My views about Kyankwanzi and Hon Nebanda’s death-Vincent Nuwagaba

MPs Theodore Ssekikuubo and Tinkasimire having luch at the NRM retreat in Kyankwanzi contray to media reports that the MPs vowed to boycot the food and that they would survive on biscuits

MPs Theodore Ssekikuubo and Tinkasimire having luch at the NRM retreat
in Kyankwanzi contray to media reports that the MPs vowed to boycot
the food and that they would survive on biscuits

Vincent Nuwagaba

Ever since the year began I have not written anything about the state of affairs in Uganda. Not because things are alright. Definitely, it is clear that President Museveni is now out of his senses. Psychiatrists would describe President Museveni as a schizophrenic person. I heard the president addressing the NRM MPs currently in their retreat at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) Kyankwanzi and I was rather shocked. The president talked about so many things but what enraged very many Ugandans is his renewed vain efforts to give away Mabira forest ostensibly for sugar production.

Definitely, very many pundits have surmised that Museveni’s remarks that he will give away Mabira forest and that he is not going to beseech MPs were diversionary aimed at forestalling any debate about the atrocious murder of Hon Cerinah Nebanda. I will only make a few comments about Mabira forest and then proceed to the so-called government autopsy and toxicological report about Nebanda’s death.

About Mabira giveaway, Mr. Museveni must rest assured that Mabira forest doesn’t belong to him. If he thinks sugar is more important than biodiversity and sustainable development that a forest such as Mabira ensures for the country, it then goes without saying that Museveni is not even qualified to lead a discussion group of five people. And alas, here is the man who has divorced all his thinking faculties presiding over a country of more than 34 million people! If Museveni is obsessed with sugar production, let him give his farm in Kisozi or his private land in Rwakitura. Otherwise, Mabira is held in public trust and we cannot allow him to abuse trusteeship like he has invariably done with impunity in the past.

It is time for the impeachment of Museveni

Article 107(1) of our Constitution provides for the removal of the President. It states that the President may be removed from office in accordance with this article on any of the following grounds –
(a) abuse of office or willful violation of the oath of allegiance and the presidential oath or any of the provision of this Constitution;
(b) misconduct or misbehavior –
(i) that he or she has conducted himself or herself in a manner which brings or is likely to bring the office of President into hatred, ridicule, contempt or disrepute; or
(ii) that he or she has dishonestly done any act or omission which is prejudicial or inimical to the economy or security of Uganda; or
(c) physical or mental incapacity, namely that he or she is incapable of performing the functions of his or her office by reason of physical or mental incapacity.

I can state without any fear of contradiction that all the above grounds are ripe for the removal and/or impeachment of President Museveni. It is visible even to the visibly blind that Museveni has abused and misused office several times and willfully violated the oath of allegiance but also has abrogated the Constitution not once, not twice, not thrice but several times. If I am asked by anybody to substantiate I will happily and ably do that.

Misconduct and misbehavior

That ground b of misconduct and misbehavior is applicable to Mr. Museveni is very clear. Can you imagine a President who calls MPs idiots and fools yet many of the MPs are not only better educated than him but far surpass him when it comes to reasoning? By calling MPs idiots and fools, isn’t he by extension saying all Ugandans who voted them are idiots and fools? If then, all Ugandans are idiots and fools, doesn’t it follow that Museveni who is neither an idiot nor a fool has no right and has no moral authority to lead them? I don’t know whether many of the readers on this discussion form know of the resemblance/ microcosmic model of representation. Museveni has no right to lead idiots and fools. Idiots and fools instead have all the rights to be led by one of their own.

That Museveni has been inimical to the economy is also vivid to all and sundry. His “visionary leadership” can only be analogous to a vehicle whose engine is lubricated by corruption and fuelled by corruption. In fact, Charles Rwomushana, a former spy chief in Museveni’s government rightly argues that what we witness under Museveni’s nose is not corruption but fundraising. Accordingly, Museveni deploys principal accountants and permanent secretaries in various ministries to raise funds for him and his NRM outfit which he wrongly calls a party. A political party cannot be individualized.

