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Day January 5, 2013

Adam Kalungi’s reported ‘cooperation with the police’ should not surprise anybody

The latest from the Ugandan about the Nebanda puzzle, wrapped in an ‘enigma’, reveal the following:
1.Adam Kalungi [Nebanda’s so called friend] has been nabbed in Mombasa…but is ” smiling though afraid of mafias that may be after him”….[Sunday Vision, 6th Jan. 13]
2.Adam Kalungi is cooperating with the security forces….[sic]
3….The former boyfriend of Nebanda has admitted taking drugs with …Hon. Nebanda [sic]

Meantime, in an interview with the Press two days ago, former socialist and president of the “Peoples Progressive Party” Mzee Bidandi Ssali, said many many things, among which was this: “In Africa, when you quarrel with someone and he /she dies, the finger naturally points at you…”. What he pointed to was the fact that the last person to quarrel openly with Hon. Nebanda was H.E. Y.K. Museveni, who the youthful legislator challenged on the absence of drugs in health centres in Butalejja District [her constituency], to which M7 retorted, “…let’s go there and you prove it… “.

Well, Nebada is there permanently and M7 did not come along.The question is , did M7 ‘send her there’ directly or indirectly……since, by Mzee Bidani Ssali’s comparison, he is the first suspect, as the exchanged “hot” words almost at every public gathering?

Kalungi and drugs:

If our special forces have mastered their ‘proxy’ techniques well, then the reports from the government propaganda organ quoted above reveal a lot: During the cold war, some agencies did ‘wonders’. Such agencies like the Stassi [GDR- East Germany], the CIA and the KGB [its first directorate if we go online sources] acted in such ways that no one would easily find tracks to them; A few examples will clarify:

Nelson mandala, on arriving from a ‘secret journey’ to Algeria (to ostensibly secure arms) was apprehended ‘obviously by the racist police’. In reality, it was the work of the CIA, as reveled 30 years later.

Patrice Lumumba was openly taken hostage and later eliminated by the local Kasavubu royalists/his enemies. In fact it was the CIA agents that drove him at the back of a pick-up and delivered him to his executioners.They were assisted in turn by Belgian special forces, with the locals as fronts. Col Ghadhafi was executed by local militias but the words of the US foregn Minister (equivalent of ) “We came, we saw, he died..” reveal a lot.

In Germany, every dissident was reported on daily. After the Stassi archives were saved from destruction, it was not uncommon/strange to find that a wife would have been reportingon her husband from as early as their school days! In fact, once the views of a radical student crystallized and he was identified as a potential/future ‘enemy of the system’, girlfriends would be linked to them indirectly such that they ended up as man and wife..with German work ethic and efficiency of course meaning that, one found himself or herself married to a state agent for life, with reports beingfiled on a daily basis.

When Pope John Paul II became the first from behind the Iron Curtain, the communist regimes [Moscow] were alarmed and decided to act. “He had to be dealt with”. One day, he was short at, at St. Peter’s square in Rome but, because the Holy father was surrounded by many faithful and so was the assassin, among them guards nuns trying to catch sight of the Holy man, the assassins bullet was deflected and the would turned out not to be life-threatening. The assasin was caught but what surprised many are the following facts:
1.The man was not a communists but a Muslim
2.he was not from a communist country but from an IIslamic one [Turkey]
3.he was a jail-bird, having been to prison many times before

Well, it was only after the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe that it was established/proved that Pope Paul II’s would be assassin was in fact working for Bulgarian specialforces which were, themselves, working the their colleagues in Moscow. That the KGB could relay on a drug addict to carry out such a special assignment by double-proxy tells us something about Adam Kalungi.

In other words, Adam Kalungi’s reported ‘cooperation with the police’ should not surprise anybody. What should be interesting is how the fallen legslator came in touch with Kalungi and who chose that residence for the two? Was is bugged? If he was a known drug abuser as the IGP said in the first ours of the tragedy, why had he never been apprehended him and his gang before?

Interestingly, the KGB had been right in wanting to eliminate the Holy father. They failed and so, Solidarity UNION came up in Poland [CIA and MI6 at work?] and the rest is history. Would be assasin (one Agca) failed [and was visited in prison by his would be victim and forgiven] and communism in non more. It may be a fact that he himself nevr knwe the importance of his mission and whom he was working for. Nearer home, there is no more youthful, naive Nebanda to harass the big man at every opportunity in public, like saying: “..now, what kind of president is this…” as she habitually asked, given a chance.

More Stories of proxy cultivation that have come to light abroad may be at play here too. For example, one London/BBC critic of an East European communist country-regime felt a prick on the leg while boarding a bus. On looking behind he found it was from an umbrella of a fellow passenger whom he faintly could recognise. He said ‘sorry..’ and they parted. The pricked man died soon after that.

The poisoning and later death of an Ex-KGB operative in London a few years back is a fresh example: the man he has last shared tea with was an old buddy…, etc, etc


That a naive, naughty legislator could be in company of so called drug gangs, known to the police but left to practice their criminality till they ‘hooked’ a very ‘credible target’ may be a sign that our special forces have come of age. No wonder that the question/claim of late Neband’as mum [ ‘someone connected Kalungi to my daughter] should not be dismissed on the surface.

Judging by Pope Paul II’ s would be assassin [he was the third if not fourth proxy in the chain of action], it may be possible that even the MP who reportedly linked Adam to Nebanda [on a budget meeting on Ssese Islands first?] would be an innocent ‘conveyor in a complicated plan targeting the ‘object’.

Finally: Was Adam Kalungi a State “plant”? who may even be disposed of, like a condom, after he has done the needful [that is, eliminated and then incriminating, post humous, the “object”, by admitting mutual criminality with the LATE, WHO CAN’T DEFEND/TALK FOR HERSELF?

Christopher Muwanga,



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