Remember: Eliminating political opponents has dire consequences

Those of us opposed to the re-emergence of oppressive Tutsi hegemony and creation of Tutsi Empire in the Great Lakes region are or our family members are being threatened with elimination. Those who are attempting assassinations need to remember that there are consequences which could be immediate or occur later. Here are some examples of what happened to those who eliminated their political opponents.

1. Execution of Lenin brother. It was perhaps the loss of his brother that forced Lenin to devote the balance of his life to settle scores with the Romanov ruling family. In 1917 the Russian Revolution swept the Romanov out of power ending a three hundred year dynasty and the elimination of the entire family of Nicholas II the last Romanov Czar (king).

2. Assassination of Deng’s brother and maiming his son. Deng Xiaoping developed ideological differences with Mao especially during the Cultural Revolution. He was accused of abandoning socialism in favor of capitalism. In the struggle that ensued, Deng lost his brother and his son was thrown out of a window from the fourth floor of a university building and sustained permanent injuries. Deng himself was humiliated in public, stripped of his titles and exiled to remote areas where he worked under awful conditions. When Mao died, Deng found his way back into the leadership of China. Members of the Gang of Four including Mao’s widow who had humiliated him got arrested for criminal activities, were tried and received severe punishments. It is reported that Mao’s widow could not endure the pain and took her own life.

3. Assassination of Benigno Aquino at Manila Airport. A former senator, Aquino was a strong opponent of Ferdinand Marcos, then president of the Philippines. On returning from exile, Aquino was gunned down at Manila International Airport. Marcos had hoped that with Aquino out of the way for good, he would rule happily ever after. But that was perhaps the biggest mistake of his life. Aquino’s death sparked a People Power Revolution demanding Marcos to go. In panic, he organized a ‘snap election’ hoping to disorient his opponents and win re-election. When he realized he couldn’t win, he had the election stolen and was declared the winner. That added fuel to the raging fire. The Minister of Defense and Deputy Chief of Staff abandoned Marcos and joined the Revolution. Fearing that Marcos troops would finish them, they appealed to the Archbishop of Manila, Cardinal Jaime Sin to help. He concurred and within hours mobilized 2 million demonstrators that formed a human barricade around the place where the minister and deputy chief of staff were located. Marcos troops couldn’t do much and with advice from a friendly country, Marcos conceded defeat and fled the country. Aquino’s widow, Cory Aquino, was sworn in as the next president.

The three examples have sufficiently demonstrated that elimination of political opponents or their family members or relatives and friends has dire consequences. Therefore those in Uganda and other parts of the Great Lakes region bent on eliminating opponents need to think again.

Let us begin a new chapter and playing politics by the rule. Let us compete by demonstrating who we are, our history and family background, what we have done in public and/or private life and what we plan to do for present and future generations.

I have declared interest in Uganda politics, circulated my profile and articulated my policies for Uganda. Let other aspiring candidates do the same so that the people of Uganda have all the data to make informed choices. Eliminating opponents should be ruled out as a means of earning a public office.



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  1. Eric,
    This is a very enriching piece. I hope those with eyes will see and those with ears will hear. Sadly, the myopic African politicians will continue killing their real or perceived opponents. Nevertheless, we must not fear them. I welcome Eric Kashambuzi’s interest in Uganda’s politics and I expect all the contenders to play civil politics. I am also preparing to work with Uganda’s next leader as a parliamentarian. I hope I will get the endorsement of all Ugandans at Heart.

  2. Vincent!!!!!!!!,all the best

  3. Eric Kashambuzi,
    Your article here is an eye-opener and very much appreciated by all peace loving people around the World.
    I have shown your article to some of my Congolese acquaintances who wish to remain unnamed, but also add that their current President killed the former President Laurent Desire Kabila in revenge for the death of his real father. I am told that former President Kabila had a man killed, so that he (Kabila) took over the widow as his wife and the two children, a girl and a boy as his own. They claim that the current President had the real Kabila Laurent Desire killed in revenge for the death of his father and took over the Presidency after changing his names from, “Apolite Kanambe” to Joseph Kabila.
    If this is true, it adds a meaning to your article. Thanks indeed.

  4. Murcus,

    To me its the first sensible in terms of content, size, maturity of reason and professionalism i have ever read from Eric. congs.

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