m71/8 I have seen several unsurprising comments regarding the death of Hon Nebanda. Very typical of what we are! But just a few comments. Of course other deaths have been brought into the picture but the one I am more interested in here is Noble Mayombo’s and the parallels it bears with Hon Nebanda’s and how the two deaths are as similar as they are sensitive. My view of the sensitivity of these deaths may not be the same as ‘sensitivity’ in the general perception of the Ugandan who is wont to recite what has become our trademark chorus: ‘Museveni has done it. Again!’

2/8 But let me say this: I do not think that the loudness of that asinine chorus would ever compel YK Museveni to, for example in the case of Noble Mayombo, feel obligated to pronounce himself openly to some drunken speculator on that soldier’s cause of death, mainly because it is not Museveni’s style to yield even by an inch, to being pushed about that way; but also because there is a lot to uphold in terms of the honour and privacy of the late soldier’s family, let alone his memory. The latter bit is where all the sensitivity that I am referring to lies; and I comment on it very reluctantly.

3/8 Remember that the NRA/UPDF continues to mourn the loss of dozens upon dozens of officers of Mayombo’s stature, or even more, in circumstances similar to Mayombo’s but we never pay attention to those deaths. It is as if our lives depend on speculating drunkenly on a few deaths with the hope that the more we harangue Museveni about them, the more likely it is that he will by some miracle, drop from power, therefore making it possible for us to take over and/or do things that we are unable to do because he is at the helm.

4/8 Now, those who listened carefully to YK Museveni at Mayombo’s funeral may have got a hint on what he (Museveni, and the UPDF) knew about Mayombo’s state of health prior to his death. Someone working in the media could help us and get an excerpt of Museveni’s remarks…

5/8 Now, this is the uncomfortable part, very uncomfortable for me to discuss, but something that we need to have at the back of our minds even as we do what we love most: to indulge in wolokoso. I have been waiting to hear the initial reports of Hon. Nebanda’s autopsy before making any comments and what I have heard is exactly what I was suspecting, especially in light of reports that the deceased person had severe abdominal pain and was vomiting. What has been further revealed is that she had acute pancreatitis. Recall that reports about Mayombo pointed at fulminant pancreatitis. ‘Fulminant’ means, hyperacute, strikes like lightening. In both cases, there has been multiple organ failure, a classical feature of acute pancreatitis. The pancreas is a store of powerful digestive enzymes capable of digesting any biological material and if these leak into the blood system (say as a result of inflammation of that organ) the result is pancreatic self-digestion or auto-degradation and multiple organ failure (MOF). Mayombo succumbed to MOF, so did Nebanda, from preliminary reports. Both rising stars have been eliminated by exactly the same poison, we shall conclude! Sadly, that is how our minds generally work. At heart, we are Ugandans!

6/8 I do not know whether Dr Baryomunsi is being misquoted: he is alleged to have reported that ‘pathologists also found granules of rice’. I do not know what he actually said- whether granules of rice, or ‘rice-like granules’, but either way, one is left wondering about his know-how as a physician, particularly in a country like Uganda, beseiged as it is with the kind of health problems we all know about. What I am certain the pathologists found, upon opening up the abdomen of the deceased were chalk-like granules covering what is called the omentum, some sort of ‘Kavera’ in which the abdominal organs are contained. Those chalk-like granules (Baryomunsi’s rice graules) have actually come to be the tell-tale sign of viral haemorrahgic pancreatitis, particualrly associated with HIV.

7/8 Even with the serious HIV problem the country faces, I do not know how much our doctors have studied in detail the many ways in which the infection presents, particularly when one listens to Dr Baryomunsi. The cocktails of drugs that HIV/AIDS patients depend on are known to cause what is called drug induced pancreatitis or DIP. Instead of going about things the way he is doing, Dr Baryomunsi had better equip himself with facts about those issues. Many members of our elite are going to succumb to such symptomsm but in our primitivity, (in a country where even a 120 yrs old granny cannot just die, has to be bewitched) we shall speculate that they have been poisoned. We have many healthy-looking elites who are being sustained by powerful antiretrovirals and those drugs have a way of rebelling…some will say, on Museveni’s orders! Such individuals are the real explanation for our backwardness.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto



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    ugandansatheart(UAH) posted: ” 1/8 I have seen several unsurprising comments regarding the death of Hon Nebanda. Very typical of what we are! But just a few comments. Of course other deaths have been brought into the picture but the one I am more interested in here is Noble Mayombo”

  2. There you are a true NRM apologist fooling the whole world that you can make a conclusive diagnosis based on heresy.

  3. Sserwadda Arthur,

    Cpl.Otto don’t try 2 divert us.Can u plz let us know ur level of education b4 bashing wat Baryomunsi n t other docs found out? don’t blame ur backwardness on d rest of us.Mayombo said”these fools have finished me off” in ur cartoon brain,does dat sound like he was reffering to HIV? use ur brain my bro however little t may be.northeners r known 2 b bright.

  4. jess45,

    Did u just hear or read wat came from ur mind….??? do u really even understand ur own statements…??? coz they a typical of someone learning to read and write…. ahh…i get it…u might as well be having somnamblia….. BUDDY….stitch up ur strings… might lose ur head

  5. 12am,

    Mr Otto, before you dissmis other peoples opinion as ‘wolokoso’, remember Some of us have been to medical school. I wonder if You have. Whereas you story about pancreatitis could be true, i want to inform you that ‘organophosphate’ poisoning is a potential cause of severe acute pancreatitis. ‘Chalk like granules (attached to the) ommentum are true for primary Hiv-1 infection. How ever Dr Lyomoki (a full grown adult) saw rice and beans in the abdomen. With your knowledge of the human GIT, are you suggesting that the rice diffussed into the ommentum?

  6. I Mpungu,

    I dont know what makes this Guy an expert.

  7. Fundukululu,

    Otti or whatever you call yourself ur an animal. Who are u a mere rtd cpl to under rate the observations by medics who are legislators at the same time. No sober minded Ugandan can dare scribe such nonsense, except under orders 4m above. Remember we’re under a mafia gov’t. Its the policy of mafias 2 “use & dump by killing.” If u’re being used, watch ur back.

  8. bobby alcantara,

    Sabitti Mutengesa, also known as rtd Lance Corporal Patrict Otto, is a Captain in the NRA, believed to be managing the ESO in the UK and Western Europe.. He is also a trained Vet Doctor and an academic in the UK. He is an acolyte of the NRA and hides in the UK as a refugee from a government that he supports and glorifies. This just tells you what the man is all about when you analyse his postings.

    If Nebanda died of HIV/AIDS, why was there a need to prevent her body samples examined by independent forensic laboratories? Why kidnap the pathologist and put him in a secret detention centre? If indeed she died of HIV/AIDS, why was the NRA yellow rag, the New Vision begging her father to make a statement that she died of a heart attack?

    There is no evidence so far that Nebanda was seriously ill. Several people I have heard from, including those who sat next to her in parliament testify she was her usual and vibrant self.

    The only way out of this truly horrific and macabre incident is to have an independent forensic examnination. If I suddenly die of suicide, heart attack, or organ failure, surely my children have a right to have an independent forensic examination of the cause of my death. They are not obliged to accept the findings of the government pathologists. And neither should they be kidnapped and put in safe houses when they seek to establish the truth.


  9. Gerald Akankwasa,

    too bad an article to read

  10. Bongomin Morris,

    Stupid whoever wrote that article pretending to be Otto, why can’t you use your real name in the article. Let a sleeping dog lie for you know what these people can do, and fortunately they do it in the open and always for the right cause in circumstances like you are trying to create.

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