Dr.Kiiza Besigye showing solidarity with the Muslim community

Dr.Kiiza Besigye showing solidarity with the Muslim community

This is to request your office to carefully study circumstances under which some imams have been arrested, prosecuted or investigated on grounds of training/recruiting children in terrorist related activities.

As imam of Parliament of Uganda, I wish to draw your attention to the following Islamic principles and practices.

1) it is within Islamic norms and practices to teach our children S early as 3years the best Islamic practices.

2) Quranic memorization and recitation is taught at a very tender age (3-15years). This is usually done at mosques, homes of imams/sheikhs and. Islamic Madarasas or school

3) During school holidays, many Muslim parental including myself who take their children yo secular schools were Islamic knowledge is not e.g. Mosques, imams/sheikhs residences and some schools turn into Madarasa holiday centers to enable them study the Islamic principles and norms

4) Freedom of worship is clearly enshrined in our constitution and nowhere in our laws parents are barred from teaching their children principles. and practices of their religion at tender ages and there are no gazzeted places for this system.

As you carry out your mandate of keeping law and order, I implore you not to tarnish the image of Islam and the Muslims in general by attributing them to tarnish the image of Islam and Muslims in general by attributing them to terrorist related activities. MemoriZation of Quran and teaching Islamic doctrines has never and will never be a basis for terrorism recruitment since it has been the practice form centuries. I find it difficult to believe That someone interested in recruiting terrorists would target 3-13 years children as the most suitable candidates for the exercise!

Your statement may even lead to many Muslims parents abandon sending their children to Islamic children centers under the fear f b3ing misunderstood at rhetoric expense of their cherished Islamic norms and practices.

We must all fight terrorism in all its forms but we shouldn’t at any one time encroach on people’s freedom of worship which is guaranteed by our laws.

It’s against that Background that I request you to corred4 this impression since many imams/sheikhs will abandon this noble cause of inculcating Islamic norms in our young children for fear of being victimised as recruiting terrorists. You should also engage our religious leaders on this issue so that we can all move in th3 same direction otherwise you may be misunderstood as infringing on our freedom of worship


Yours sincerely

Ssebaggala A. Latif sengendo (MP) / imam

C.c H.E the president


C.c Speaker

C.c deputy speaker

C.c prime minister

C.c 3rd deputy minister

C.c vice chairman NRM

C.c Price kassim Nakibinge Kakungulu


C.c minister of defence

C.c minister of internal affairs

C.c leader of opposition

C.c director DAAWA/heads of imam

C.c Chairman defense & internal affairs

C.c all Muslim MPS


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  1. Mosh,

    I 100% agree with you on everything stated above, but how is Besigye in Islamic gear connected to the issue at hand. Let’s unite as muslims on this issue but. Keep politics and politicians out of it.

  2. Fred,

    Why not involve the authorities while taking in theses youngsters?

  3. Kiggundu,

    Besigye in the photo was attending a ceremony at Kibuli Mosque after the death of Dr.Kiggundu Sulaiman. It’s not related to the issue of Imams

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