I have reliable information showing that Hassan Bassajabalaba is a mere conduit for Museveni. Bassajabalaba either gets a monthly salary or a commission from Museveni. Otherwise, virtually all the property attributed to Bassajabalaba is Museveni’s property. Otherwise, how come of all the shrewd businessmen, it is only Bassajabalaba who has invariably gotten financial bailout from Bank of Uganda?

Physical or mental incapacity

I will not dwell on the physical incapacity for I believe for anybody be too physically incapacitated to head a state, that person must really be too old having reached a level of suffering from amnesia. While is surely old, I think physically he is still able to lead the state.

What I find galling is that President Museveni is mentally incapacitated and we are risking state collapse if he stays in office even for an extra one year. Truthfully, he should have been ejected yesterday. I say he is mentally incapacitated because any sane person cannot do and say what he does and says. He is incapable of making any rational decision and I think he has been like that for ages. I don’t believe the law of diminishing marginal utility has just set in. I was in Senior Four in 1996 and I supported Kawanga Semogerere not because I liked him but because I abhorred the manner in which Museveni was conducting his campaigns. It is in 1996 when Semogerere’s rallies were pelted with stones and rotten eggs in my neighbouring district Rukungiri.

It was at that time when political parties were demonized. I remember, I asked Kahinda Otafiire whether he had no party by 1980 since he was demonizing Francis Aloysius Wazarwahi Bwengye and Karuhanga Chapa as multipartists. By 2000, I was diametrically opposed to Museveni.

Of course, a person who could pick arms to fight a government that had been in power for less than two months on a single premise of rigging of votes (never mind that he had no votes to be rigged), must be fundamentally irrational in his mind. I don’t believe a single drop of any innocent person should be shed for another person to capture political power. I am at the forefront of fighting Museveni using my head. I have never at any point in time contemplated use of fire arms to oust the regime. My fight is purely an ideological fight using the pen and words. I am guided by two statements, namely “the pen is mightier than the sword” and “words are bullets” by Edward Bulwer Lyton and Richard Wright respectively. Thus, my guns are the pen and the tongue and my bullets are words. I urge all people who have Uganda at heart to adopt that strategy.

Museveni has thrived by capitalizing on citizens’ ignorance and that’s why he wants citizens to remain in ignorance. That explains the reason as to why the popular open air programmes commonly known as “Bimezza” were banned. That explains why MPs Betty Nambooze and Muhammed Nsereko have also been suspended from the “kkirizza oba ggana” (Take it or leave it) programme on CBS. These people are not using the guns and bullets that Museveni has used since the 1970s.

Nebanda’s death

Museveni made it clear that those who state that the NRM government killed Hon Nebanda will be arrested and arraigned before courts. Indeed, some MPs have been illegally detained and I guess are yet to be prosecuted. I put my views in black and white and I have not retracted them, I am ready to be prosecuted.

Museveni further called idiots and fools those who said the government had a hand in the death of Hon Nebanda. If following ones conscience makes one an idiot and a fool, then definitely I am for to date, I still maintain that the NRM killed Nebanda. If the so-called Hon Nebanda’s boyfriend Adam Suleiman Kalungi had a hand in the death of the MP, I will be convinced that he was planted on the MP to accomplish the mission of exterminating her. At the risk of repeating myself, I have stated before that Hon Nebanda was the most unpretentious opponent of Museveni for she was fighting him from within his NRM house. Accordingly, she was accelerating the implosion of the NRM. Like I stated earlier, she was seen as a snake which was inside the house and she had to have her head crushed or else she would end the political life of the NRM family head.

I have read extensively the process of getting autopsy and toxicological reports and what is clear is that it takes very long. Accordingly, the government autopsy and toxicological report which confirmed what IGP Edward Kale- Kayihura had said prior to the postmortem is surely a hoax and no sane person should believe in it. The Museveni-Kayihura report must have been written in their bedrooms. Hon Nebanda was killed and his killers contrived the cause of her death even prior to the postmortem. Who doesn’t know that hours after the death of the Hon Nebanda police revealed that she died of drug and alcohol overdose? Never mind that those who revealed it are not pathologists, are not toxicologists and are not even medical doctors. And even if they were, would they just conclude without carrying out scientific tests? I am just wondering why serious Ugandans cannot tell these murderers to exit public offices and take themselves to Luzira – where criminals belong.

