Hon.David Bahati denies having anything to do with Nebada’s death

Press Statement:
December 20, 2012

As we mourn the passing of our colleague, Hon. Cerinah Nebanda, there is a lot of rumour and speculation about the cause of her sudden death. I have, unfortunately learnt of claims by allegedly close family members trying to link my name to her death as having connected the Late Hon. Nebanda to one Adam Kalungi, now being looked for by the police as a suspect in the MP’s death.

The claims about an MP who connected Nebanda to the friend and my name being linked to it require a response from me.

I wish to categorically state that;
1. Hon. Nebanda was a colleague and Member of the party to which I am vice chairperson of its caucus in Parliament.

2. That I have never known, by name or physically, through phone, or any other contact, the said friend -one Adam Kalungi.

3. That I have no idea of the said workshop in Kalangala. I have, in fact, never been to Kalangala either officially or privately

4. That throughout my life, I have never linked any man, friend or not, to Hon Nebanda for whatever reason.

I wish to join the family, friends and the country to demand a thorough and quick investigation into what killed Hon. Nebanda.

Being a time of emotion and mourning for the family, it would be disrespectful on my part to ask them to substantiate the unfortunate and false remarks attributed to her parents and relatives as duty demands them to, however, the truth must be established.
I would implore our professional members of the press to investigate and report in a manner that helps the search for answers.

I also implore the Uganda Police Force to quicken the process that establishes the cause of Hon Nebanda’s death.

In the meantime, I would like to let Hon. Nebanda’s family, my party the NRM, and the whole country, know that I, David Bahati, DID NOT, CAN NOT and SHALL NOT, betray or compromise my values.

I pray that the truth will come out soon to absolve my name and give relief to my family, friends and colleagues.

May Hon Nebanda rest in Eternal peace.
For God and My Country!

David Bahati
MP Ndorwa West, Kabale.



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  1. James,

    I think Ug…. are now seeing fire. This is the reall Kaguta you have never known.Get reed of him. Uganda is ours, the land that our great fathers are burried. We have sold our mother land to the leopard we must get it back.

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