Many people have died atrocious, treacherous, uncalled for deaths- Vincent Nuwagaba

letterDear Ugandans, let’s work to ensure Hon Nebanda’s death is the last death orchestrated by the state.

“Then Jesus said to him, put your sword back into its sheath for all who take the sword will perish by the sword” Matthew 26:52 (New American Bible)

I have talked to key leaders and supporters of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) about the demise of Hon Cerinah Nebanda (RIP). All of them say with the arrest of Dr Sylvester Onzivua, they are fully convinced it is the government that killed Hon Nebanda. One key NRM supporter who even contested in the NRM primaries for a parliamentary seat said, he is without any shadow of doubt convinced that Hon Nebanda was killed by the NRM Government. However, he seems to be convinced that either she was killed by the zealous Museveni supporters whose entire livelihood depends on Museveni’s continued stay in power or the NRM insiders who want Museveni out of power in order to provoke hatred against Museveni and accelerate his exit. He argues that while Museveni would have loved to have Nebanda dead, he fears the repercussions.

Although his reasoning seems to be convincing, it is factually wrong. What is important, however, is that we are all in agreement that it is the state that killed Nebanda. I didn’t witness atrocities committed by Amin’s regime. What I clearly know, though, is that people were butchered. I don’t believe that it is Amin who used to pull the trigger to kill his real or perceived political opponents. Therefore, whether or not Museveni has administered the lethal device, I cannot absolve him. Museveni knows very well that the state has always attempted to put me out of action. He has done nothing, is that not complicity? Condoning evil makes one evil.

Why do I say, that my friend’s argument is factually wrong? Hon Nebanda was extremely critical of Museveni but the public perception was that MPs Mohammad Nsereko and Theodore Ssekikubo were more critical than Nebanda. While Mohammad Nsereko has for long been a thorn in the ruling party flesh and has lambasted both the president and the prime minister, Theodore Ssekikubo has been moderate in Museveni’s criticism. While there have been attempts to link Mohammad Nsereko with some scandals, there was no scandal to which Cerinah Nebanda was associated with whatsoever. What makes me fully convinced that Museveni is at the centre of Nebanda’s death unless there’s an incontrovertible reason to make me believe otherwise is the fact that during the funeral after Dr Chris Baryomunsi finished speaking, Museveni called him asking him “since when he had become part of the police to begin releasing postmortem reports”. Personally, I know that the police is Museveni’s killing apparatus. They have attempted to kill me on more than one occasion and after failing they have connived with Butabika doctors to kill me with drugs. I even sued the government and Dr Onen under Civil Suit 92/2009. Sadly, my suit was dismissed at a time when I was in Luzira for having opposed the 126 percent fees increment in Makerere.

Nebanda’s achievements in a short spell

Hon Nebanda, I have learnt that she had built two secondary schools in Butaleja, that she has been giving 200 scholarships and that she had started creating jobs for her constituents. But also, we need to remember that she left Makerere University only last year. She has been coming to Makerere quite often and truthfully, most of her friends were not the Members of Parliament but students with whom she shared ideals. She was a shining star and a pride to the young people who had the financial muscle, the brilliant ideas and an unlimited platform to make her point. We all remember that she with ease trounced the powerful minister and deputy NRM secretary general Dorothy Hyuha. She knew what she wanted and knew how to get it. She knew where she wanted to go and knew how to get there. She knew what she didn’t want and knew how to avoid it. She knew the people she never wanted in leadership and knew how to get rid of them. Most importantly with her profile rising every day, she had the ability to mobilise resources and fund the disillusioned groups to oust Museveni peacefully. Truthfully, apart from Fr John Baptist Bashobora who sponsors more than 5,000 students – Muslims and Christians alike, builds houses for the poor and gives businesses for the unemployed, I believe none couls match Hon Nebanda. Museveni uses taxpayers’ money to sponsor his relatives and friends’ children.