Since 2008, the police in connivance with psychiatrists have used all means available to them to exterminate me but because of the mighty God that I serve they have not succeeded. All they have succeeded in doing is incapacitating me financially and denting my public image in the eyes of some gullible Ugandans that I am insane. I am happy to be insane when I am advocating social justice. I am happy to be branded insane when I am fighting for fairness. I am happy to be branded insane when I abhor incompetence and mediocrity. I am happy to be labeled insane when I am diametrically opposed to the spoils system of rule that Museveni embraces.

I will in my insanity fight the discriminatory fees structures in public universities which aim to block the sons and daughters of peasants from accessing higher education. I will vehemently fight statehouse scholarships which use Ugandan taxpayers’ money to build capacity for the NRM party which I have been calling the National Retrogressive Movement and National Resource Misallocation but I have learnt from other people that it stand for National Robbers Movement. I remember in 2009, former legal officer for the President Mr. Justus Karuhanga telling me to sue the government other than appealing to the president’s office. However, when I sued, my case was dismissed by the Kampala High court at a time I was in Luzira prison for opposing the 126 percent fees increment in public universities. Oh Uganda!

What should we do?

All Ugandans must demand that the pathologists or doctors who did the tests of the late Nebanda’s death be made public. We need to get their names and the hospitals where they work and then contact them to get first hand information. They must tell us, since toxicological tests take long to be finalised why did the late Nebanda’s report come within a blink of an eye? We would also want to know what explains the fact that what the IGP Kale Kayihura reported to have killed the late Nebanda was confirmed by the toxicological test. We would want to know whether it was not fabricated to vindicate the IGP who seemed to have had prior knowledge of what killed the MP and did nothing to forestall her death. I am sure all of us know the role of the police.
I have no personal vendetta against anybody. Gen Kayihura is a Mugiri from Kigezi and I am a Mugiri from Ankole with my parents and grandparents having migrated from Rubanda in Kigezi a stone throw away from Kisoro where Gen Kayihura hails from. Those of you who have read some sociology know that clans are natural and all members of your clan are related to you by blood. Therefore, Kayihura is either my uncle or my big brother and I therefore respect and love him for that. Besides, I respect and love every member of the human family.

I have also read somewhere Museveni calling himself a Mugahe. If it is true, he is also my maternal uncle for my mother is a Mugahe. Accordingly, I cannot have anything personal against these two citizens of Uganda who happen at the same time to be my relatives. Nevertheless, that they are my relatives doesn’t mean that I absolve them of any criminal responsibility in the death of Nebanda. Definitely, they have killed so many people directly and indirectly. Until they avail us with the truth, personally I hold them liable for the death of Vincent Lugonvu Byasi my brother. I hold them liable for the death of Mawa Gilbert. I hold them culpable for the death of Samuel Kibukuna. I hold them culpable for the death of Musekura Rwenduru a former journalist who authored the 50 year master plan for the Basiita rule in Uganda. I hold them blameworthy for the massacre of Kichwamba students. And so forth and so on. If they call me to defend myself I will ask them for the reports. Museveni and Kayihura and in the public offices purely to ensure our security, to protect our lives, to protect our property and to use our taxes for the benefit of all of us. I don’t know whether they know the concept the common good.

Clarion call to all Ugandans

Personally together with some friends are gathering the pictures of all gallant sons and daughters of Uganda who have died mysteriously to have them printed on T-shirts and brochures which we shall distribute as widely as we can. We want all Ugandans that constructive Ugandans are brutally murdered. This will raise the public sentiment against Museveni. I am a Catholic and when I went recently to a Catholic Parish – Kyamuhunga Catholic Parish, I told the Christians that Catholic political leaders are being persecuted for speaking the truth and embracing the call for justice. I saw old men and women burst into tears. Muslims, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Buddhists, Jehovah witness, and so forth should do likewise. If you are a Mukiga, talk about the Bakiga being oppressed. If you are a Muhima/Muhororo, talk about the case of Tumukunde who has since 2009 stood state-inspired violence owing to the statements he made on air while appealing to his conscience. If you are a Muganda talk about Col Fred Bogere who was kicked out of parliament simply because he refused to vote on a controversial matter of allowing Museveni rule ad infinitum. If you are an Acholi, there are so many issues to broach. If you are an Itesot, the Mukula massacres must still be fresh in your minds.

