Al Alshabaab Senior commander killed, 16 captured alive in Somalia

African Union Mission in Somalia

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November 23, 2012: Brig Ondoga Commends Somali security Forces

The Ugandan Contingent Commander and sector one commander in Somalia, Brig Michael Ondoga has commended the Somali security forces for excellence in their operations.

He made the comment on Friday morning while speaking to Ugandan contingent officers following a November 22, night raid by the Somali Army, Intelligence, and Police conducted at Sokohola on the home of overall Al shabaab commander for Gupta, Sokohola, and Huluwai areas, identified by residents as Guludupu. The Al Shabaab put up a fight and their commander was killed on spot as 16 terrorists were captured alive and 16 Sub-machineguns plus 04 pistols seized from them.

Brig Ondoga said:“The Somali National security forces are doing a commendable job in the pacification process of Somalia. As AMISOM, we are committed in giving them support in restoring calm in Somalia. We congratulate them in this successful operation which will bring more peace in Mogadishu.”

Brig Ondoga added that this was a manifestation of the ever improving capability of the Somali Forces, adding that he is confident that one day, the Somali themselves will be able to take full charge of their own security.

This incident comes three days after Ugandan and Somali Forces captured from Sokohola 11 high explosive bombs meant for terrorism. The Thursday night operation now adds to over 30 explosives, 16 submachine guns and 14 pistols captured from Sokohola by AU and Somali forces in two months. Sokohola, a Mogadishu suburb has been a concentration of Al Shabaab cells terrorizing civilians around Mogadishu town.

AMISOM is among others mandated by the UN security council to monitor the security situation in areas of operation and to provide technical assistance to stabilization efforts including helping to build capabilities of the Somali Security forces who will form the core of a rejuvenated Somali security Forces.



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  1. James,

    The presence of the Uganda People Defence Forces [UPDF] in Somalia will pave way for Terrorist to attact our Country. The Somali they don’t want their Country so why should we sacrifice our brothers in the desert. I kow Mr. Museveni wants to get more favour from thw west so that he remains in power for life.

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