Fighting Musevenocracy

I am a full time fighter against Musevenocracy and Musevenism. If I am not in the library reading books, then I am in the public sensitizing the masses to shun and ostracise Museveni and everything to do with him. If I am not doing that I am on a computer sharing my views against Museveni. Ever since I started writing about Museveni, nobody has ever responded to my articles to dispute my arguments. Not because that they feel that my arguments are inconsequential. Rather because what I say and right is too true to be disputed.

I have a friend Simon Kasyate who I respect so much. When we meet and talk on phone he tells me to only mind about food on my table. He told me recently that if I am a political activist whose mission is to effect regime change, the change will most likely come when they have already cut off my hands so that I cannot write anymore, cut off my legs so that I cannot walk anymore. In other words, that change might come when I have been too disabled to be able to enjoy the fruits of that change. I take his advice in good faith but I reserve the right to choose what I have to do with myself. Some have chosen to acquiesce to the status quo so that they can individually transform themselves. Others – the likes of Vincent Nuwagaba are fully convinced that individual transformation is a delusion unless all of us are liberated from the social ills presided over and orchestrated and perpetrated by Museveni.

I always appreciate Simon Kasyate’s concern about me. What baffles me, however, is that each time I post a comment on my facebook wall saying for instance that I am being persecuted by the state or wondering whether us, the regime critics will survive, Simon Kasyate will post, “exaggerated sense of self importance”. Definitely, Kasyate knows I am important. People with university degrees in Uganda constitute less than one percent. People with master’s degrees in Uganda constitute less than 0.2 per cent. People who have the wherewithal to teach even in a primary school are not many because teachers must be philosopher Kings. Simon should know that I have taught in two universities and a primary school and even right now the only source of my livelihood is academic research. Definitely, any sane person would know that, I can survive out of politics using my brains but some of the people for whom Kasyate is a spin doctor have no brains to ensure their survival out of politics.

I must apologise that I have mentioned Kasyate in my article but I hope that helps him to reform. Let me go back to the gist of this article.

The failure and/ or deliberate refusal to release reports of people who die mysteriously means Museveni is guilty of criminal negligency.

Many people have died atrocious, treacherous, uncalled for deaths. Francis Ayume who died in a motor accident which many of us believe was stage-managed. James Francis Wapakhabulo was opposed to the removal of term limits from the constitution. Robina Kiyingi was a human rights activist, actually a former board chairperson of the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative and an unwavering anti-corruption crusader who had a lot of information on corruption scandals. My brother Vincent Lugonvu Byasi was a leading Democratic Party young leader whose mobilization skills were unrivalled, whose public speaking skills were superb and whose love for humanity was so passionate. He definitely was going to make it to parliament in 2007. Lugonvu was a person who could make everybody known to him feels he/she was his best friend.

To date, we have never seen Lugonvu’s report. Musekura Rwenduru, a journalist who had been a former editor of the Orumuri Newspaper and the proprietor of the Entatsi newspaper was called by some strange people. Musekura Rwenduru had copies of the minutes of the Basiita clan meeting where a plan to rule Uganda by the Basiita was hatched. By the time they called him he was with some lecturer (PhD) who also happens to be a top researcher. They called him to meet around Railway grounds. The only thing we heard later was that he was hit by a vehicle. The plan is being implemented with Museveni’s son Muhoozi Keinerugaba being groomed to take over from his father.

At one point in time, at around 8pm, I was almost hit by a vehicle but was pulled by the same lecturer alerted me. After, around ten minutes another vehicle almost hit me from the opposite side. Two vehicles were arranged, one from Kololo towards Hotel Africana and another one from Hotel Africana side towards where we were. I am sure, if I was alone, I would have died.