All of us without exception are losers and even those who think have gained are just delusional. Bad roads affect all of us who use them. Empty hospitals serve the interest of nobody. The decisions of a demented man such as Museveni affect all of us.
Of course my life is under threat

I know of the hit men who have been hired to finish me off. They first tried using money and they failed. At least, last year during the graduation week Dr Simba Sallie the head of Makerere University political science department revealed to me in the presence of Prof Kabumburi that he was approached by a high ranking military officer telling him he had Sh 1 billion aimed to dissuade me from critiquing this regime but the military officer was told “Nuwagaba doesn’t oppose because he wants money but justice”. Because Museveni cannot buy me since my conscience is priceless, the only option is to kill me. I am not worried though. I have tested all institutions especially those at the heart of criminal justice system and found them wanting. The High Court messed up my case civil suit 92/2009. Robert Kafuko Ntuyo, my lawyer who I naively trusted ate my money and participated in subverting justice in my case. The Uganda Law Society need to get interested in this matter. The police is just a killing machinery full of NRM cadres obsessed with regime continuity and survival. The Uganda Human Rights Commission is another thing. Away from the criminal justice system, the Electoral Commission is simply handipicked by Museveni to do his will. Parliament is a bicycle which Museveni rides whenever he wants and takes to whatever direction he wants. The public service is full of thieves who raise funds for Museveni and NRM like Charles Rwomushana testified. The list of wrongs is endless.

To sum it up, while Albert Einstein defined madness as doing the same thing, over and over again expecting different results, in Museveni’s Uganda, I define madness as doing the same wrong things, over and over again, applying wrong formulae over and over again expecting right answers. It is sheer madness to believe that Nebanda died of cocaine and heroin. I know Nebanda was killed by the NRM government, whoever believes otherwise including columnist Opiyo Oloya should engage me in debate. The truthful view shall triumph and the lie shall crumble. For God and my country Uganda!
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    My brother ,i rily fyl u jst dnt give in 2 their demand am also behind u coz mi n u share da same plight bcoz most regions in uganda huv bn left out in develop n d country is being ruined

  2. sanyu,

    God is watching from above!

  3. wwj,

    Before you talk ill of our president tell us what the former regimes especially Amin and LutwA did to ugandans and compare the situatio we are in during M7 regime,you will find the leader you are criticising has done a lot for ugandans than others and whatever he does is for the good of our country.don’t criticise because you belong to opposition failures

  4. joe wanambisi,

    True citizenry that is how brave many Ugandan should be to call a spade spade ,so that M7 can ear or see were we are heading to, is he still sweeping it under the carpet? he stept on langis ,acholis, teso, bagishus, baganda, the tooro kingdom by creating many sub kings under king oyoo, now he is painfully stepping on basoga,he did it to bakiga painfully, to his banyakole, now bagwere, hallow? im seing another kenya exploding in Uganda seriously .for those who are close to him take not Uganda are bigger than museveni .
    number two why is museveni dwelling on nabandas death? many Ugandans know that museveni”s mother was a mad women that why she was rape by a somali track driver and salim sale was born and no one talk about this? or else we remind him about his mother first. he should stop talking about nebandas death we know he knows it better with his gangster called kalekaihura and we remind him on what happens in congo with muhozi when captured by mugabe force then taken to kalahari desert for execution then M7 rush to UN to launch a complain that his son are presioner of war and there are not suppose to be executed then Clinton intervene, you can see what leader Uganda has? keep it up more fire………

  5. Johnd,

    You see! The President was not wrong. Insanity can also describe you well enough. If you are not careful, the rage you are habouring will land you in Butabika.

