reasons why Iteso may appear the majority in guards duties in Kampala may include the following:
    – The general lack of decent jobs in Uganda
    – Many Iteso have served in the armed forces and when they are out, the most likely job they can do is security related.
    – Most important, is the fact that the Iteso are more trusted and reliable compared to say Baganda.

    If you give an Etesot guard to keep your wealth of say shs100 m, you can be sure that you will get all of it intact the next morning! Try the same with a Muganda guard! Before you know it the fellow will have vanished with all the money to do Kyeyo somewhere!!! Might it be true that the Baganda generally may have a higher afinity to run off with wealth which is not theirs? What explains this phenomenon?

    Because of their reliability, most rich people including Baganda, would rather have an Itesot guard, guard their wealth, rather than a fellow Muganda!!!!

    Anywhere in the world, there must always be people whose duties is to guard the wealth of the rich and do it with honestly.

    Let us agitate for the improvement of the salaries of these Iteso guards rather than mock them!!!

  3. Bwanika only has a hidden agenda,he appears more sympathetic to Iteso before understanding their plight! Would it be ironical that A muganda,speaks passionately about the suffering of the Iteso people without considering the historical mistakes commited by the past leadership?
    Am disturbed by lack of research in Bwanika’s Article, and let me briefly provide this facts from one the local NGO’s operating in Teso.(Pride of Teso).
    This were the findings done in last year in April :
    Up to 38.5% of the Guards in private Security Companies are from Teso.
    41.9% are from West
    While Baganda contribute 10%
    Other tribes share the remaining %tage of about 14,this research can be accessed from Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development – By any responsible citizen.
    Why then should Bwanika become the spokesperson of Teso on this forum?
    Those are the same myopic arguments presented by selfish individuals who wanted to launch subversive activities against the legitimate and Elected Government of the republic of Uganda!
    What a shame that when the boys reached Kampala,they found that a majority of those who were on Security Uniform were actually from the West!

    If Bwanika’s intention is to incite the Iteso against this Government,it might be quite difficult because The Subjects of Emorimor have had enough share of their suffering for along and the current peace and security prevailing in their land should be sustained .



  5. Philemon opolot,

    I am an itesot living in Diaspora and i must say am proud of Itesots here in South Africa.As compared to other Ugandan tribes,You will find many Iteso here earning a living faithfully and holding legitimate and respectable high profile jobs even in government departments.They are intelligent and faithful..it’s unfortunate that the political arena in Uganda suppresses this great people but until you come out of Uganda..you will never realize that Iteso are more than guards.

  6. sarah dominic adalet,

    am very proud of being itesot,but i must say every nation without unit love and peace is like blowing wine in a desert.To all iteso for the b’tter nation we must work had to see that we care for one anther and work so had to educted our children.emura koliya and let peace be in teso.

  7. Olupot Moses.,

    emuria koliayi!!! it is my pride being an Itesot under what ever conditons/ circumstances, I will always be. For God made it that way and it was His deliberate intention. Next is that we are never poor but like any society, not all people are of the same standards, there are the poor and the rich. If we were all the same, then there would be no security guards. their would not be nurses and doctors. there would not be teachers and head teachers. There would be no father, no mother and no children. Every family blessed to have children must have the first born and the last born.

    This is God’s own making. Emuria koliay!!!!

  8. Olupot Moses.,


  9. What an interesting debate here! I agree with Peter Okello for giving some of the reasons why the Iteso are in security-related jobs such as security guards. Most of the reasons are valid. But I disagree with him when he says Bwanika’s real intention is to call Iteso to join the federo bandwagon. Well, Bwanika never mentioned federo directly but talked of autonomy.

    OK, let’s assume she was referring to federo or a federal system of governance to be precise. What’s wrong with that? I think it is time we tried out other systems of governance because clearly the system we are following was handed over to us by the colonialists. Isn’t it time we came up with our own solutions for our own problems. Just because federalism hasn’t been tried out doesn’t mean it can’t work. Let’s look around us, we will get surprised as to how many countries are using federalism.

    Am I saying federalism is the answer to all our problems? No. But it’s worth the try. Bwanika raised a lot of facts in her argument and I think it is important to follow up on her issues rather than demonize them. But what exactly is federalism? May be we don’t even understand it and this may explain why we resent it so much. But I believe, federalism can go a long way in empowering local regions to take development matters into their own hands which is very hard with the current system. Federalism can help reduce on the enormous power that the central government wields, which in some cases, is abused. Just imagine if a regional government existed in Karamoja, it would ensure that most of the profits from the minerals are put back into Karamoja in the form of roads, better schools e.t.c. With this current system, this is hard or even impossible!

  10. Sam Ediau,


  11. Emuron Tony Ogulei,

    Emuria koliai!!! am proud to be an Iteso appreciation goes to ma fellow Iteso who have been proclaimed to be the majority of S/Guards in Kampala upon their exhibiting of guard duties in order to manage their family functionality rather than being Victims of High Way Robbery resulting to …. Note: No Condition is Permanent. God is watching us and lets be optimistic!!

  12. Emongonyang peter,

    60% of security guards in kampala right are from the west part of uganda,so for the case of Bwanika,the Bible says for u to solve ur friends problems make sure urs are safe.is Bwanika instead of solving the issue highrobbery,gambling,taking of njaga, prostitution and lastly corruption all these rabish is being done BY a Muganda here in kampala not every one was born rich M7 was aguard and is still a security. Itesot being hardworking people bwanika thought may be we’re like them we’re so sorry God 4bid.

  13. isaac okanya,


  14. isiku anna anselma,

    better than being abillionare who z corrupt at the expense of the poor but the majority of street guards are from the northern part of uganda ma friend being an itesot is the most wonderful thing iwill always appreciate nomatter what people may say

  15. Erarakit,

    Who are these “Itesots” that even fellow Iteso are referring to? All I can say is that some of us cannot even talk about being proud to be Iteso when we refer to ourselves in derogatory terms like “Itesots”.

    We ate Iteso, ITeso, ITEso, ITESo, ITESO…………..not Itesot or Itesots!

  16. Erarakit,

    Bwanika needs to go back to school. Maybe then he can join us in the security guard business. His article is lacking in a lot of departments.

  17. Thomas Odelok,

    What Ugandans should to know is that, better sweat for some thing than you to go for theft ,am happy that this article is not indicating that the itesots are thieves.and we should know that the itesots were the richest people in the late 70s but because of insurgency every thing was taken but am happy the security has been prevailed and i hope we shall revitalize our wealth in a couple of years then we will see who will guard the property of the rich .

  18. Etyang Charles,

    Im a guard and I m proud of it knowing one day thr hard work and patient I will be not the same,Edeke kingarak iteso.

  19. Echoru Isaac,

    One thing you need to know about we Iteso is that we are very wise and on the other hand peace full and polite people. we do not despise jobs, we are hard working. Why do you thing most ladies want to marry Iteso men? people who despise other peoples jobs have let this country down. One day we Iteso shall be on map my dear. There are better researches to make than tribal criticism.

  20. ogwang patrick,

    ogwang patrick, i agree most guards are iteso and the main reason is that they are honest. Even in PGB with exception of bahima iteso are majority for the same reason. But note that iteso are top brains with most being professors only challenged by bakiga.Am proud that iteso guards are the reason most people have peaceful nights in kampala otherwise the money loving ba….. would have been terrorising pple day and night

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