Mutesa’s Death certificate in the UK says that he died of ‘alcohol poisoning’

death certicatemutesa11Mutesa 11’s death certificate in the UK:Follow this link, if you are in the UK, pay £10 by card and you will get Mutesa’s death certificate within 5 days on your doorstep. This is the link:

if you have any questions about the names on that certificate, call the Southwark District Registrar’s office and alert them about your concerns. Their telephone contact is: UK 020 7525 7651, their physical address is on this website:

Alternatively, follow the link I give below and pay £10 and the same office will send you your won copy of Kabaka Mutesa’s death certificate within 5 days if you reside in the UK. Link: They will sens you somethng like this:

If you happen to visit them in person, they will show the full physical register of deaths recorded in 1969. They will take you to page 763 that will show you Edward Mutesa and the page will look like this image below:

When you zoom in further on the fifth entry on the right side, you will see Edward Mutesa’s full names and initials as they are reflected on the death certificate. NPG x73138; Sir Edward Frederick William David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula Mutesa II, Kabaka of Buganda by Bassano

Alternatively, go to the website called on the page for deaths, births, etc at this link: Under search, fill in the Kabaka’s names and enter. You will be given exactly those names and initials. You can pay if you want, to get the full record. If you pay, all you will get is that page 763 of the register, so better not waste you money anyway

In my last years of service in UA I worked in what was called the NAAFI…Navy, Army and Airforce Institute…some kind of Army shop, name copied from the British. We had no Navy! Anyhow, we used to receive some goodies from the UK, remember the Stansted shuttle? These at times included Newspapers and magazines.

In October 1972 we got a bundle that included the Sunday Times Magazine of 22nd. I grabbed it before the CO saw it and I have kept it in my archives ever since. It gave coverage of the highlights of Kabaka Mutesa’s life, under the heading, ‘The King who died in Bermondsey’, written by one Mark Amory.

Below are excerpts from that magazine. I think it might settle some of your doubts and the speculations of many. He was a heavy drinker and as those excerpts show, at PM he was found with 408mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood. That was above the life-threatening threshold of 400.

Lance Corporal (Rtd) Patrick Otto



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  1. Who cares, we need more relevant stories for Uganda or else change this page to ‘Baganda ta heart’

  2. Mukasa,

    over 10 million bagandas cares because Uganda is an extension of Buganda and its Mutesa who signed the final agreement with the British to get independence of Uganda .How long should we teach u that they eliminated B to get Uganda.Joshua it seems u were born in 1990s u dont know ugandas history.If u dont know where u have come,u cant know where u are going.silly u.

  3. Akansiima,

    i do like history, this is so good to hear but please mukasa and joshua, stop abusing each other. use the media in a right way. we all care, this is our nation. Buganda is part of uganda and remember that kampala our capital city lie in Buganda. this means that alot of news shall ever keep on coming from Buganda and even history is like that. many things about Uganda were done in Buganda

  4. Ronnie Katsie,

    i had liked akansiima’s view as rwandees are by knowledge gifted by God. they understand easily leave out the so called kafureka we know you history so no wonder but Mr. Otto we heard what happened though ure trying to defend Mr Militon Obote Bwete the late. Acute alcohol poisoning!!…………………..

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