  6. Johnd,
    I would like to know you fully. I need to remind you that this is an intellectual forum not a platform for emotional outbursts. When I argue that Museveni is mentally incapacitated, I give reasons for that. And by the way, I must assure you that no Butabika case can logically raise the issues am raising. You don’t know how many Ugandans appreciate what am doing. I am a voice of the voiceless; a hope for the hopeless. I am sure you are scared of writing your full names because you are not ready to engage in an intellectual discourse. Anyhow, I will not engage you in any meaningful discussion because your brains must be wanting. I wish you all the best with your senile Museveni and murderous Kayihura.

  7. Johnd,

    My wanting brains cannot understand why you believe Nebanda was such a threat to NRM that she had to be eliminated. I also can’t understand why you believe so. Secondly I wonder where you get the confidence to say drugs could not kill Nebanda. Some people have said that Nebanda could not have been using drugs because she was fat. Imagine! Even the Speaker said she knows all her MPs. Whom have you ever had admitting that they use drugs. Your conspiracy theories lack merit. You MUST not accuse anybody (including government) of murder because you just think so. If the accused gets offended you should understand why.

    Vincent you can’t make a correct conclusion if you start your investigation with a biased mind. You have to keep open minded and let the evidence lead you.
    By the way, do not think I am an NRM sycophant and support everything they do. I hate those State house scholarships for the same reasons like you do. But I also know that Uganda is very short on saints. Given chance I am sure you would not be different from Mr. Kazinda. And some of you make too much noise so that you stick out for recognition; may be someone up there might shove something big enough in your mouth to silence you.

  8. Shem Mukisa,

    Vincent please dont engage. We are responding to you because you are intellectually analytical. They have their reasons to think that way which reasons are not necessarily like yours. Just let them be and let us evaluate all of you. Ofcourse a person who is wrong knows the truth. But they may choose to be the devil’s advocates, throwing the spanner in the works to see if this engagement grinds to halt!! I salute you both but let us keep this civil. We are watching the regime change from the 1986 one where we were supposed to see institutions rebuilt around a manifesto. Instead we see institutions built around individuals. Not true. OK. fast forward 2012, The Questionable Army promotions especially of the Son, The Church and The State especially if the first family lead the Pentacostal Movement in Uganda, Economics is Tumusiime Mutebile and Muhakanizi and nobody else, University Education and Markets are Bassajababala (pun intended), The Militarisation (Kayihura) of the Civil Police, The take over Land transfers from the state to individual Ministers untochable Nantaba, Public Service PS’s and Army officers driving Large fuel Guzzling 6000 cc Land Cruisers instead of The 1800 cc Toyotas like was advised. The Sate taking over control of the Judiciary using its Cadres, The list is endless. Father, Son, Wife, Brothers, friends like Jennifer, might determine our faith culture, political direction, economic collapse compounded by the world economics, Cases won against the state because it will make a political statement during prosecution but will be paid from the consolidated fund of contributions by loyal Tax-payers alike who dont know they have inadvertently contributed to expensive, careless and reckless administrative decision, unjustifiable engagement in Napoleon Bonaparte like pompous and ultra luxurious parties and functions with no direct contributions to productive activities like CHOGM, 50 years of banana’s, COMESA, East African Union, Great Lakes Conferences, just to engage the inflated ego, Let me predict, Conspiracy theorist or not, When He Dies, The East is going to Kenya happily so after the Mukula and Kadaga incarceration, The North to South Sudan after all they are brothers who like Kony anyway, The West will stay but so disjointed They will form a Bantustan like Lesotho and Swaziland with a Militarised Kingdom. West Nile to Congo, Rwanda will keep Southern Ankole Rakai upto Kiboga Buganda will Be Mengo to Masaka only, and Nakasongola and Kayunga will remain for Banyala. That is the surest way of wiping Uganda off the Map of the World. If not Geographically, at least in actual political and social effect. Oh Economically, 90% of the Economy is in the private hands of 5% of the population. Kutesa butesa. No hard feelings.I fear for Uganda. For God and My Country.

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