The death of Hon Nebanda (RIP) has exposed YKM in a way many Ugandans had not seen before


The death of Hon Nebanda (RIP) has exposed YKM in a way many Ugandans had not seen before. By ordering the IGP to go and interview the Hon Speaker-consider it an order to the IGP-Ugandan may be headed over apolitical and legitimacy cliff. Actually Ugandan may be headed the Kenyan way when the then deputy Speaker the late Jean Marie Seroney told MPs that the late Hon Shikuku did not have to substantiate the obvious.

Hon Shikuku and Deputy Speaker Seroney were detained. I mean detention without trial by Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

I do not see a way out of the trap NRM (read YKM) has set for himself. Once again the IGP a lawyer by training is at the thick of things.

I anticipate the IGP leading a contingent of police officers to ambush the Hon Madame Speaker and interview her perhaps outside parliament. Think about the spectacle of afande IGP and his sidekick Judith Nabakooba going along to witness the interrogation so they can issue their usual crap press statements.

Obviously, Hon Speaker is fed up and she seems to be prepared for whatever consequence YKM and IGP subject her too.

So think about it. How did the govt of Ugandan blow the death of Hon Nebanda. Having identified the weakest link and done their part, everything that could possibly go wrong went through largely in part due to the stupidity of the Ugandan police.

Funny, they continue digging instead of stopping. No one seems to notice that with each threat and presidential involvement, they are digging themselves even deeper.

I think this is the first it has happened or about to happen in Uganda, a mulokole president ordering the IGP to go and interview the Hon Speaker. Talk of hypocrites.

How come no one saw that coming? And who told YKM to micro manage the MP’s death? Why did he assume that Ugandans will go along with his damn lies? 2013 may not a good year for Uganda.

I had let this issue go so that Hon Nebanda (RIP) can rest in peace. But this video made me reconsider and say something.

The Death of Hon Cerinah Nebanda

For the record and for all Govt reps and agents in UAH and for the sake of the president’s argument-he say we are fit to be his children-that Hon Nebanda knowingly or unknowingly hang out with drug dealers. Interpretation: one Kalungi was a drug dealer.

Even if we accept all YKM’s claims and honestly smear campaign of the late Hon Nebanda (RIP) it does NOT absolve the state. Listen to me very carefully. Let us suppose that the post mortem report read out by Dr Ruth Aceng, the Director General if Medical services can be believable-it is not, ok-it DOES NOT MEAN that the state could not have murdered Hon Nebanda. It is still perfectly possible that Hon Nebanda died in the company of one Kalungi, BUT Kalungi could have been-me thinks he is -a state agent. So Kalungi administered the drugs to the late Nebanda. OK.

Again let us assume that Hon Nebanda was dating or going out with one Kalungi and if others people knew, certainly state agents knew it so they set out to look for the WEAKEST link in Nebanda’s life. And that link was one Kalungi. So they recruit Kalungi and give him the money and yes drugs to administer to the late Nebanda (RIP).

Why? So that the state could argue that she died from drugs.

Folks, the plan to kill Hon Nebanda (RIP) was deliberate. And I ASSERT not lightly that all along the IGP and the police knew what was going on. They were hoping to use post mortem result to SMEAR the late minister in the hoped that because drugs killed her, the state was INOCENT. WRONG.
We can accept YKM’s explanation and STILL conclude that the state played the definitive role in her death. So, and this is important, the allegations that the late Nebanda (RIP) died from drugs injected-drugs supplied by the state to Kalungi-does not ABSOLVE the state.
Again let me be clear. We can accept al YKM’s explanation -because the state knew what it had done-and still condemn the NRM govt and its state agencies for killing Hon Nebanda.
Therefore Ugandans must reject with all the contempt-to borrow YKM’s words-the president’s explanation that the state is innocent just because Hon Nebanda is alleged to have died from drugs.
As noted above, it is perfectly and logically possible that the state supplied Kalungi with the said drugs and he knew-and the state knew-exactly what was going on.
And this is what I am thinking. The police and state agents must have given Kalungi safe passage outside of Uganda.
I repeat the govt of Uganda could have worked to ensure the safety of one Kalungi and his accomplices out of the country.
So this is what I beg you. We need to have a picture of Kalungi posted and widely circulated. Once that is done, for those of us outside Uganda we have to be alert and sharp. If you see Kalungi in your country go to the police and report him immediately to police authorities. I suspect Kalungi may talk to try to win himself asylum but act and act now. For too long we have slept like maziwa laala and allowed murders to live amongst us. This time say no.

So we need to have Kalungi’s picture right now and circulate it widely. My gut feelings tell me that he could be in the region or in Uganda in one of the safe houses protected from the public.Either way, act and act now. Ugandans are sick and tired. Either he talks or he talks. Nothing else. Do not protect Kalungi.
Now given that the state all along knew that Hon Nebanda had died from -state supplied drugs yes-why did not it sit and let the autopsy go ahead without the stupidity displayed by the IGP? Why did the IGP expose the govt’s plan?
Folks, the autopsy report were rigged in advance in the sense that state agents knew that their man Kalungi would administer the lethal drugs. What is mind bungling is why after that the IGP screwed things up? The smart thing would have to let the arrested doctor go to South Africa because the rig was in. In economics speak it was some sort of path dependence.

Okay, be on the lookout for one Kalungi, but we need his pictures and those of his accomplices.

W.B .Kyijomanyi



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  1. Tibenderana Amos,

    Kalungi will NOT survive a day longer, because he will certainly not be allowed to.He could have been used to kill that vibrant lady,but he should have right from the word go know that he must be eliminated.The end justifies the means. By the way, where Joanita Kyakuwa? Where is Sam Magara, Andrew Kayira,Martin Mwesiga,Valeriano Rwaheeru,Sam Katabarwa etc… the list is elastic.Museveni is a predator and a vampire and those who know him will surp with him with a long spoon.Look at the way he has been masquerading as a vangurd of liberation and yet liquidates all those perceived to read his mind and intentions.

  2. Tibenderana Amos,

    His childhood Philosophy is of self preservation and he arrogantly never shies to say in runyankole dialect, that…akakaikuru kakumanya, kwokura kakafa…loosely translated that an old woman who knows your background should leave the scene by dying when one attains a social enviable status.Those who have known and worked with him for long have left the scene, save Amam Mbabazi and a few others who are being used to shower him up like Kategaya, Rugunda….

  3. Grant,

    The face of the man above being presented as Kalungi seems to look like the face of one of the men who appeared at court, and suppose to be accomplices of the so called Kalungi1, otherwise how did the police get Kalungi’s picture?

  4. Puma,

    Nebanda dies of drugs! Ônly God knowz

  5. viya hernz,

    Before you make such assumptions you must have a gd source and evidence were you get it and make sure its reliable not just assuming?

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