I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!. Am glad to have you all as my mates and members of Ugandans at heart. I know we have had fights with some of you along the way including the likes of: Hon.Otto Patrick, Mr.Robert Nviri, Mr. Oryema Johnson, Mr. Peter Gwoktwo, Mr. Matek, Mr. Guma David, Mr. Lwetute, Mr. David Babisoboke, Mr. Ekissodde, and several others who eventually decided to leave the forum, but you remain my mates in my heart and outside UAH. I sometimes wish i could have all of you back here on the forum but i guess that is up to you.

This forum has been successful year after year and i believe all Ugandans wherever they are, opposition and government, Muslims and catholics, Baganda, Bakiiga, Banyoro, e.t.c are all proud of it. I’m happy to say that UAH has got at least a member in every county in Uganda and in every country in the world. The media in Uganda remain our partners in everything we do and we are happy to see some newspapers categorically referencing UAH as their source of information though some others pretend not to do do so.

I want to end with a request to the governments of Rwanda, Uganda and DRC to find a long lasting solution to the problems in DRC. It is really sad to see Africans suffering in and outside the continent yet we have got natural resources that are enough to make all of us kick it like David Beckham. Yes, we have got enough mineral wealth to make every African rich wherever they are but this is not the case.

I understand some people have been assassinated today in DRC: General Bikweto, Congolese Kinyarwanda-speaking, second in command of the base Kitona, was assassinated on Tuesday 25 December in Kinshasa, 50 meters from his residence . Captain Vianney Bampole was also assassinated in Goma.

Otherwise, I wish you all a prosperous new year. I’m looking forward to seeing the likes of Mr.Guma David on UAH because he is one person i still consider a gent with or without UAH. I only wish he understood why i had to do what i did at the time.

Thank you every one

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba

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  1. Appuullii Jaasi,

    I see partiality in your statement about the Tutsi general and captain as having been assassinated. Isn’t this
    bias against the Congolese people? why don’t you talk about Museveni, KKagame and Kabila assassinations of Ugandans and Congolese plus
    Tutsi dominated M23 recent assassinations. I bet you are either a Tutsified Ugandan or a Tutsi hiding behind Baganda ideNtity. Will you be truthful and say that Mayombo and Kazini’s death were assassinations by the same Tutsi armies?

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