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Day March 13, 2013

It’s high time we introduce the Birth Control Bill-Peter Marco

By Peter Marco
Birth Control Bill for a future Uganda, great economy and improved social life
Today we can start the work to look at Uganda that will be around 70, 90 or 100 years to come when we are gone, the Nation that our Ancestors left behind and the one that we will leave for the future generation when our time comes to an end.
But I am afraid that we will leave a Nation in which people will fight hard to survive and this is due to over population in Uganda, Uncontrolled Immigration and Uncontrolled child birth.

We are choosing the way we live by having uncontrolled Child Birth every day, which will be dangerous in years to come
When you look at areas in and around Kampala land is scarce while people are too many and they are still giving birth, when you have a chance to visit Bwaise,Katwe, Makerere Kivulu, Katanga, Kiwunya, Kisenyi and others slum areas.

Every 26 people occupy 10mitres of lands and some with a big family of 8,9 children ,they do not deserve to live in such away but due to over population and uncontrolled child birth they find themselves living like that.

Many people have now moved on the wetlands that are not supposed to be settled on by human, areas like Bugolobi, Luzira Nakawa,Wakaliga and the northern bypass road route in the swamp areas which is bad.

I was talking to one Police officer and he told me that the main cause of corruption within the Police force of Uganda is big family and lack of family planning, he gave an example of an officer living in a two bedroom house with 8 children they are looking at the father to provide, food, clothes, school fees and books, while he gets just a few shillings per month which cannot look after a big family of 8, so the end result is to look for other ways to make the family happy and that’s corruption getting money in different channels and making the criminals go away with it

The few hospitals we have cannot handle the increased population every day, schools over 80 students in a class that is not education, roads too many people, cars, bicycle in a small road, Too much pressure on the social life of the population, which is very bad

The government has tried to encourage investors and creating jobs which is good, but every 10 jobs that are created, 560 graduates are applying for the 10 jobs

So we can solve the problem of a poor man in the rural area of Uganda who is going to sell his land to pay school fees for his children by telling him to stop producing children.

The only way will be to legislate and introduce the statute or act of Parliament that will state that any Ugandan over the age of 18 years old and a citizen of Uganda man or women can only have 3 children per family.

We cannot just be playing cheap politics, tribal issues or religious differences on issues that will affect the future Ugandans and our children and grandchildren.

The Africa Development Indicators (ADI) figures shows that Uganda has the highest number of youth in the whole World and its increasing, which is out of control and something needs to be done about it.

I think it’s high time we introduce the Birth Control Bill, in order to choose a life that will be good on the future generation and to stop over population in the country.

By Peter Marco

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