I have talked to close members of the late Brig General Mayombo’s family. What they told me is that Mayombo was taken to Agakhan Hospital Nairobi when he was already dead. I was told the tongue and some other internal organs were removed to forestall any attempts by the family members to do independent investigations. You may need to remember that when Major Gen James Kazini died, Gen Kahinda Otafiire stated that he couldn’t believe that Lydia Draru singlehandedly killed Kazini. We have never known the truth. Joseph Musasizi Kifeefe couldn’t clearly have died a natural death. All of us know of the death of Anthony Ssekweyama whose son is my very good friend. The report about the death of Dr Andrew Kayiira has never been released.

I was enraged by an ISO operative who spends all the time in Makerere called Nasser. Nasser said without any sense of shame, “Nuwagaba, I taught girl at SDA Katikammu. She was ever sickly”. I would be happy if all readers would join hands with me to put to task this Nasser man to give an explanation.

We have been dispossessed, dehumanized, deprived, brutalized, tortured, disregarded and objectified by Museveni and his apparatchiks. We must state in bold that we are citizens not Museveni’s subjects. We must state clearly that Museveni and his crude allies did not create us, we were created by God and it is God who has a right to terminate our lives. We need to terminate Museveni’s contract now because he has not done what we hired him to do. We hired him to promote our welfare but he is now killing us for asking him to honour his contractual obligations. As I speak now Mulago’s Intensive Care Unit has only four beds and the patients referred there are being dumped in the Casualties’ wing. What sort of state is this? I get amazed that no academic study ranks Uganda a failed state.

If I could liken Uganda to a company limited by guarantee or organization, all of us, young and old, disabled and able, men and women, NRM and opposition are members who constitute the annual general meeting (AGM). All voters and taxpayers including myself constitute the board of directors and Museveni is the Executive Director who must report to the board and AGM. The opposition and civil society groups are the auditors. All audit reports show that he has fundamentally abused his trust and he must be shown the exit but also prosecuted and refund all the funds he has abused. Who bought UCB and how much? Who used the 30% deducted from every Ugandan money during the 1987 currency reform? Who has been stealing all the public funds?

The culture of killing innocent people by the NRM

Norbert Mao has always stated that the NRM walked on dead bodies to state house. On Thursday 19, December 2012 when I lamented the killing of Hon Nebanda, Makerere Internal Security Operatives (MISOs) told me shamelessly that that’s how they came to power which was of course the truth. It is thus clear that they captured power by the use of murdering innocent people, consolidated themselves in power by killing and have retained power by killing innocent people. I want to remind the regime apologists and PR experts such as Kasyate and his friends of the words of Pastor Martin Niemoller who talking about Hitler’s Nazi regime had this to say, “At first they came for Jews, I didn’t speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for communists, I didn’t speak out because I was not a communist. Then they came for trade unionists, I didn’t speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for Catholics, I didn’t speak out because I was a Protestant. When they came for me, there was nobody left to speak out for me”. I agree with Edmund Burke that the necessary condition for the triumph of evil is that good men (and of course women also) do nothing. I have refused to be silenced amidst evil.

Finally, I am pretty sure that whoever kills me will also die. Whoever kills me will also be killed there’s no doubt about that. That’s why I opened my remarks with the scripture verse. Secondly, whoever kills me now will have allowed me to live eternally here on earth and in heaven. I have never shied away from speaking the truth. Accordingly, my martyrdom will help Ugandans not to fear death as it is only migration from this world of troubles to the heavenly paradise. Any state that doesn’t provide services to its citizenry must be a failed state.

The rulers maintain themselves in power by suppressing dissent through among others, bribing the vocal critics, killing those who are incorruptible, co-opting others into government like they did with Maria Mutagamba, Joseph Luzige, Tamale Mirundi, Maria Karooro, Ofwono Opondo and now the new and young entrants such as Andrew Mwenda, Simon Kasyate, Susan Abbo, Robert Okware among others. I am glad to announce that with the assassination of Nebanda, the NRM has imploded. It only has moments in power. Very finally, I will write to the Pope, President Barack Obama and Ban Ki Moon and all people who matter. Our call for self determination must be a concern for the entire human family.

Mr. Vincent Nuwagaba is a human rights activist



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